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Review Test on Verbs Part A Directions: Underline the verbs in the following sentences and give their kind, voice, and tense 1. We found the car keys yesterday. 2. Andrew will leave tomorrow. 3. Has Tom finished his work? 4. His suit will be pressed later. 5. Jane took his remarks seriously. 6. This building is earthquake-proof. 7. We all heard the loud noise. 8. Pete will work on his new project. 9. The team will win the next game. 10.Charles’ book of poems was published. 11.The baby is quiet now. 12.We have had that bill for two weeks. 13.They will participate in the debate. 14.She is an expert driver. 15.Kathy is a remarkable young lady. 16.The books had been delivered. 17.The boy will soon learn his lesson. 18.Jane shuts the window quietly. 19.Ralph was standing next to me. 20.Fred and I will finish the job soon. 21.Mary will never find the package. 22.Bob burned his bridges. 23.The report was destroyed. 24.Albert will probably fail algebra.

25.The airplane was flying overhead. Part B Directions: Underline the correct form of the verb. 1. Tom was (lying, laying) his report on the teacher’s desk. 2. (Let, Leave) us work during the campaign, please. 3. She (set, sat) quietly in the rocking chair. 4. He was (laying, lying) down all afternoon. 5. Jeannie (lies, lays) the cover of the box on her chair. 6. The dog is (laying, lying) in the shade. 7. Mabel (set, sat) the vase down carefully. 8. I will not (leave, let) you participate in the debate. 9. Will you (let, leave) me drive your car? 10.Several (rose, raised) their hands in response to the question. 11.We will (leave, let) our costumes in the classroom. 12.John was (lying, laying) on his bed in utter despair. 13.Bob (lay, laid) down the rules of the game. 14.He (lay, laid) down on the grass. 15.The principal will (let, leave) us all attend the concert. 16.I had (rose, raised) my leg cautiously. 17.Her grandfather (set, sat) there on the swing whenever the weather was warm. 18.Please (sat, set) the table tonight. 19.(Let, Leave) the children go. 20.The soot is (lying, laying) everywhere after the fire.

Part C Directions: Change the verbs in passive voice to active voice, and those in active voice to passive voice by rewriting the sentences.

1. He fixed the computer easily.

2. The lockers were repainted during the summer.

3. The janitor refinished the gym floor.

4. All her belongings were taken to the office.

5. The carpets in the classrooms had been cleaned.

6. Albert filed the reports according to dates.

7. Everyone enjoyed the musical Sunset Boulevard.

8. Our science lab added new equipment this year.

9. Jerry will take the SAT in November.

10.The librarian will order new books for the library.

11.The flowers were transplanted.

12.Aunt Julie has sent each of us a new sweater.

13.The flowers will be ordered later.

14.The house was finally repainted.

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