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The Truth About Too Far to Talk And The Wolfy From Town
By Kenneth Rowlett

Chapter I

Too Far To Talk

On an island of snow covered ice, where white is the dominate color, it’s the only color; there lived a small colony of penguins. This isolated snow cone is located just a few miles off the north coast of Antarctica; one can’t see it, but it’s within shouting distance. On this forbidden island a tribe of empire penguins had lost their bearings at sea; they didn’t have a GPS system or any maps, so they were clueless as to where they were. Although the penguins were resourceful and experienced at surviving in harsh, cold winter conditions, they were nevertheless scared. The elder and therefore, the leader of this motley crew was a distinguished emperor penguin who everyone referred to as chief. If they had a snowballs chance at being rescued; he would find a way. The chief called together a blue ribbon council to consider the pressing problem at hand. But the younger generation was quite susceptible to the cancer of doubt; they thought the chief and his leaders were just filled with hot air. They just might melt the ice and cause everyone to drown. While all these frustrating and confusing events were occurring, a female penguin wandered away from the colony. She was bored and hungry, so she decided to look for a better place to be. She was a beachcomber by nature so she wobbled along the coastline; however, she couldn’t effectively judge the distance between the ice and the dangerous waters of swirling undercurrents. She slipped into the bone chilling cold sea and the powerful

A small lifeboat was instantly lowered into the gray cold waters and the men proceeded straight for her. This place was like Alice in Wonderland to her. Deep down in her soul she knew that she could not stay sane in this awful place. So she decided to name herself. . She was now a prisoner of that dreaded species called human.2 undercurrent pulled her deep beneath the waves and far away from the island. she was too far to talk. After what had seemed like an eternity. and even that silly elder along with all his flunkies. They were then flown directly to the Colorado Zoo. She became obsessed with the ideal of escape. She missed her mom and dad. she had never seen anything like this before. When the long voyage to the United States had finally concluded. She had experienced too much. the penguin was placed aboard a plane with many other different and strange animals. The captain of the ship spotted her and immediately commanded the crew to capture the half dead penguin. She wondered if her family had found their way home or if they too had suffered the same fate as she. The men dropped lines and lines of fishing net upon her and then snatched her from the brink into the boat. Too Far to Talk. she bobbed up to the surface beside an ocean trailer that was on its way to North America.

For as long as he could remember. He found himself for the first time in his short life. Unexpectedly. pleasant. These compassionate humans released them into the wilds. This timber wolf was literally a wolfy from town. some environmentalists. Although this is a normal habitat for wolves. (humans who care about the land and animals). this young wolf was filled with anxiety and fear. Wolfy along with his intimate and loyal family had escaped the fierce burning monster. Freedom was for him both an exhilarating experience and a scary concept to fathom. Finally. freely running for great distances. Then suddenly he began feeling himself returning to his former state of fear and confusion. The menacing flames relentlessly chased the Wolfy from town and his parents back toward the dwellings of the humans. he had no experience at hunting for food. Fire is what had robbed him of his newly discovered sense of peace and security. it was quickly replaced with a different brand of .3 Chapter II Wolfy From Town A young timber wolf that had been born and raised in a cage located in a place that the humans referred to as a zoo. or interacting with other animals besides wolves and the humans. wild scent in the air filled his nostrils as his powerful paws pounded the forest floor moving him swiftly through the vast woods. because he had never experienced life free from the humans. had decided to rescue his family from the zoo. he had always been either in a cage or a small enclosed outdoor habitat. For a short time Wolfy got to feel the wind cascading across his grey and black fur as the cool. The flame’s intense heat acted as if the forest was a buffet for its consumption. running free with his dad and mom in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. When this ordeal finally came to a conclusion.

he was instantly met with several fiery projectiles that buried themselves deep into his chest. She died instantly.4 horror. Suddenly. Too Far took meticulous mental notes of her surroundings and of the daily routine of the zoo keepers. Wolfy’s father immediately bolted with great outrage toward his beloved mate’s murders. my son!” as he too surrendered his life. “Run. rebellious independence and a willingness to challenge things. Human males equipped with sticks that shot hot metal were trying to terminate the frightened wolf’s family. Chapter III The great escape Too Far was not happy with her accommodations at the zoo. the Wolfy from town’s mother collapsed upon the musty ground with her blood creating a flowing river beneath her. A young employee of the zoo was about to load a kangaroo for transport to another zoo. it was still a possible method of escape. Too Far thought to herself. Too Far knew this particular kangaroo. they were all victims of the greed infected humans. most of the zoo people and her fellow prisoners believed that this tale was just an urban legend. The Wolfy from town suddenly found himself without direction and worst of all. totally alone. they had become united in a deeply trusting friendship. After witnessing many sunrises and sunsets. The reason for this particular name was that she had displayed the male attributes of the sense of daring. Furthermore. Too Far remembered that Hombre had lost her joey about four months ago. She was plotting a path of escape and slowly conceiving a plan for her liberation. Too Far had given her the name. even if this event hadn’t really happened. During Too Far’s year and a half of exiled confinement. . Hombre. However. She had heard a story about a penguin who had escaped by getting into the backpack of a 12 year old boy. hunters. her long awaited opportunity came knocking on her cage. Everyday. He cried out. The other animals weren’t pleased either. Hombre possessed a knockout right hook that even the lions held in respect.

He was determined to find out what animal or creature was broadcasting this aroma. so he walked and . when a strange scent swirled into his nostrils that shot the adrenalin of curiosity into weary his paws. Too Far decided to approach her friend and ask her if she could hitch a ride in her pouch until they were well beyond the gates of Hell. After a quick good-bye to Hombre. He was just about to obey the plea of his limbs.5 which meant that her pouch was always empty. comfortable pouch. It was early winter. Her slick hair made it easy for her to slide past the bars. Ouch! Wolfy was searching for something familiar as he wandered about on legs that screamed stop. the emboldened penguin plunged into the thorny brush of the woods. Too Far decided to make her move. like a rocking chair. But it seems that his memory banks were temporarily out of order. The die was cast. Hombre understood the situation and with great empathy agreed to this arrangement. She used her slippery short wings to pull her body up and then she tumbled out of Hombre’s pouch onto the cage floor. big toed feet. but it seemed awfully hot to the penguin sensibilities as the huge truck progressed further into the wilds of the Rockies. Chapter IV The Crash Too Far kept her little head up just barely outside of Hombre’s warm. The wolfy from town had smelled that odor before when he was growing up in the human habitat. When the starry blackness had covered the deep blue of day. The steel bars of the cage were aligned close enough together to prevent Hombre from being able to squeeze through but not for Too Far. at least her friend would be free. Hombre had noticed the unusual heat and was displaying a nervous tension by rocking back forth on her very large. and she had no intention of missing any part of the experience. She was on her journey to regain the freedom that she had once known. She reasoned.

She hadn’t recognized any of voices of the animals that she had been acquainted with.6 walked and he walked some more. water and a place of safety. Suddenly. before her stood a big. The sound of heavy paws upon the crisp. The sound gave way to a fearful sight. who was shaking like an earthquake was a penguin. She knew for certain that something was tracking her. the spell of their despair was swept away by an earth shaking loud noise coming from a area that was just a stone’s throw from the lake. He was successful! He laid down in a semicircle fashion allowing her to place her head upon his belly. But there were many things that had to be considered. Wolfy slowly approached Too Far and began making reassuring gestures towards her. Wolfy recognized that the frightened animal that was standing before him. Discouragement haunted them. when they had been permitted to walk the grounds of the zoo. like the procurement of food. Too Far was frightened by all the sounds that the children of the night were creating. fallen leaves that were everywhere caused her body to tremble as her legs froze like a statue. He had encountered penguins along with his dad. grey timber wolf. Too Far hopped upon Wolfy’s back as he galloped like a horse toward the racket. they had both needed a visit from the sandman. Wolfy stretched and Too Far yawned. . they still hadn’t found a source of food. they gave each other a quick nod and then started off to explore their surroundings. They looked at each other realizing that they needed each other and that they would be embarking upon a great adventure together in this foreign land. By the time the sun had decided to cool himself off in the lake that Too Far and Wolfy had stumbled upon. and that was reason enough for her to keep wobbling on. By now the night had blanketed the forest and Wolfy’s energy was almost spent. He was both surprised and sadden that the penguin was lost and scared stiff with fright. The sun peeled their eye lids back as a new day dawned before the new found friends.

The reindeers had broken loose from the sleigh. so Wolfy came right to the point. add to that glass of eggnog that he had gulped down as he was leaving for work? He dared himself to cast another gaze in their direction. He captured the image of the penguin straddled across the back of a timber wolf in his twinkling eyes. so he decided to engage in some small talk. He introduced himself to Too Far as the one and only. he had made the presumption that he had seen it all. Santa Claus. chubby old man was moaning in pain as he wrestled in vain in a attempt to move a heavily laded sleigh from off his broken legs. She fell off Wolfy in awe as Santa’s words entered her heart. Until that very moment.7 A white whiskered. if one considers asking for help as being small talk. Prancer had no . “What is the problem?” Santa told them that this very night he had been on his way to deliver toys to all the boys and girls of the world. She asked what she and her friend could do for him. of course) and Too Far detailed instructions on how to get him free from the overturned sleigh. but now because his legs had been broken during the crash. Prancer was like a cat on a hot tin roof. He had been granted the gift of understanding and speaking in animal language by a beautiful angel. He approached Too Far with interest as he cast a look that set Santa’s mind in motion. He still thought that they were going to complete the grand mission. his eyes reported to him the same story. which he was very fluent in. The Wolfy from town and Too Far to Talk noticed how sad their new amigo was. They immediately complied and in short order had liberated ole Saint Nick. Santa proceeded to give both Wolfy (in wolf. They instinctually understood that something was very wrong. but they had stayed in a patch of grass close to where Santa had crashed. He initially began speaking in penguin. What extra ingredient did the Mrs. A long time ago. The thought of all those disappoint children was tearing his heart apart. pacing back and forth like an expectant father. he wouldn’t be able to. he was mistaken. Apparently.

Both Santa and Wolfy became consumed with joy unspeakable at sight of Too Far’s triumphant return. the penguin could fly the sleigh and the wolf could stay and protect him. Too Far was on her way to doing what no one else besides Santa. They accepted the strategy almost before he could complete his pitch. and went on patrols looking out for any potential threats to Santa’s safety. Christmas toys this year were still going to be adopted by the children of the world. (no Grinch will stop this penguin). Santa presented the plan to Wolfy from town and Too Far to Talk with childlike enthusiasm. But before either one of them . she began to sing to the reindeers. Wolfy returned to the camp site at the very moment that Too Far had professionally landed the empty reindeer driven sleigh. Even though he didn’t trust or like humans.The Miracle Wolfy gave Too Far a lick across her cheek and wished her good luck as she flicked the reins signaling Prancer and Comet to jump into flight. The stop and go mambo night went by so fast that time seemed like it was just a dream. Immediately following Santa’s speech everyone had sprung into action.8 need to speak for Santa had a revelation. lowered their antlers and then pushed the sleigh back to its upright position. The reindeer herded thenselves together. The ground disappeared and the moon. The resourceful timber wolf gathered edible grains and berries for food. Wolfy ventured out seeking their help. Santa’s broken legs needed medical treatment. But once she got started going into the endless Whovilles. She thought that this was going to be the longest night that she would ever experience. stars and the ocean of black became Too Far’s new environment. Chapter V. Santa instinctually knew that he was in good paws with Wolfy attending to his every need. Wolfy and Too Far began reloading all the gifts that had fallen off during the crash. Too Far had never felt this exhilarated and so full of life before. had ever done.

Too Far and asked them if they would return with to the North Pole as his children.9 could approach her. a brilliant. When the three amigos had lifted their heads the beautiful angel continued to speak as each one of them heard her in their own language. The angel vanished like a mist as Santa noticed that his broken legs had been mended. They all had a good laugh and then they left for home. A gentle voice with great authority spoke as soft as a whisper telling Too Far. They stepped forward and kissed Santa on his rosy red cheeks and whispered that they would consider it an honor. Wolfy and the lovely woman called. She then laid her soft as a baby’s butt hands upon the wolfy from town and Too Far to Talk. North Pole or bust. . He turned to the man called. Wolfy and Santa not to be afraid because she was an angel. They bowed down on the ground in awe and in silent respect wondering about what was happening. She informed them that they all were going to be rewarded for their good deeds with a miracle that would be a blessing to them. that the act of changing them would be a blessing to them all. but relaxing light appeared like a fog before them in a winged human like presence. The angel explained that Santa and his wife had always wanted children and since Wolfy and Too Far clearly loved each other. They were instantly transformed into humans. Wolfy wrote on the side of the sleigh.

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