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On Feb. 12, 2005, Sister Dorothy Stang, a 73 year old member of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, was murdered in the Amazon Rainforest after thirty years of defending the rights of poor farmers and educating them in sustainable forest living. Her community is committed to continuing Sister Dorothy’s mission of helping the poor, preserving the environment and the personal responsibility of each of us as global citizens The Dorothy Stang 5th Anniversary Committee marks her death with the gift of a new Educational Kit to parishes. The kit contains a variety of materials (prayer services for primary, intermediate, junior high, high school students and adults, a memorial card, a large poster, as well as a CD version of the children’s book, Angel in our Forest, soon to be cataloged separately and available to borrow. The kit can be requested at or previewed at the Northern OEC Media Library in Sidney. Please celebrate the anniversary of Dorothy’s death by telling the story of a modern martyr and teaching your children, teens and adults to work for justice wherever it is called for. OTHER MATERIALS TO BORROW FROM THE NORTHERN MEDIA LIBRARY PRINT: A Rain Forest Unit for Primary Grades contains three weeks lessons and resources with religion, literature, music and science correlation. Interactive Teaching Units: Pre-school - Grade 8 (Binder + CD) has religious education units based on the life and message of Sister Dorothy Stang. The Dot Project: Environmental Unit, Lesson Plans & Student Handouts, Grades 9 - 12 has seven lesson plans about the rain forest, the interconnectedness of life and a call to action. Martyr of the Amazon: The Life of Sister Dorothy Stang by Roseanne Murphy Angel in our Forest by Janet Mullen, SNDden (Children’s story book also on CD) MUSIC: CD 78 Dorothy Stang, You Will Never Die contains a CD with English and instrumental versions of the song. The DVD contains the Spanish version of the song with photographs of the rain forest. MEDIA: DV 0361 They Killed Sister Dorothy is a new documentary of the murder of Sister Dorothy and the trial of those accused of her murder. The discussion guide will aid conversation among older teens and adults. DV 0128 Sister Dorothy Stang: Witness to Justice tells the story of this martyred protector of the environment and woman of deep faith. VC 2222 The Student, The Nun, The Amazon Sr. Dorothy’s life is seen through the lens of a UK students who traveled to the Amazon region of Brazil to film her.

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