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Mr. Panuwach Visavatawan ( ภาณุวัชร์ วิศวเทวัน ) 134 /5 Soi.

Bakong – anusornt2 Nongsea Road
Yannawa , Bangkok 10120 Tel. 02284-2614 Mobile phone (081) 633-5799

Personal information Date of Birth Age Height

:40 Years old :Single

:July 7,1968 :168 cm.

Marital status Relligion Language


Computer skill Objective

:Thai ,English

Microsoft Visio

:Microsoft office ,Microsoft Project,

:Association with a company in position with opportunity for general management consistent with ability to

contribute,or in any position Qualifications

:Willing to work hard to estabish capability. Hamonious,articulate, individual,imaginative planing leading to diligent,Characterized by others as inspiring in finding and implementing solutions, accurate improve profitability.

offering challenge and opportunity


:Kasetsart University,Bangkok, Thailand Economics),1986 – 1990 1983 – 1986. Bachelor of Science ( Agricultural

:Yannavate Wittayakum School Bangkok Thailand :Thammasart University “ MCP (Marketing :Inlingua language School , Bangkok ,

certificate program) 2000 Extracurricular Thailand,1991


: American University Alumni language center ,Bangkok, Writing Course ( Book 1 - 4 ) ,1993

:Berlitz language School ,Bangkok ,Thailand Practical Training Conversation Course , 1994 :Nik Design Thailand “ Fashion

Merchandising” 1994

: Asia forum “ Purchasing “ 1999

Working Experience Nov 2009)

Lifestyle distribution Thailand (July 2009 –
Marketing & Sale Director

Responsible for Marketing and sale for “ ASICS “ ,”Onisuka tiger” ,“Merrell” ,”Jansports” Making for sale and Marketing Strategies planning, take care To achieved target

and push Sale operation team

2005 –July 2009)

Johnson health tech (Thailand) Co., ltd. (June Vice President (retail and dealer Business)

Dealer business

Responsible for Marketing and sale; Retail & Making for Sale and marketing strategies planning, both of Department‘s store and dealer channel

setting and following Sale teams to achieved target .Product management ; setting product mix and

range make purchasing plan and control Inventory level ,Training and Coaching staff to achieve all KPIs.

May 2005)

Montana holding / Sportsdome( Jan 2005 – 31 Assistance managing director

Sale department )

Responsible for Marketing and Merchandising & Worlds exercise Co.,ltd ( Feb 2002 – Dec 2004 General manager

setting sale target

Responsible for Marketing and strategies planning, and control all factors to

achieve; setting sale and promotion planning, develop new

Training and Coaching staff, Solving problem and channels; project sale

and whole sale

Sep 2002) & Outdoor) Inventory and Stock Merchandising, Sales

CRC Sports Co.,Ltd (Supersports ) (Jan1996 – Group category Division manager (Fitness, Bike Responsible for Marketing and strategies planing. Management, Merchandise purchasing plan. Store

Staff Training, layout and Space management , management concept)

and Promotion Planing ,

Gross Profit Management .(as follow as Category & Implement Supply chain concept : Prima Gold Co.,Ltd Merchandiser (Jan1995- Dec1996)


Responsible for Inventory and Stock management, purchasing plan and Distribution plan .Create with designer team

new product concept


: ICC ( International Cosmetic Co,.Ltd) ( Saha Merchandiser ( Getaways , ARROW Dec1995 ) Brand

Management team )

Inventory and Stock Merchandising, Sales

Responsible for Marketing and strategies planing. Management, Merchandise purchasing plan. Store

Staff Training, Setting sale & expense Budget

and Promotion Planing ,

Create new fashion concept with designer team :Jefferson trading ( Buying agent )(Jan1991-

April 1991)

Merchandiser :Thai farmer bank (Kasikorn thai Bank)

( March1990 –Dec1990)

Account officer Overseas Experience :Rangoon , Mymar (August,1994) Store tour and meeting with Key vender :Chicago,USA ( August 1996 ) Store tour and meeting with store’s design

company for create new

Concept ‘s shop

:Taipai ,Taiwan ( Apirl, 1997 ) Visit and observation trade show ( TAIPO’97 ) :Taipai ,Taiwan ( Apirl, 1998 ) Visit and observation trade show ( TAIPO’98)

:Taipai ,Taiwan ( Apirl, 1999 ) Visit and observation trade show ( TAIPO’99) : Singkapore, (August ,2002) Meeting with key Vender :Beijing , China ( Oct,2003) Observation trade show and meeting with key

Vender (Johnson group)