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AS Media Week 1 – 4th Jan

Tuesday 1-4 Assessment Peer MARKING Levels

Friday 5&6 Screening Let the Right One In

MEST 1 Absentees prevented consistent work setting and delayed teaching

MEST 2 2 groups to shoot additional footage. Complete production diary on weebly + plan for next stage. 2 groups to shoot additional footage. Wednesday 3.30-5 edit available

Week 2 – 11th Jan


Assessment: MEST 1a recap on den/con and ML. Begin case study 1: Reality Television: Three texts: X Factor, Wife Swap, Ross Kemp

Research task on examples: research to explore cross media profile of specific programme.

Week 3 – 18th Jan


Week 4 – 25th Jan


MEST 1 – media language Apply to reality clips: MEST 1 – narrative Apply to reality clips: why narrative is important – villains and heroes in reality TV Peer assess paragraphs MEST 1 – mediation and reps 1 Role of the director and Wednesday 3.30-5 MEST 1 – reps 2 producer, the effect of editing in edit available Apply to reality clips: mediating to audience – deeper Paper - Sound edit analysis of mediation theory focussed on specific text. Continue cross media case

Develop research pages for Reality TV – research narrative theory – read text and use to develop paragraph Analyse 3 clips using detailed Wednesday 3.30-5 ML and analysis – semiotic edit available approach Begin own cross media case study research.

Week 5 – 1st Feb

Sound (book keyboard and headphones?)

Week 6 – 8th Feb


BT Peer assessment of analysis MEST 1 – audience Developments in audience theory through teacher case study Explanation of Marking criteria for MEST 1 INSET

study research. Preparation of presentations showing evidence of cross media research and exploring use of narrative, mediation theory, representations, media language and audience theory.

Wednesday 3.30-5 edit available Additional sound recording

Wednesday 3.30-5 edit available MEST 2 website planning – paper plan created using word/publisher or similar for each page 2 days available in holidays for additional work. Write section one of evaluation – Preparations for production

Week 7 – 15th Feb HT Week 8 – 22nd Feb

Sound play out / additional edit time Website development Library

MEST 1 PRESENTATIONS Examine sample evaluations and establish what is required by exploring marking criteria and AOs Write plan for own evaluations Read and compare evaluations

Week 9 – 1st Mar


Media Analysis blog Keep blog with comments using appropriate media language, discussing key concept areas: Representation, Institution, Audiences, Forms (codes and conventions) Different text to be chosen each week. Ongoing

Write section two of

development Library Week 10 – 8th Mar Website development Library

(section 1) and peer assess using marking criteria. Re-write section 1 MEST 1


evaluation – Evaluation of productions success Complete 1st draft evaluation – post on weebly

Week 11 – 15th Mar Week 12 – 22nd Mar Week 13 – 29th Mar

Website MEST 1 development Library Website Assessment MEST 1 development Library File assembly and BANK HOLIDAY wrap up paperwork