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Topics for Winter Exam

1. Houses and Homes. My Dream House (the rooms in a house/apartment and the info
about your favourite room).
2. A Perfect Weekend (spent at the theatre, at the cinema or in the circus; the info about
Cirque du Soleil; the info about Charles Blondin).
3. A Perfect Holiday (where can people spend their holidays; types of accommodation;
means of transport used to transport people within the country and abroad; what do you
think about the holidays out of this world; describe the perfect holiday you have had or
would like to have).
4. Shops and Stores (the info about the types of shops. Who is a shopaholic? Why do such
people exist? The types of home shopping. When do shops have sales? Can a person
haggle with the shop assistant over price? Is the customer always right in our shops?
What is your idea of a perfect shop service? The info about your favourite shops).
5. Sport and Sports Activities (the importance of sport in peoples lives; why do countries
fight for hosting the Summer or Winter Olympic Games? Professional versus amateur
sportsmen. The info about your favourite sports activity).
6. Hobbies and Interests (why do people have hobbies? What kind of hobbies can people
have? Give examples of indoor, outdoor, collection, competition, observation hobbies.
Describe your hobby and name the category to which it belongs.)
7. Food and Restaurants (types of catering institutions, your favourite place to eat out (the
adjectives used to describe it); the Science of Chocolate and types of chocolate).
8. Music in My Life (music industry; music genres; the info about The Rolling Stones; the
info about your favourite band or singer).
9. Movies and Movie Stars/My Favourite Movie (movie genres, jobs in the film industry;
who is the most responsible for the movies success; the info about your favourite movie
10. My Native City/Town/Village (the info about the city you would like to visit, the
adjectives used to describe cities).
11. Tourism and Travelling/City Sightseeing (Tourism in Moldova and abroad; is tourism
in general a profitable business or not? Why? What is the negative impact of tourism?
Why do tourists go on sightseeing rides? The info about The Great Barrier Reef and
12. Hotels and Hotel Services (types of hotels; hotel rooms; hotel jobs).
13. The Importance of Work in People's Lives (types of jobs; an ideal job).
14. Choosing a Career.
15. Looking for a Job/Employment File (CV, Cover letter, Europass).
16. Job Interview.
17. Traits and Skills of a Perfect Employee.
18. What is Business (types of resources necessary for starting a business; types of
businesses; who is an entrepreneur, what is profit and loss).
19. The Main Types of Economic Systems (Laissez-faire capitalism, socialism,
20. Supply and Demand. Kinds of Competition.