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Holiday Joy Essential Oil

Enjoy the delightful fragrance of our limited-time blend, Holiday
Joy. This enchanting blend of Wild Orange, Nutmeg, Pine, Cassia,
Cinnamon Bark, and Vanilla Absolute promotes a warm holiday
embrace and will fill your home and senses with the most inviting
fragrance of the season. For aromatic use.
31450005 20.67 Retail 15.50 Wholesale 24.5 PV
31450005 26.00 Retail 19.50 Wholesale 24.5 PV

Wooden Trio Box

This year, touch the lives of those you love with the
healthful benefits of essential oils in a simple, yet
beautiful way. The Wooden Trio Box comes with three
of the most popular dTERRA essential oils: On Guard,
Peppermint. and Wild Orange; or purchase the box
separately and fill it with your favorite oils.
50380005 22.00 Retail 16.50 Wholesale 20.5 PV

27.33 Retail 20.50 Wholesale 20 PV

Wooden Gift Box

The Wooden Gift Box (without essential oils) is
available separately.
50390005 4.67 Retail 3.50 Wholesale 0 PV

50390005 6.00 Retail 4.50 Wholesale 0 PV

Healing Hands Lotion

Purchase this lovely Bulgarian Rose CPTG essential oil infused hand lotion and rest assured that 100 percent of your
full purchase price ($20) will be donated to the dTERRA Healing Hands Foundation. Keep the lotion for your own
use or continue the spirit of the season by giving it to another. Many will benefit from a sense of giving, as well as
those receiving aid from the Healing Hands Foundation. Beautify the world one lotion at a time.
36170005 12.00 Wholesale

15.00 Wholesale 0 PV

Peaceful Pampering
Take time to pamper yourself this busy holiday season with two of our most relaxing essential oils blends
AromaTouch and Balanceand our popular Hand and Body Lotion. Simply combine two drops of oil with a
small amount of Hand and Body Lotion and apply to the neck, feet, and body, then sit back and enjoy a
peaceful, aromatic, and therapeutic experience.
s Includes one AromaTouch 15mL, one Balance 15mL, and one Hand and Body Lotion

P005001 39.33 Retail 29.50 Wholesale 37.50 PV

P005001 48.67 Retail 36.50 Wholesale 37.00 PV

Christmas Confections
Create sweet treats and delectable desserts with our Cinnamon and Wild Orange essential oils and versatile cooking
apron. Used frequently in cooking, Cinnamon and Wild Orange give baked goods, confections, and even entres a
sweet and flavorful twist. Our custom cooking apron has an adjustable strap and holds eight essential oils for quick
and easy baking.
s Includes one Cinnamon 5mL, one Wild Orange 5mL, and one cooking apron.


26.00 Retail 19.50 Wholesale 22.00 PV

P005201 32.00 Retail 24.00 Wholesale 21.50 PV

A Joyful Home
Fill your home with the inviting scent of Holiday Joy essential oil blend using our popular Zenbow Diffuser.
The warm, sweet aroma of Holiday Joy creates a welcoming environment for holiday gatherings and can be
diffused every day to purify the air and uplift the spirit. The Zenbow Diffuser quickly diffuses essential oils into
the air, filling each room with the joyful scent of Christmas.

Includes one Zenbow Diffuser and one Holiday Joy 15mL

P005101 60.00 Retail 45.00 Wholesale 20.00 PV

P005101 73.33 Retail 55.00 Wholesale 20.00 PV

Holiday-Ready Skin
Get your skin ready for holiday parties and family festivities with our Reveal Facial System and headband. This
flexible headband holds hair back perfectly for an at-home facial, or can be used when exercising. The Reveal Facial
System gently exfoliates skin using a two-step system to reveal a glowing, beautiful complexion.
s P005401 Includes one Reveal Facial System and one dTERRA-branded neon colored headband

s P005501 Includes one Reveal Facial System and one dTERRA-branded black colored headband

P005401 / P005501 49.33 Retail 37.00 Wholesale 53.00 PV

P005401 / P005501 61.33 Retail 46.00 Wholesale 52.50 PV