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The weather across most of the country is very chilly.

In fact, this winter has been predicted to be the worst in 26 years. All across parts of Texas it has been near, at, or below record lows. The temperature in Killen is 13° F which beats the old record of 18° F (1970). In Beaumont it is 25° F. While in Dallas it is 16° F. And in Abilene it's 15° F. The wind chill has brought some of these readings even lower, as a Artic blast is going across the U.S. that will last until Sunday. In other areas it will be worse. In Kansas City, Kansas currently at 1° F, will warm up to 5° F | -1° F by Saturday and 22° F for a high on Sunday. In the windy city of Chicago, Illinois it is 25° F | 9° F and will be 17° F | 2 ° F tomorrow. In Memphis, Tennessee it will be 15 degrees below it's normal (at 27° F | 14° F). Pittsburgh will be around 19° F | -8° F. There have been record snow falls in New England. And in northern Ohio they have already received 2 feet of snow. Down in Miami, Florida it will be 52° F | 35° F on Saturday and nearly the same on Sunday. Subfreezing temperatures across the South have Florida farmers worried that strawberry, tomato and other crops could be destroyed. The farmers all week long have race to protect their crops with the method of spraying them in protective layers of ice and covering them in plastic. In Florida, because of the recent cold spells that Iguanas have been falling off trees and some people have collected them. The thought perhaps they were dead, only to find later that when they warm up past 40° F that Iguanas revive. They should be busy again collecting them this weekend. Now despite some with fears that we are in a global meltdown, I think that when the bible said all was under the control of God, this is to include both the times and seasons in Acts 1:7, that it meant it. We read in Psalms 104:19 that, "He appointed the moon for seasons: the sun knoweth his going down." The witness that he left all of us of his goodness is shown in the stability of the four seasons (Acts 14:17). Sure there are storms in this life, (Matthew 7:21-27) yet Christ our Rock will see us through them all if we trust in him, by fulfilling his word. God alone can change the weather or times (Daniel 2:21). We are to be his good stewards over the world, which includes responsible use and not abuse of it. But in times of uncertainty always ask God in faith, and follow his directions from his word. That is to have a good and successful outcome in anything we do as well. When someone tries to scare you by saying that the temperatures are rising, and that man can prevent it by taxing the richer nations and giving it to the poorer ones, tell them this instead. Please tell them that you believe in God and not a man. And that man has become very rich by broadcasting that lie. In Genesis 8:22, "While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease." It has been proven that the richer a nation becomes, the more responsibility it takes and eliminates it's excess of emissions. And that communism is a failed system that collapsed in the 1980's. I am a believer in modifications, updates, or system overhauls when it is needed and necessary. But also in the the old adage that says, "if it is not broke, do not try to fix it." The word of God is a sure foundation, that is despite what any critic or disbeliever has ever said against it. It has been shown to be accurate both historically and scientifically. Many have been brought up from the lowest of lifestyles by it's words. Anyone can be saved by their belief as shown in their baptism in Jesus' name, after a real change of heart has been made. Yes, there will always be those who abuse it or the world for that matter, and God will deal with them. Often times they are dealt with in this world and sometimes later in the next. But God is the Holy One or the Just Judge who will never forget, and he will exact a proper punishment to all who have disgraced themselves by willfully sinning. As you reap what you have sown and what comes around, goes around. I need to leave and go warm up now, as the no (global or otherwise) warming is coming to my area. And you go have yourself a great day in God.