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Postal Customer

219 Church St., Kohler, WI 53044


Published Twice Monthly In Kohler, WI 53044

December 15, 2013

Volume 9, Number 10

Major change in garbage collection
services coming in spring, 2014
The existing garbage collection
contract for the Village of Kohler
expires at the end of 2013, and the
Village has announced that it has
contracted with Advanced Disposal, which offers cutting edge
new technology for recycling and
hauling waste.
The biggest change residents
will notice is that all waste (with
the exception of special yard waste
and bulk items) will need to be
placed in 35, 65 or 95-gallon
garbage carts. Similar to current
regulations, waste must be separated into recyclable materials,
garbage and yard waste. Garbage
and recycling may be placed in
bags or loose in the carts. No bags
are allowed in the yard waste cart.
The carts will be supplied to residents at no cost, and available in
a choice of sizes. All residents will
be given three color coded carts:
blue = recycling; gray = garbage;
green = yard waste. Carts will be
distributed to residents in February
2014, and the new garbage policy
will be implemented on the March
4, 2014 collection day.
All residents will be given three
65-gallon carts unless a different
size is requested. There are sample
carts on display at Village Hall.
Watch for a special mailing regarding the new collection rules and
forms to request a different size
cart or carts.
Carts should be placed for
pickup on Tuesday by 7:00 a.m.,
compliant with the following instructions from the Village of
Kohler Department of Public
• Your cart should be within 18
inches of the curb with the arrows
on the lid pointing to the
street/curb. Carts cannot be placed
on the street. If there is snow,
please clear an area in the terrace,
or leave the carts at the end of your
• To avoid damage to property,
place the cart at least three-feet

away from mailboxes, lampposts
and other fixed objects.
• Place your cart on as level a surface as possible, but away from
low hanging tree branches.
• Place carts at least three feet
away from each other.
• Close lids prior to pick-up. Lids
should be closed on the carts for
driver identification and in order to
stop material from spilling or
blowing away.
• Carts not properly placed will be
tagged and not picked up.
• All recyclables should be placed
in the cart with the blue cover.
Items do not need to be separated.
Recyclable items include: glass
containers, aluminum cans and
foil, tin and steel cans, plastics # 17, newspapers, junk mail, office
paper, fiberboard (cereal and shoe
boxes), magazines, phone books,
books, paper, and cardboard.
• Yard waste should be placed in
the cart with the green cover. This
includes grass clippings, garden
waste, and branches.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why can’t we keep garbage
collection the way it is? Why are
we going to a different system?
A: There are no vendors available
to provide the same collection as
the Village currently has for
garbage, recycling, yard waste and
bulk items. The automated cart
system is safer for the employees.
Also, the Village will be saving
more than $20,000 by switching to
an automated cart system.
Q: What can I do with my old
garbage cans?
A: Place your old cans in the
garbage cart or call Advanced Disposal, 920-458-6030, to have them
picked up.
Q: All my garbage doesn’t fit in
the cart.
A: All items must be in a cart to be
picked up. No loose items will be
picked up.

Q: I have a 35-gallon cart for recyclables and I would like to change
to a 65-gallon cart?
A: To change the size of any carts
you need to contact Advanced Disposal, 920-458-6030. It may take a
few weeks for a different size cart
to be delivered. Advanced Disposal will not deliver a different
cart until they have several requests in the Village.
Q: I need another cart for yard
A: If you need any additional carts
they can be purchased for an annual fee through Advanced Disposal, 920-458-6030.
Q: I have a large amount of yard
waste from spring cleanup of my
A: On designated Tuesdays in
spring the Village of Kohler will
have Special Yard Waste Collection. On these Tuesdays only, any
amount of yard waste may be
placed by the curb in solid containers. No loose yard waste lying on
the ground is allowed. Brush must
be cut into 4’ lengths and placed
neatly by the curb. The Village
does not have a drop off site or
dumpsters for residents to bring
yard waste or brush.
Q: One of the wheels on my cart
A: If there are any problems with
a cart (broken wheel, damaged
cover, etc.) call Advanced Disposal, 920-458-6030, to make
arrangements to have the cart repaired or replaced.
Q: I’m moving out of the village
can I take the carts with me?
A: No, the carts are the property of
Advanced Disposal and must stay
with the residence.
Q: I am remodeling my bathroom
myself. Can I put construction
material out for pickup?
A: If you can make the materials
fit in the garbage cart, it will be

picked up. Otherwise you must
arrange for a dumpster. Prior to
having a dumpster delivered you
must call the Kohler Police Department, 920-459-3877, for permission. The Police Department
will make sure the dumpster is
property placed, with reflectors
facing traffic.
Q: I have an old couch and chair to
dispose of?
A: If the items can be broken down
and fit into a garbage cart, no problem, they will be picked up. If the
items do not fit into a cart, you will
need to call Advanced Disposal,
920-458-6030, for pickup arrangements and cost of disposal.
Q: What do I do with metal materials?
A: Bikes, lawnmowers, bed
frames, basketball hoops, grills,
metal fences, etc. should be placed
in the recycling cart. The gasoline
and oil must be removed from the
lawn mower and disposed of properly, not in your garbage cart.
Items should be disassembled or
broken down to fit into the recycling cart. Any non-recyclable materials should be placed in the
garbage cart. If the items do not fit
in the appropriate carts you can
call Advanced Disposal for pickup arrangements and cost of disposal, 920-458-6030.

Q: I have an old refrigerator and
air-conditioning unit to dispose of.
A: A licensed hauler must pick up
all Freon containing devices. Call
Advanced Disposal, 920-4586030, for pickup arrangements and
cost of disposal, or deliver to a
local scrap yard.
Q: I have an old stereo unit and
computer monitor to dispose of.
A: Electronic devices are not allowed in landfills and cannot be
disposed of with your regular
garbage. The Sheboygan County
Hazardous waste program accepts
electronics. For more information
visit the Sheboygan County website,
Best Buy in Kohler accepts many
items including televisions under
35”. Earthwise Recycling LLC in
Sheboygan Falls accepts electronics and many other items. Visit for full
list or call 920-467-9951.
Q: I have an old microwave to dispose of.
A: Microwaves cannot be disposed
of with your regular garbage. You
will need to call Advanced Disposal, 920-458-6030, for pickup
arrangements and cost of disposal,
or deliver to a local scrap yard.
Earthwise Recycling LLC in SheContinued on page 2

DECEMBER 15, 2013



s as


Garbage collection,
continued from page 1

Come to American Family Insurance and take advantage of our new lineup of discounts.
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KOHLER, WI – Kohler Credit
Union has named Joey Buchholz
as Regional Branch Manager for
Ozaukee County. In his role,
Buchholz will manage operations,
relationship development and the
retail aspects at the Saukville and
Grafton branches, and the
Mequon branch scheduled to open
in late 2014.
“My focus is to make Kohler
Credit Union the standard in
world-class member service and
to highlight the credit union way
to the residents of Ozaukee
County. Maintaining a strong
presence in the community and
getting financial education into
our schools are my top priorities.
I am very excited to be a part of
the Kohler Credit Union team,
and look forward to doing great
things for our members and this
community for many years,” remarked Buchholz.
Buchholz has been in the financial industry for over 19 years, beginning while a senior in high
school. Most recently he spent 9
years with UW Credit Union in
Milwaukee where he served as the
traveling/support supervisor since
2009, as well as the trainer for all
the managers and lenders in the
Milwaukee market. His dedication to financial literacy led him to
create a workshop that helped
members better understand how to
manage their accounts and get a
better idea on how finances work.
Buchholz holds several Wisconsin
insurance licenses including life,
health, property and casualty.
Committed to community outreach, Buchholz has been a big
supporter of Habitat for Humanity, and has been involved in charitable events for the American
Heart Association, Susan G.
Komen for the Cure, and Autism
An avid baseball fan and historian, Buchholz is a self-published
author, and released his first book
in 2009, “Two Loves: The Story
of a Baseball Polygamist,” which
documents his love of the Milwaukee Brewers and New York
Mets during the 2008 season. He
also writes a pop culture blog
called “newgazzi.” Buchholz
loves spending time with his wife,
Amber, and daughter, Gracie, as
well as devoting time to reading a
good book.

American Family Mutual Insurance Company, American Family Insurance Company,
American Standard Insurance Company of Ohio, American Standard Insurance Company of Wisconsin.
6000 American Parkway, Madison, WI 53783 ©2013 007390 – 6/13

Montessori Children’s
House Preschool

Family owned and operated since 1994

Infant (6 wks.), toddler, 3-6 preschool
& Kindergarten classes
(Before and after school care available)

Montessori certified & early childhood
educated teachers
Call for a tour!
“Free the child's potential, and you
will transform him into the world.”
Dr. Maria Montessori (Italy)
1907 N. 20th St., Sheboygan
Montessori Charter School
grades 1-6 now available!
M-F 6am – 6pm

boygan Falls accepts microwaves
and many other items. Check their
for a full list or call 920-467-9951.
Q: I have a few pieces of concrete
and bricks from my back stoop?
A: Concrete and bricks cannot be
disposed of with your regular
garbage. You will need to call
Williams Excavating 920-5652211 or Spielvogel 920-458-1512
to make arrangements for delivery
to their facility.
Q: I have cans of old paint in my
basement to dispose of?
A: Empty paint cans should be put
into the trash cart. Latex paint is
not hazardous and can be dried up
with kitty litter and disposed of in
the cart once the latex paint is dry.
Oil based paints are hazardous and
must be disposed of properly. Call
Advanced Disposal, 920-4586030, or wait for the Sheboygan
County Hazardous waste program
Q: I have old prescription medications to dispose of?
A: Don’t throw prescription and
over-the-counter medications in
the trash, flush down the toilet or
rinse down the drain. This is harmful to the environment and our
drinking water. The Kohler Police
Department has a drop-off box
available 24 hours a day, 365 days
a year in their lobby. You can drop
off prescription drugs and overthe-counter medications. For more
information call the Kohler Police
Department, 920-459-3877, or
visit their website,
Q: I have a large amount of cardboard boxes from moving.
A: All cardboard must be broken
down and fit into the recycling

Q: We recently had an ice storm
and I have a large quantity of
brush. How do I dispose of this?
A: If it is your own branches, you
must cut the brush into pieces that
will fit into your yard waste cart.
After your yard waste cart is full,
then cut the branches into 4’
lengths and pile them in a neat row
by the curb for pick up. If the
branches are from a village street
tree, the village will dispose of
Q: I just thatched my lawn myself
and have a large quantity of thatch,
how do I dispose of this?
A: The thatch should be placed
into the yard waste cart. What cannot fit into the yard waste cart, you
must make arrangements to dispose of the thatch. Call Advanced
Disposal, 920-458-6030, or a local
landscaper. Please note that during
designated Tuesdays in the spring,
Advanced Disposal will pick up
any amount of yard waste if it is
placed in solid containers.
Q: I have some stumps and root
balls, how can I dispose of these.
A: All yard waste must fit into the
yardwaste cart. Otherwise you
must make arrangements with a
landscaper or call Advanced Disposal, 920-458-6030.
Q: I have a tree in my yard to cut
down. How do I dispose of the
A: Contractors are not allowed to
put yard waste by the curb. If you
are cutting down the tree yourself,
the branches must be in 4’ lengths
and neatly placed by the curb for
pickup. All branches must be less
than 6” in diameter.
For more detailed information
please visit the Village of Kohler

Blue Ribbon Award flag raising ceremony
honors Kohler students and teachers

“The National Blue Ribbon flag
raising ceremony captured the
brilliance of the children, the commitment of the schools, and the
caring of the community,” as
stated on the school’s website.
The ceremony began with a parade through the school led by the
school’s drumline, ending in the
gymnasium where current and retired teachers and staff, students,
school supporters, community
members, distinguished guests and
dignitaries gathered to honor
Kohler students and teachers.
School Board President Marlene

Yang asked students to continue to
do great things with their minds.
Deputy State Superintendent of
Public Instruction, Dr. Mike
Thompson, congratulated the students and school community for
being the only public high school
in the state this year to achieve
recognition, and only one of more
than 200 high schools in the nation. Senator Joe Leibham spoke
of the flag as a meaningful symbol
of excellence. Principal Lori Neurohr spoke about how the raising
of the flag would be completed by
a teacher from each level of the
school to represent the building of
strengths between them.
At the moment the flag reached
the top of the staff, hundreds of
blue and white Bomber balloons
rose into the sky to symbolize the
great heights to which our children
will rise. With the National Blue
Ribbon flag flying high at Kohler
Schools, Superintendent Quynh
Trueblood invited all to look to the
flag with pride for what the school
and community has accomplished
together, and to guide everyone to
new heights.

More photos at
More photos at


DECEMBER 15, 2013




Train to Teach Yoga

200 Hour Certification with
Deborah Williamson
January 31 - April 6, 2014
Midwest Power Yoga Sheboygan Falls

With Child

Maternity and Baby Boutique
795E Woodlake Rd., Kohler

Kohler Elementary
Christmas show to
be held December 19

Train with longtime teacher of teachers, Deborah Williamson,
at Midwest Power Yoga / Wild Abundant Life. Leave confident
in your ability to teach absolutely amazing yoga classes.

Change Lives.
Make a Great Living.
Do What You Love.

Here we come a caroling . . .
The Kohler Elementary Christmas show
(grades JK-5), will be held Thursday, December 19 at 2:00 p.m. in the Kohler Memorial

Jim Schermetzler

Mike Daniels

Shari Jensen

Kathy Nonhof

Brian Homiston

Terri Stewart

Meg Trager

QUESTIONS? Call 617-435-8683 or email
Kellie at,
Join us on Tuesday, January 7 at 7:45 pm for a Yoga
Teacher Training open house. Ask questions, meet
Debbie, and learn if training is right for you. Or, join us
on facebook at
for tuition giveaways, fun content, photos & more!

Wishing you
to warm your heart
and to fill your
home with
Christmas joy.
Merry Christmas

Fred Stone

Village Realty & Development Brokerage, Inc.
The Shops at Woodlake Kohler
795B Woodlake Road
Kohler, WI 53044
(920) 457-1075 or toll free (800) 351-4371

548 Sir Howard Cir., Kohler
• Well maintained 2-Story Contemporary home
• 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, first floor laundry
• Open concept kitchen with updated appliances
• Office and sunroom overlook the lake
• Master suite and bath w/jetted tub and walk-in shower
• Exposed Lower level open area for entertaining, 4th bedroom
• Lower theater/media room, exercise room, office
• Exterior cedar siding, composite decking, well landscaped
#3815 $769,000
James Schermetzler 912-1982

1082B Creeks Cross Rd, Kohler
• One floor ranch condo, 2+ bedrooms or den
• Beautiful fireplace w/bookcases and storage
• Neutral décor, white woodwork & cabinetry
• Open concept dining, kitchen and living area
• Updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances
• Hardwood maple floors, main level laundry
• Master suite with double sinks, walk-in closet
• Two very private decks, 2 car attached garage
#3806 $229,900
Kathy Nonhof 254-4784

848 Briarwood Ct., Kohler
• Prestigious Lakeside East Subd. Close to everything
• 4 bedrooms 5 bath areas, stunning open staircase
• Gorgeous cherry wood trim, built-ins, oak floors throughout
• Gourmet kitchen with new appliances and large pantry
• Dramatic entryway, formal dining room
• Grand family room to picturesque private patio
• Third floor guest suite, four fireplaces
• Separate carriage house above garage
#3809 $724,000
Brian Homiston 889-9439

685 Treehouse Parkway, Kohler
• Kohler home located on cul-de-sac
• Living/Dining combo w/gas FP
• Wood floors & open staircase
• Gourmet kitchen, high end appliances
• Dinette open to kitchen
• Main floor master bedroom suite
• 3BR, full bath, walk-in storage on upper
• Attached 2 car garage + 1 car detached
• This home is a true dream home!
View this property at:
#3692 $599,000
Mike Daniels 946-0034

412 Summit Rd, Kohler
• 3 bedroom home w/tons of charm
• Bright and cheery kitchen
• Beautiful living room w/fireplace
• Dining room w/gleaming wood floors
• Finished lower level rec room
• Nice size yard w/great views of park
• 1 car detached garage w/carport
#3672 $209,900
Brian Homiston 889-9439

1089-3B Creeks Cross Rd, Kohler
• Great room with fireplace open to kitchen & dining
• Updated kitchen with stainless appliances, snack bar
• 2 Bedrooms, 3 Baths
• Master suite with his/hers closets
• Lower level family room, bath and good storage
• Pretty wood floors
• Outdoor living space with 2 decks
#3791 $200,000
Shari Jensen 459-1714

700 Treehouse Parkway, Kohler
• Exclusive, Woodland North Subdivision
• Private lot, deck overlooks wooded conservancy
• Beautiful kitchen, cherry wood floors, granite, SS appliances
• LR/w gas FP, vaulted ceiling, wall of built-ins
• Superb view of back yard and deck
• MBR suite, patio doors to deck, WIC, private bath
• Den or possible third bedroom
• Partially finished lower level, full bath
• Oversized 3 car attached garage
View this property at:
#3710 $479,000
Mike Daniels 946-0034

418 Summit Rd, Kohler
• NEAR Ravine Park in Kohler
• 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, 2,000 SF brick home
• Living room with fireplace
• Formal dining room
• Family room with built-ins
• Screened porch, covered patio/car port
• Private back yard
#3786 $179,900
Shari Jensen 459-1714

1078B Creeks Cross Rd, Kohler
• 2 Bedrooms, Den, 3 full baths, 1st floor Laundry
• Luxury master suite w/2 vanities, WI closet, WI shower
• Kitchen w/beautiful cherry cabinetry, ceramic tile, soaring
ceilings, appliances
• Open concept living areas of the kitchen, dinette, and living
• Living room has gas fireplace and sliding patio doors to a
lovely deck
• Fully finished lower level with office, family room, adtl utility area, full bath
• An open feeling is found with the condo on the corner of
Creeks Cross & Willow Ln
#3816 $249,900
Kathy Nonhof 254-4784

1097-1A Woodlake Rd., Kohler
• Motivated Seller, Appliance allowance
• Former Kohler Model Condo with 1700 sq ft
• 3 Bedrooms, 2 Full Baths. Vaulted ceilings
• Screened in three season sun porch
• 1st Floor laundry room
• Living room with gas fireplace
• Private driveway and immediate occupancy
• Priced to sell at $30,600 below assessed value
#3793 $179,900
Terri Stewart 912-4303



DECEMBER 15, 2013




Girls High School girls
Bomber Basketball Club O
n Sale basketball schedule
is rolling out its
2014 Raffle Calender !
365 chances to win more than


Only $20 per
Special Offer:
Buy 2, get 1 FREE!

The Calendar Raffle helps the Bomber Basketball Club
support Kohler youth basketball programs and coaches by
providing leadership and funding for equipment,
tournaments and coaching guidance at all levels. Our
vision is a sustained, successful basketball program that
promotes sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership and school
spirit in our youth and the greater Kohler community.
Basketball players will be selling ads, or contact the
email below to order your calendar or learn more
about the Bomber Basketball Club:

Submitted by the girls high school
basketball team
Yes, there still is a girls high
school basketball team and they
would love your support!!
For the 2013/2014 basketball
season, the Kohler H.S. girls have
teamed up with the Sheboygan
County Christian H.S. girls to form
a combined JV girls’ basketball
team. The seven girls proudly representing Kohler are: Senior Sara
Ertel; Sophomores Amanda
Meyer, Lauren Kelm, Amanda Egbert, Alissa Griswold; and Freshmen Allie Lindow, Angela Schmitt.
Going to battle on the basketball
court with the Kohler HS girls are
SCC High School Sophomores
Olivia Otte, Naomi Rahn and

Freshmen Rachel Rasmussen,
Hope Landgraf. The team is
coached by Matt Bayens from
These seven girls from Kohler
along with Coach Bayens are
working very hard to keep a girls
high school basketball program
alive and are committed to bringing the girls basketball team back
to Kohler High School in the near
future. You can help them in their
mission by cheering them on at
their games which are listed below
and encouraging other Kohler H.S.
girls to sign up for next year’s
team. All Home games are played
at Sheboygan County Christian
High School and begin at 5:50 pm.
See you there!!

A great Christmas gift idea for grandparents,
co-workers, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles
The gift that LITERALLY keeps on giving the entire year!
$20 awarded every day of the year with higher values on “special” days below
January 1
February 14
March 17
April 1
May 11
June 15

New Year’s Day
Valentine’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day
April Fool’s Day
Mothers’ Day
Fathers’ Day


July 4
September 1
October 31
November 11
December 25

Independence Day
Labor Day
Veterans’ Day
Christmas Day


Drawings held monthly with winners published in the Kohler Villager.
You can win more than once!
The Bomber Basketball Club reserves the right to return all money if a minimum of
500 calendars are not sold by January 31, 2014.

Alumni basketball game scheduled for
Saturday, December 28
All Kohler High School alumni
are invited to participate in this exciting event. The gym will open at
6:00 p.m. with games beginning at
6:30 p.m. The teams are set up that

evening, or players may organize
their own team. Ladies are invited
to organize a team together, or play
with the guys. Player fee is $5.00.
Spectator fees are adult $3.00; K-

12 $1.00
For more information call Mike
Zimmerman at 458-3290.

Photo by John Wheeler

Monday December 16 - Away vs. Stockbridge
Thursday December 19 – Away vs. Howards Grove
Friday January 3 – Away vs. Oostburg
Monday January 6 – Home vs. Living World Lutheran
Tuesday January 14 – Away vs. Random Lake
Saturday January 26 – Away vs. Cedar Grove-Belgium
Tuesday January 28 – Home vs. Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah
Friday January 31 – Home vs. Ozaukee
Monday February 3 – Home vs. Lake Country Lutheran
Thursday February 6 – Home vs. Howards Grove
Saturday February 8 – Home vs. Oostburg
Friday February 14 – Home vs. Random Lake
Thursday February 20 – Away vs. Sheboygan Lutheran
Monday February 24 – Home vs. Green Bay NEW Lutheran

Kohler High School boys basketball roundup
As they say in the Land of Oz,
By guest sports writer
“There’s no place like home.”
Suzanne Fink
We’ll get them at our house boys!
Ozaukee 68, Kohler 65 (0-1 CLC)
4, Fink 10, Pellowski 4, Mueller
Kohler opened the season with a Kohler–Case
31, Bauer 7, Ladwig 11. 3-pt: Mueller 5,
68-65 loss to Ozaukee on Novem- Bauer 2, Ladwig, Fink.
ber 19 to a game ending 25-foot Kohler 72, Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah
“buzzer-beater.” The game be- 59 (1-1 CLC)
tween the two teams was evenly
Kohler proved to be the steadier
matched throughout until the last team down the stretch as it sur90 seconds in which the Warriors
vived the Novembattled back from
ber 26 game 72-59
an eight point
in overtime against
deficit to end the
the Elkhart Lake
game on an 11-0
Resorters. Senior
run. The Bombers
Brennan Ladwig
were provided with
stepped up his
an opportunity to
game in O.T. showtake the lead in the
ing great leadership
final seconds, but
and decision makjust couldn’t coning skills in the
stretch to help the
“It was an excitBombers clench the
ing game to start
off the season as a
Antonio Bett of
Senior Joe Pellowski goes up
the Resorters was
Kohler guard Brett
obviously not on vacation as he led
Mueller. “It’s a great feeling when all scorers for Elkhart Lake-Glenyour game comes together. The beulah.
guys found me on the perimeter
Kohler guard Phil Case said of
each time down the floor and we Antonio Bett, “I knew that it was
were able to make things happen.” going to be a tough job to guard
hot-hand Antonio, because he is such a
brought in a game high 31 points, strong player. I couldn’t allow him
including five 3-pointers, while to get to the basket.”
Ladwig and Fink added 11 and 10,
Brett Mueller led the charge ofrespectively.

fensively for the Bombers with 25
points, while Brennan Ladwig
added 20.
Time for a new vacation guide,
as the Village of Elkhart Lake
proved not to be a resort town of
rest and relaxation for our boys as
they had to work hard for the victory, but we all know…hard work
pays off in the end.
Kohler–Case 11, Fink 4, Pellowski 1, Mueller
25, Stefanczyk 5, Toeller 5, Ladwig 20. 3-pt:
Case 1, Fink, Toeller.

Howards Grove 71, Kohler 54
(1-2 CLC)
A step quicker, the Tigers outpaced our Blue Bombers for a convincing 71-54 win on December 3.
The Tigers pounced to an early
lead in the first quarter, and despite
our best efforts to cage them, we

were unable to prevail.
“We got off to a slow start and
were never able to catch up,” said
Kohler forward Brennan Ladwig.
“Defensively, not getting our
hands up in the face of the shooters
really hurt us as well as our lack of
rebounding throughout the game.”
Ethan Brinkman had 26 points
for the Tigers while Austin Edge
had 17.
Brennan Ladwig scored 8 points
behind teammate and Bomber’s
high scorer Brett Mueller who
notched 19 points with two-3
pointers as Howards Grove maintained its imposing lead.
Watch out for us next time
Tigers…like Katy Perry says, “We
got the eye of the tiger, a fighter,
dancing through the fire 'Cause we
are the champions, and you're
gonna hear us roar.”
Kohler–Case 4, Fink 6, Pellowski 3, Mueller
19, Stefanczyk 6, Toeller 4, Bauer 4, Ladwig
8. 3-pt: Mueller 2.

Senior Phil Case drives.

Random Lake 63, Kohler 53 (1-3 CLC)
The Random Lake Rams gave
us some sheep thrills in the fourth
quarter to outscore the Kohler
Bombers 25 to 12 to claim the victory on December 6. From the outset, the game went back and forth
as both teams were able to convert.
The score remained nearly even
until the battering Rams managed
to get out in front with about four

minutes left to go in the game. The
mediocre defense and Ram free
throw conversions proved to be
too much for our Bombers to overcome.
Noah Fink sparked Kohler with
four 3-pointers in the third quarter,
while Brett Mueller led the
Bombers with 25 points.
“Once the first couple of shots
went in, I started to get my
rhythm,” said Bomber forward
Noah Fink. “When the shots fell,
the crowd got energized. When the
crowd got energized, the shots
kept falling.”
Aaron Rathke led the Rams in
scoring with 20, and Logan Martin
and Andy Fechter added 18 more.
Kohler–Case 2, Fink 12, Pellowski 2, Mueller
25, Stefanczyk 4, Bauer 2, Ladwig 6. 3-pt:
Fink 4, Mueller 2.

Your Blue Bombers schedule
can be found online at:

Senior Brennan Ladwig passes.

DECEMBER 15, 2013




Butternut Café ĸ11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Open Wed.- Sun.ĸ

Please join us in

Never time travel
on an empty stomach.


The Butternut Café offers casual dining right around the corner. Enjoy freshly made
sandwiches, wraps and salads in our cozy café or dine alfresco on the deck overlooking
the Wade House’s beautiful surroundings. We are proud to serve Kelley Country
Creamery ice cream, recently recognized by Good Morning America as the Best
Ice Cream Ever! Wine, beer, Sprecher and Twigg soda is also available.

the holidays with family
amily and
fr d when yo
ou drive through
h a festive
t ve
choreographed to
o holiday
lights show choreographed
Park.. Mak
music in Everg
green Park
ke sure tto
also visit the Quarryview
k Shelter
ND offers e
cks, and Santa.

the New


Admission is free.
Food pantry
y donations appreciated.


Open every n
ov 29
9 - Dec. 28 (clos
sed Dec. 24)
5:00-9:00 PM

Funland open every
Thursday - Sunday

V issitt www.
o more info an
d a daily schedule
e of events.

Bill Erbstoesser

Jeff Romanoski

e-Commerce Director

Sales Manager

800-459-6840 Cell 920-254-9065

800-459-6840 Cell 920-918-0352

Two dealerships, with one location, and one goal, to be your dealer!

Residents, open enrollment parents, register for
The Kohler Villager email alerts
Kohler residents or parents of
students attending Kohler Schools
through open enrollment, register
for The Kohler Villager email alerts

Receive email notices when each
issue of the The Kohler Villager is
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updates, notices or alerts.
An unsubscribe link accompanies each email if you choose to opt

Holiday Answer:

Call 920.457.WOOF
to schedule your next appointment

(Weekends available)

Holiday Question:
“Where to find the perfect gift for the
woman in my life?”
Great selection of sweaters, scarves,
jewelry, jackets and accessories

Part-Time Administrative Coordinator
Kohler Foundation, Inc.
Kohler Foundation has an exciting opportunity for a talented,
well organized, detail oriented, and dependable administrative
professional who appreciates a team approach. Our ideal candidate will have experience with financial spreadsheets, compilation of materials for meeting books, as well as experience
dealing with the public. The position offers a great variety and
an opportunity to work across functional areas.
Candidates must be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Acrobat Pro X and Publisher. Accuracy and attention to detail,
along with confidentiality and a professional demeanor, are
This is a unique opportunity for a motivated individual who enjoys the arts and appreciates supporting community programs.
The position offers some flexibility, 20-25 hours per week, and
an afternoon work schedule.
To apply directly or for more information, contact Terri Yoho,
Executive Director at 920-458-1972 or

(S.120.06(6)(b), WI STATS.)
School District of Kohler
April 1, 2014
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an election to be held in the School District of Kohler on
Tuesday, April 1, 2014, the following offices are to be elected to succeed the present incumbents listed. The term of office for school board members is three years beginning on
Monday, April 28, 2014.
Kohler School Board Member

Laura Kohler

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN, that a Campaign Registration Statement and a Declaration of
Candidacy, must be filed no later than 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 7, 2013, in the
Kohler School District office located at 333 Upper Road, Kohler, Wisconsin, between the
hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday, mailed to the address noted
above or filed personally with the school district clerk, Laura Kohler or school district
deputy clerk, Ms. Quynh Trueblood.

Open Mon –Fri 10-6 * Sat. 10-5 * Sun 11-4

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN, that if a primary is necessary, the primary will be held on
Tuesday, February 18, 2014.
A description of the school district boundaries can be obtained from the school district office.

3513 S. 32nd Street
Sheboygan, WI 53081
920.457.WOOF (9663)

at The Shops at Woodlake
795 F Woodlake Rd = Kohler, WI 53044 = (920)458-9121

Given under my hand, on 1 November, 2013.
Laura Kohler
School District of Kohler Clerk



DECEMBER 15, 2013




Prevea Health Center
1526 N. Taylor Drive ■ Sheboygan
(920) 457-2100

Pediatric and adult otolaryngology/ENT
Allergy Testing and Treatment
Minimally Invasive Sinus Surgery


Prevea Ear, Nose & Throat

Edward Smith, DO

Dietmar Wohlgemuth

Interior & exterior homes. Can power wash & seal
or stain decks, paint metal doors & shutters. Can
repair or replace bad boards & do general carpentry
work. Free estimates. Very competitive prices. Experienced. Len Hucke and Ed Thompson.


Kohler high school Girl Scouts ring bells for the Salvation Army at Woodlake Market. Pictured:
Katie Lindow, Isabelle Heins, Emily Guesneau, Jenny Rutten, Allie Lindow, Megan Sprinkman,
& Lydia Waniorek.

Thank you for supporting

The Kohler School Friends Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair!

On Saturday, November 23rd, thousands of visitors kicked off the holiday shopping season at the annual Kohler School Friends Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair. This is the biggest fundraising event for our school’s parent teacher organization. KSF PTO would like to thank our generous donors who made the event possible, and our dedicated volunteers who worked to
make it all happen. The 2013 Fair was a great success and we are very thankful for your support!
2013 Craft Fair Committee
Advertising – Lora Dillon
Applications – Dawn
Bake Sale – Mary Nebel &
Jennifer Roeber
Decorations – Vicki Friske &
School Staff
Design & Print – Vicki Friske
Facility – Katie Maki & Lynn
Finance – Sonia Egbert,
Lesley Cassidy &
Nina Hughes
Event Coordinator – Vicki
Holiday Café & Hospitality –
Sonja Heins & Diane Venn
Raffle – Ann Bartelt, Jayna
Sloan & Joni Stefanczyk
Volunteers – Beth Tengowski
2013 Craft Fair Donors
Big Apple Bagels
Blattner‛s Piggly Wiggly
Doug Bocchini
Camp Anokijig
Camp Y-Koda
Chef Jeff
Dave DeBruin
Melvin Free
Green Bay Packers
Jenelle Griswold
Lori Hucke

John Michael Kohler Arts
Kohler Company
Kohler High School Jazz
Kohler High School Key Club
Kohler High School Madrigals
Kohler Middle School Student Council
Kohler Police Department
Kohler Public School
Kohler Recreation Department
Kohler School Athletic Department
Kohler School Faculty & Staff
Kohler School Friends PTO
Wendy Kukla
Lino‛s Ristorante Italiano
Milwaukee Admirals
Milwaukee Bucks
Milwaukee Public Museum
Linda Neil
Plymouth Foam
Q-Mart in Kohler
Rick‛s House of Flowers
Road America
Sheboygan Symphony
Joni & Craig Stefanczyk
Ruth Stenz
Sweet Potato‛s Unique Boutique

Ben Tengowski
John Tengowski
Rich Tengowski
Torke Coffee Roasting Co.
Village of Kohler Tourism
2013 Craft Fair Volunteers
Aldrich, Sandee
Andrews, Josh
Andrews, Theresa
Baka, Evelyn
Batkiewicz, Sharon
Boerner, Allison
Cassady, Cathy
Ceiszynski, Abby
Conklin, Laura
Conklin, Megan
DeAmico, Kelly
DePagter, Olivia
DePagter, Sophia
DePagter, Tonya
Douglas, Michelle
DuCharme, Jodi
DuMez, Butch
Edgerle, Asha
Edmunds, Brenda
Egbert, Amanda
Ertel, Heather
Farwig, Judy
Feltner, Kim
Fihn, Sarah
Fink, Leo
Fink, Suzanne

Friske, Brett
Friske, Kara
Friske, Tim
Gartman, Cody
Gartman, Lisa
Gartman, Liz
Gordon, Deb
Grose, Amelia
Grose, Andrew
Grose, Jen
Grossen, Jodi
Gutschow, Amy
Hamilton, Chad
Hamilton, Robin
Hammann, Jenna
Harrington, Rob
Hart, Lily
Havens, Remy
Heins, Isabelle
Hess, Sara
Hillstrom, Frannie
Hillstrom, Kathy
Holland, Bobby
Holland, Rhonda
Holzrichter, Molly
Hou-Seye, Wendy
Huber, Rita
Hucke, Len
Hucke, Lori
Hughes, Nina
Ingels, Karen
Janssen, Abbey
Janssen, Mary
Janssen, Michael

Janssen, Travis
Kelly, Joe
Kraus, Andrew
Kukla, Wendy
LaDuke, Deb
Lee, Catherine
Lee, Laura
Lindow, Allie
Lindow, Laurie
Maass, Samuel
Madigan, Nancy
Maggi, Tracy
Maki, Sue
Mesalles, Anna
Mesalles, Mapi
Meyer, Amanda
Miller, Kay
Montes, Rachel
Multer, Laura
Neil, Linda
Neist, Hannah
Neurohr, Lori
Nevers, Nicole
Ninham, Melissa
Otte, Kristin
Pagelow, Jamie
Pellegrino, Maryellen
Pfrang, Deb
Pieper, Allison
Pieper, Carrie
Quasius, Grant
Renzelmann, Megan
Romanoski, Mel
Rutten, Jennifer

Safford, Martha
Safford, Rachel
Sbrocco, Tandra
Schaetz, Michelle
Schipper, Becky
Schwinn Roblee, Donna
Sprang, Amanda
Stenz, Lillian
Stenz, Ruth
Stoffregen, Tami
Tengowski, Ben
Tengowski, Greg
Tengowski, John
Tengowski, Rich
Tobin, Charlie
Todd, Maddie
Unger, Amy
Vallo, Emily
Vallo, Jen
Van Zeeland, Cheryl
Venn, Christina
Vicente, Paul
Vicente, Susan
Vierkant, Angela
Vierkant, Erich
Waniorek, Judy
Warren, Brooke
Wickert, Rebecah
Wilkens, Katie
Wollin, Hallie
Xiong, Tilydia
Yetzer, Leslie
Zheng, Christy

DECEMBER 15, 2013





Sponsored by Ryan Groh of Guided Path Counseling

Guided Path Counseling offers a helping hand
By Jeff Pederson
Falls News Editor
In today’s increasingly complicated society, everyday life can be
filled with roadblocks, obstacles
and detours that have the potential
to send a person off their intended
track and potentially down a road
to destruction.
When problems mount and the
bumps in the road pile up, Licensed Professional Therapist
Ryan Groh of Guided Path Counseling in Sheboygan Falls is available to help steer a person’s life
back in the right direction.
After earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Concordia University and a master’s
degree in counseling from Lakeland College, the Kiel native
opened Guided Path Counseling at
641 Monroe St., Suite 111 in
downtown Sheboygan Falls within
in the Brickner Woolen Mills Historic Building in February.
“I initially went to Concordia to
study physical therapy, due to
sports injuries in high school, but I
didn’t really connect with the professors, and I thought about dropping out of college,” Groh said. “I
was encouraged to continue, by my
mother who asked me to reflect
upon the high school class I enjoyed the most in high school,
which was human behavior with
Mr. Kuehl,” Groh said. “I decided
to shift my focus onto that path and
four years later, I graduated with a
degree in psychology.
“My wife was very supportive
of me,” Groh said. “She took on a
part-time job in addition to her
full-time job, so I could quit my
full-time job and find a part-time
job in conjunction with earning my
practicum/licensure hours required
for the master’s degree.”
For the past five years, Groh interned at Associated Psychological
Health Service in Sheboygan, obtaining his 360 practicum necessary for completion of his master’s
degree and the 3,000 hours needed
for state licensure.
“While pursuing my master’s
degree in counseling at Lakeland,
I was able to spend time working
with clients at Associated Psychological Health in Sheboygan,
which was a great experience,” he
said. “I got my feet wet there and
formed some good relationships
with clients whom I still work with
Upon completing his academic
and licensure requirements, Groh

set out to establish his own counseling business.
“When I finished up my master’s degree and my required hours
at Associated Psychological
Health, I knew that I wanted to
have my own business so that I
could put my own personality and
identity to what I represent and believe in as a mental health professional,” Groh said. “I decided to go
out on my own in last December
and by February I opened up shop
in Falls.”
Groh says he culled the name
Guided Path Counseling from one
of his favorite movies.
“I always loved the movie,
‘What Dreams May Come.’” he
said. “The movie inspired me as
the name for my business. It’s a
movie in which a man, played by
Robin Williams, loses his family
and his own life through tragedy,
which includes his wife taking her
own life.
“His love for her is so strong
and believes she is his soul mate,”
he said. “ He is willing to risk his
own eternity to see her again. The
movie illustrates a very vivid depiction of hell, and how fearful,
vulnerable, exposed, and dark of a
journey it is to get through it,
which is very symbolic of therapy.
Cuba Gooding Jr. and Morgan
Freeman are his guides to help him
through hell. My paralleling vision
is to help guide clients through
their hell here on earth.”
After contacting Sheboygan
Falls Chamber-Main Street Executive Director Shirl Breunig, Groh
found suitable office space rather
“I got in touch with Shirl at the
Sheboygan Falls Chamber and she
was very helpful and resourceful in
getting me in contact with Jim
Fasse, who she said had professional suites available for rent,” he
said. “I called him and took a tour
of the office that same day. I loved
the scenic view of the river from
my office window, and the great
vibe and support I received from
Mr. Fasse.”
Groh has spent the past nine
months settling into his new surroundings and building his counseling service from the ground up.
“This has really been a blessing
from God,” Groh said. “Sheboygan Falls is a very warm and
friendly community and I couldn’t
be happier to be located here.
“Dr. Toby Watson of Associated
Psychological Health allowed me
to bring my clients from Sheboygan to my new practice in Sheboy-

gan Falls, which was a blessing as
well and definitely made starting
out on my own, a more seamless
Groh offers a full range of
counseling and therapy services
for adults, children, couples and
families, including those suffering
from symptoms, diagnoses and
feelings such as abandonment,
anger, anxiety, cutting, bipolar, depression, divorce, eating disorders,
emptiness, grief, inability to fall
and/or stay asleep, panic attacks,
rapid thoughts, rejection, physical
abuse, Post Traumatic Stress, sexual abuse, situational/social anxiety, suicidal ideation and
Groh assists clients through
standard individual counseling sessions, as well as family therapy,
marital counseling, couples counseling and anger management sessions.
“As a therapist my job is to help
my clients understand their
wounds, to help them become truly
aware of them, help them to understand how they are compensating
for their wounds and to help them
heal, which will help them as a
guide once treatment goals/therapy
has commenced,” Groh said. “We
live in a society where anger is an
accepted emotion, but sadness is
“Since we are not robots we all
have emotions,” he said. “When
we suppress them, it causes problems that only will continue to increase symptomology through
headaches, uncontrollable crying,
sleep problems, lack of motivation. The mind is only capable of
doing so much. If it is overloaded
like a wood chipper for example, it
will start to shut down and symptoms will develop, such as sleeping
problems all the way to thoughts of
Groh also engages in children’s
and behavior modification therapy
to assist with issues such as atten-

tion deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) by implementing the
Caregiver’s Skill Program, developed by Dr. David Stein, in conjunction with the Nurtured Heart
Approach developed by Dr.
Howard Glasser.
“I implement the Caregiver’s
Skill Program and the Nurtured
Heart Approach working with parents and their children, which reduces/diminishes unwanted target
behaviors, such as temper
tantrums, dawdling and insubordination, as well as increasing the
emotional connection between
child and parent.”
Groh says a variety of factors
can lead individuals down a dark
path in life, including toxic friends,
peer pressure, bullying, an abusive
relationship, an unstable upbringing/abandonment/neglect, history
of sexual abuse, drugs/alcohol,
sublimation (staying task oriented
to avoid unwanted thoughts/feelings), verbal/physical abuse, as
well as a person’s own negative,
destructive, thoughts.
“It is very normal to repress
feelings, emotions, poor decisions
and bad behavior,” Groh said.
“People have a tendency to want to
push problems to the side and
sweep them underneath the rug.
The path of least resistance may
seem to be the easiest way to go,
but it never is the best way to deal
with problems. It becomes like a
compost pile that has an odor that
never goes away, and one can’t describe the smell/odor.”
Groh says he works closely
with each of his clients to develop
an individualized, goal-driven
treatment plan.
“When a new client comes in, I
do an initial consultation where I
talk with them to get to know them
as a person and then to develop
and understanding of the problems
they are dealing with,” he said.
“Three to four weeks from the initial consult, a treatment plan is created.
“The treatment plan is a set of
objectives and goals that can be
met through actions and behavior
interventions over a certain period
of time. The therapist is the guide
of the treatment. However, success
in treatment is created by the
client, not the therapist. A great
majority of the objectives in treatment are seen in the big and small
steps the client takes outside of
Groh says therapy sessions typically run 50 minutes once a week

Safe Harbor of Sheboygan beneficiary of
“SPA”liday event at Kohler Waters Spa
Kohler Waters Spa held its second annual "Spa"liday event on
Monday, where more than 180 attendees experienced complimentary mini treatments and learned
the latest tips, tricks and techniques for skincare, makeup, hair
care and nail care.
Guests enjoyed refreshments
and hors d’ oeuvres as they strolled
through the spa to meet reps from
Kerstin Florian Skincare, La Bella
Donna Mineral Makeup, Moroccan Oil, NuFace, Deborah Lippman Nail Care and Farmhouse
A portion of the proceeds from
the $20 admission fee was donated
to Safe Harbor of Sheboygan.

Guest receiving makeup application from
one of the reps.

Between 180-190 women attended the second annual “SPA”liday event at
Kohler Waters Spa.

for most clients.
“Therapy is a process and
should not have a time limit placed
on it,” Groh said. “A lot of times,
the wounds people are coping with
have been internalized over a long
period of time, therefore it will
take time for their wounds to heal.”
Groh stresses that seeking
counseling is a sign of strength.
“It is a societal myth that therapy is for the weak,” Groh said. “It
takes much more strength to say
you have a problem than to turn
your head and look the other way
in an attempt to ignore it. “
Groh says another obstacle for
potential clients is their readiness
for therapy.
“If you are a parent or if not
simply to ask your own parents if
they were “ready” to have a child,”
Groh said. “If they answer honestly, the answer is ‘no.’
“No matter how much money
you have, how supportive your
family is, how much you have
nested before the birth of a child,
one is never ready for something
they never have had or took part
in,” he said. ‘The same can be said
for therapy. Therapy is a process
in which you may share things that
you never would have imagined
sharing with your best friend.
Which makes it understandable
why the thought of therapy initially
creates anxiety. Further, change is
scary for people. It’s more comfortable to live in one’s filth and
ugliness because the ‘old self’ is
huge, and a comfortable place in
relation to our ‘new self’ being
rather small initially, and scary. It
is the ‘old self’ who attempts to
convince us not to do therapy.
However, it is the ‘new self’ who
makes that gigantic first step to
Guided Path Counseling, which
is open for 50-minute appointments between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.
Monday through Friday, accepts
all forms of insurance, accepts
Medicaid, and is now participating
through the Sheboygan Employer’s Health Network, which
covers employees of Bemis Manufacturing, Sargento, Vollrath,
Prairie States Enterprises Inc., Sheboygan Paint Company, and Community Bank and Trust.
To schedule an appointment,
call 920-467-HELP (4357) 920627-2793 (cell) or visit or e-mail

Modern Shaman
Workshop to be
held at Intentions
Saturday, January 18, 2014
10 am-2:30pm
Learn how to walk between
worlds and live in each one. Move
thru life as an “energy being.” You
will learn techniques to heal yourself and others and create what you
want by changing your perception
of the world.
This class emphasizes not the
shaman's physical tools but focuses
on the core essence of what it is to
be a shaman. Presented by UW Instructor, Reiki Master/Teacher and
Modern Shaman John Oestreicher.
Certificate of Completion. $95.00
per person.
Held at Intentions.
Call 457-9543.


DECEMBER 15, 2013




The American Club Resort

a KOHLER experience

The American Club resort named
#1 midwestern resort in Condé
Nast Traveler
west resort,” said
Condé Nast Trav- Kohler Co.-owned
Christine Loose,
eler have awarded resort tops the list and is Director of Hotels
its top prize to The recognized by record
for Kohler Co.
American Club re- number of survey
“We’ve dedicated
sort, ranking it #1 participants; Carriage
ourselves to proResort in the Mid- House ranked #4 hotel
viding each of our
west in its annual in the Midwest, and Old guests with exemReader’s Choice Course Hotel in
plary service and a
survey. Often con- Scotland named #15 in
memorable experisidered one of the European Resorts
ence, and it’s wonmost trusted “Best
derful to know that
of the Best” travel industry awards, our guests responded so positively
Condé Nast Traveler’s 26th annual to our efforts.”
Readers’ Choice Awards also inOriginally constructed in 1918
cluded the Carriage House in the as a temporary home for immi#4 position on the list of Top Mid- grants who worked in the Kohler
west Hotels, and the Kohler- factory, The American Club was
owned Old Course Hotel, Golf redesigned as an elegant resort
Resort & Spa in St Andrews, Scot- hotel in 1981; it is now considered
land was named #15 in the Best one of the finest in the country.
Resorts in Europe category.
This grand Tutor style building
The American Club was given a houses 241 elegant guest rooms,
high score of 92.3 after nearly 12 dining options – including the
80,000 readers cast a record-break- award-winning Immigrant Restauing 1.3 million votes in the maga- rant – and a 21,000 square foot
zine’s annual survey, close to state-of-the-art conference facility.
double the number of survey takers Recognized by the Historic Hotels
in 2012. The first place position of America, The American Club
represents a leap for The American offers the finest modern amenities
Club, which was named the #3 Re- in a luxurious Old World atmossort in the Midwest last year.
phere, and is renowned both as a
“Conde Nast Traveler’s readers romantic getaway and an upscale
are discriminating and experienced meeting destination.
travelers and we’re thrilled that
Kohler is also the home of the
they’ve chosen us as the top Mid- #4 ranked Carriage House, which

reopened last year after an extensive three-year renovation. This
55-room annex to The American
Club is situated in the same historic building as the award-winning, Five-Star Kohler Waters Spa,
and guests have access to the
peaceful common areas of the spa,
along with numerous other firstrate amenities.
The Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews, Scotland, a Kohler-owned
property has also received raves

from voters in the Condé Nast
Traveler’s survey, who ranked it
15th among all European resorts.
The Old Course Hotel, which was
purchased by Kohler Co. in 2004,
overlooks the fabled 17th hole of
the legendary Old Course and offers impressive views of the centuries-old university town and the
rugged Scottish coastline in the
distance. The Old Course Hotel is
considered one of the top destinations in the world for golf, and

boasts its own exceptional Kohler
Waters Spa, along with numerous
restaurants, pubs and extensive
conference space.
The Condé Nast Traveler’s
Readers’ Choice Awards rank the
best cities, islands, cruise lines, airlines, hotels, and resorts in the
world according to reader polls.
The results are announced in the
November issue of Condé Nast

Letters to Santa
Through December 24
Movers & Shakers Kids Toys
Kids can post their holiday wish lists to
the North Pole in the Santa Mailbox. 920453-2874
Shops at Woodlake Holiday Customer
Visit with Santa
Service Center
Saturday, December 21, 1-3pm
Through December 24
Movers & Shakers Kids Toys
Monday-Saturday, 11am-6pm and Sun920-453-2874
day, 11am-5pm
Breakfast with Santa
Christmas Eve, 10am-4pm
December 21
Complimentary gift-wrapping for all your
Mistletoe Brunch
Great Lakes Ballroom on Conference
Shops at Woodlake purchases located
Sundays, December 15 and 22, 9amlevel of The American Club
next to Scentualities in The Shops at
$28 for adults, $22.50 for children 3-12, Woodlake. 920-459-1713
The Wisconsin Room at The American
children under 3 are FREE. Price includes
Holiday Dining at The American Club
gratuity. Reservations required.
$40 adults, $16 children ages 4-12, free Enjoy a fun-filled morning in The Grand Resort
Enjoy special holiday dining at The Amerunder age 4, plus tax and gratuity. Call
Hall of the Great Lakes at The American
800-344-2838 to make a reservation.
Club with a kid-friendly buffet breakfast ican Club resort in the Village of
and Santa himself. Please call 800-344- Kohler. Please call 800-344-2838 to
Holiday Afternoon Tea
make a reservation.
Fridays and Saturdays, December 20 and 2838 to make a reservation.
Christmas Eve - Tuesday, December 24
21, 1-3pm
Toys for Tots
The Wisconsin Room - Special A La
The Wisconsin Room at The American
Through December 20
Carte Dinner Menu with Dessert Buffet,
Movers & Shakers Kids Toys
Enjoy a special menu for $20; $28 with Movers & Shakers Kids Toys is accepting 5:30-9pm, Three-Course Dinner $47;
one glass of sparkling wine, plus tax and new, unwrapped toys for the Sheboygan Four-Course Dinner $57
gratuity. Please call 800-344-2838 to
County Toys for Tots program. 920-453- Whistling Straits Restaurant - Special
Menu with A La Carte Pricing, 5-9pm
make a reservation.
Showing until January 5, 2014
ARTspace: A Gallery of the John Michael
Kohler Arts Center
A holiday tradition, this exhibition presents an array of distinctive treasures for
everyone on your gift list. Browse a curated selection of work including original
paintings, jewelry, ceramics, wearables,
glass, wood and more created by more
than 30 artists from across the nation.

Feast of the Seven Fishes Buffet
Fridays, December 20 and 27, 5:30-9pm
The Wisconsin Room at The American
$45 adults, $16 children ages 4-12, free
under age 4, plus tax and gratuity. Call
800-344-2838 to make a reservation.

Blackwolf Run Restaurant - Regular
Menu plus Evening Specials, 11am-9pm
Christmas Day - Wednesday,
December 25
The Immigrant Restaurant - Special
Christmas Menu and A La Carte Menu
serving Christmas Day 4-8pm; December
26-30, 6-10pm, Special Menu $75, excluding beverage
The Wisconsin Room - Christmas Day
Buffet 2-7pm, $55 adults, $18 children
ages 4-12, free under age 4, plus tax and
Blackwolf Run Restaurant - Special
Menu Noon-5pm, $36 adults, $16 children ages 4-12, free under age 4, plus
tax and gratuity

Only 5:30-10pm, $65 per person or
$120 per person includes wines with dinner, plus tax and gratuity
The Horse & Plow - Dinner 4-10pm, Bar
Menu 10pm-Midnight, Party 10pm-1am
Cucina - Special Dinner Menu 5-11pm,
Ala Carte or Prix Fixe $60, plus tax and
Whistling Straits Restaurant - Regular
Dinner Menu plus Evening Specials 59pm
Blackwolf Run Restaurant - Regular Dinner Menu plus Evening Specials 5-9pm

For more information, pricing details
and to register call Sports Core at
New Year’s Eve - Tuesday, December
Lil Stars of Dance: Tuesday, December
Grand Hall of the Great Lakes - Celebra- 17, 4-5pm
tion & Dinner from 9pm-1am, $150
Teen Zumba: Thursdays, through DeThe Immigrant Restaurant – Special Prix cember 26, 7-8pm
Fixe Menu from 6-10pm with entertain- Salon at Sports Core:
ment in The Winery Bar 8:30pmTREAT YOURSELF. Purchase $50 or
12:30am, Special Menu Only features Six more of services, retail items or holiday
Course Prix Fixe Menu $135, $210 with certificates in the Salon during DecemStandard Wine Pairing, $260 with Reber, and we’ll enter your name in a drawserve Wine Pairing plus tax and gratuity ing for a $20 gift card and a free Bumble
The Wisconsin Room – Special Menu
& Bumble product of your choice.