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Naina K is a female R n B artist.

By creating synergy and relating the three products; the music video, the magazine advert and the DVD cover. We have effectively constructed a brand of the artist by creating the house style which is conveyed through the aesthetics, as its refined definition of the dvd cover and magazine advert has this consistent simplicity, yet it manages to maintain the style throughout.

For instance the typography itself reflects the branding of Naina K as being more in-depth and insightful about the music she produces. Its shown to be quite free and stylish although its not seen with the video the demodulation is simply by the iconography and the shots used to reflect her feelings and emotions of being weak yet strong in order to say she’s gone. The typography creates this imagery of her personality and characteristics of her that wouldn’t be so oblivious as her album name denotes, No Disguise. Also just the way in which she is standing in the music video in front of Faze typical convention of R n B music videos yet it shows them together and how although she is independent she still has him there beside her. Consequently, the theme of heartbreak and the theme of love runs throughout each product if promoting Naina K as this R n B artist. Also we created this image of her through the way in which her emotions are shown especially through the inside of the dvd cover where we see images of her performing these therefore emphasise her passion for music as well as her strength as a solo artist. Here we see the necklace very important piece of item that really helps to brand Naina for her semimetal values as well as simply highlighting the theme of love. The representation of Naina K has been echoed throughout not only the music video although her dress style has contributed a lot to how she is represented as being urban and classy. Elements of the music video such as her leopard skin belt, and although its quite vague the simpleness of it and the entire idea that it isn’t present throughout. Yet it defines her quite simply as original in the way she uses her style not just for the purpose of

fashion but simply to show whom she is. As her voice itself is very much original and so that’s why keeping it basic still keeping to the reality of it. Even on the DVD cover the image shown isn't exactly the top glamorous yet the natural look still grasps the attention of the audience through the emotion on her face. In the music video as well as the other ancillary products the mode of address is direct which therefore advertises her strength and ability to reach out to people through her songs and the meanings rather than necessarily being outspoken in her representation, as we are aware through her confidence and dress style that from the start she has changed her representation through the music she produced as well as her style and the way that she appears. These all being contributing factors to the way in which they come across and so through the combination of the music video and the ancillary product it has effectively created this representation branding and overall house style of Naina K.

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