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A coffee shop, smart phone, fresh cappuccino, muffin(!

) and a laptop with wireless internet are now the best tools with which to launch & build a winning idea or business.

Globally relevant cool zeitgeist business books from Chris Ward, that capture the real reason millions of creative, entrepreneurial & business people globally, run their business from coffee shops and inspire those that don’t, to join them. Built around Chris’s learnings from his role in creating some of the most successful global brands and campaigns in history, including Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day ‘09, Radiohead & Friends Reunited & follow the story of the global mobile campaign, for the upcoming 1GOAL (the legacy of the FIFA 2010 World Cup), all of which he achieves, working out of coffee shops Plus his top tips on how you can achieve it yourself, picked up from working with some of the most ‘connected’ people on the planet; Joe Rospars (head of Barrack Obama’s digital campaigning), Queen Rania of Jordan, Facebook CEO Cheryl Sandberg & Twestival founder Amanda Rose.

Working from a coffee shop is the new wireless internet inspired phenomenon that deserves it’s own book and zeitgeist term. ‘Coffice’ could be set to be the ultimate ‘coffee table’ book


Sample Content Do you work hard and want to be successful? But don’t like doing it in the silence of a modern office, emailing people sitting 3 feet away, sitting bored in boring meetings and turning up simply to ‘show your face’ but… you own a laptop you love, spend time on Twitter and Facebook, like tearing bits out of newspapers to read later and can work with the buzz(!) of crying babies, office workers gossiping & coffee being ground loudly by a barista….then you are probably already a coffice worker. How can working with a laptop & cappuccino on 2 ft of café table top space be the best place to build a successful business? Over five sections Coffice shows you why & how to achieve it yourself History of the phenomenon From the founding, in a coffee shop of Lloyds of London in 1688 to Facebook in Boston in 2004. With laptops now outselling desktops, iphones & Blackberries the norm & 40% of new businesses set up without a traditional office, this is a phenomenon that is steeped in history but exploded in the last few years. Chris’s story of success How working from a coffee shop gave him the idea of presenting to the world the business of Friends Reunited as a cosy ‘husband and wife’ home set-up. And how he helped it grow from launch to having 12million members and being sold to ITV for £120m How he got his role at Comic Relief by finding that Richard Curtis agreed with the coffice working principle and how he used those principles to engage the whole of Britain, helping sell 8m red noses in 6 weeks and helping raise over £80m for good causes. Why a coffee shop is the best place. (The top 20 tips) You get to know your customers. You work in the zeitgeist where ‘real time’ is the new ‘prime time’. You get to hear ‘wired 2.0’ kids. Using social media and turning work into play. Using a coffice to find out if your idea has got the x-factor. Preparing a launch. to ‘Manufacturing’ your success. Working with your colleagues. Why you need to love celebrities & help journalists to show off. You can spot the future trends. Ripping off other ideas and getting others to rip you off and how to sell that million from a coffee shop. ‘Top Ten’ Features Top ten coffices in the key ‘wired’ cities around the globe. The top ten global coffee shop chains. Successful people who work in coffices; JK Rowling, Malcolm Gladwell etc. Famous specific coffee shops where successful businesses have been founded such as Lloyds & Facebook

Coffice is a new brand and zeitgeist term – Inspiring people that work in coffee shops to feel cool and good about their working life and including the stories and tips from creating the digital success of Friends Reunited & the record breaking £80m raising Red Nose Day 09 that engaged the whole of Britain - all from Coffices….

A Coffice ‘staff’ manual How to get to use the only plug socket! The best time of day. Creating an online office, The things that should get you ‘sacked’! A full guide to the facilities of a good coffice. How to build a home coffice.

So, tea at Mozimann’s with Queen Rania was great hatching plans on amazing opportunity to communicate with the whole world for 1GOAL 7:01 PM Nov 9th Great World Cup meet at MTN now ‘smelling the coffee’ roasting in excellent BeanThere café, Joburg http://bit. ly/54CvOt 11:58 AM Dec 2nd




Just had coffee at The Butchers Block, Joburg with the 1GOAL team and Eusebio! really. And Andy Cole 10:48 PM Nov 29th

Trying to offset another crappy night at Heathrow with a drink at Ramsey’s ‘Plane Food’ Menu looks OK... http:// 7:02 PM Nov 28th Seen Queen Rania’s personal 1GOAL msg to the GSMA board I’m presenting & where I’m sitting, so the tie is now on! 10:52 AM Nov 17th

Chris Ward

So,....I’ve just been introduced to David Beckham...over lunch at The One & Only, Cape Town 3:11 PM Dec 3rd In the very cool speakers lounge at #Leweb with #queenrania talking to the founders of the biggest websites in the world incl Jack Dorsey of Twitter 3.13 PM Dec 10th

Another mad day ends at JFK airport. Leaving Bono & Mariah behind at Vevo. com-#1GOAL launch & off to Paris with #queenrania team for #leweb

Catching up with a spot of ‘coffice’ working in the sun at / Barca before speaking at #pdfeu later 10:52 AM Nov 17th Sepp Blatter is going to promote #join1goal to 1.5bn people within the hour now.. Hoping to have a great view from the Cape Town Draw VIP area with some Miss Worlds… 4:41 PM Dec 4th

The story, in twitter diary form, of, a currently confidential, enormous campaign by the mobile phone industry. to help achieve the legacy of the FIFA World Cup 2010: 1GOAL: Education For All. A campaign running between April 19th & World Cup final day – July 11th 2010. Set to be bigger than even Make Poverty History and the biggest cause campaign in history (see Chris is currently operating as Digital Communications Director for 1GOAL / FIFA World Cup legacy campaign from some of the best coffices in the world; BeanThere in Johannesburg, Soho House Manhatten, Nero on the seafront in Cape Town, branches of Mugg & Bean & Starbucks in Hong Kong, Fernandez & Wells in Soho & Monmouth Coffee Shop in Covent Garden, London and further great coffices in San Francisco, LA and Barcelona.

Joburg. Very hot, bloke shot dead outside hotel y’terday. A long way from winning ‘guess the weight of the Xmas cake’ in rainy LDN yesterday 10:14 AM Nov 29th

Follow all the action @chrisatcoffice

The Author
Through founding his own award winning, international agency, Chris Ward has played a key role in the success of many public phenomena; Labour’s landslide election win in 97, the band Radiohead & reunion website Friends Reunited. After which he retired a multi-millionaire, only then to return as Creative Director of Comic Relief & the record breaking Red Nose Day ’09 and now 1GOAL, the official legacy of the FIFA 2010 World Cup: Education For All globally and ‘Time Well Spent’ the official legacy of the 2012 London Olympics, where he sits on the UK Government legacy board. All of which he achieves, working out of coffee shops. Chris regularly speaks in media and on international conference platforms. He works with a community that includes some of the most influential people in social media and the Internet.

A global cultural, business & entrepreneurial phenomena that desreves its own book. Chris’s stories from working on some of the publics most loved brands together with his tips on how anyone could achieve global success from working out of any coffice shop in the world, makes this an appealing title. His global work around the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the 2012 Olympics with the worldwide coffice shop working phenomenon means the books are relevant for global publishing and include content from key cool global cities; London, New York, Tokyo, San Francisco, Johannesburg & Hong Kong amongst others. The book will be a unique multi-media release; involving UGC in its creation, Twitter & Facebook users in its content & marketing and a live updated web and mobile site for purchasers. The book will be inspiring to coffice shop workers from local start-ups, to major global players. The book also has marketing potential through coffee shops.


Chris Ward Prepared: December 2009