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Key / Key Combo Ctrl + + / Ctrl + <mouse wheel> Ctrl + 0 F1 F3 Shift + F3 / ' Alt + F4 F5 Ctrl + F5 F6 or Alt + D F7 F11 Enter Shift

+ Enter Ctrl + Shift + Enter Home End Esc <double-click> Tab bar <middle-click> Tab <up/down arrow> PgUp / PgDown

Command Increase / decrease screen font Increase / decrease screen font Screen font restore to default Help Find Next Find Previous Quick Find: Find text as you type Quick Find Links Only: Find onkly text links as you type Close Window Reload page Clear page cache and reload Moves cursor to the Address bar Caret browsing (puts cursor in page; use arrow keys to move) Toggle full screen view From location bar to add complete .com address From location bar to add complete .net address From location bar to add complete .org address Top of page Bottom of page Stop Open new, empty tab with focus

Firefox 3
Keyboard Shortcuts
Key / Key Combo Command Ctrl + <link click> Open link in new tab and keep current tab focus Ctrl + Shift + <link Open link in new tab with focus click> Shift + <link click> Open link in new window with Ctrl + <1 - 9> Ctrl + A Ctrl + B Ctrl + Shift + B Ctrl + C Ctrl + D Ctrl + Shift + D Ctrl + E Ctrl + Shift + E Ctrl + F Ctrl + Shift + F Focus on tab 1 - 9 Select All Opens Bookmarks in Side bar Organize Bookmarks Copy Bookmark page Bookmark all tabs Move cursor to Search bar Opens EditCSS (http:// Find in This Page Launches an Add-on feature (e.g. Foxmarks settings or Web Developer element browser) Find Again Find Again, reverse order Opens History in Side bar Show Browsing History Open Bookmarks in Side bar Opens Downloads dialog Opens Firefox Error Console Put mouse focus on Web search Open Location / Address bar New message in default email

Key / Key Combo Ctrl + N Ctrl + O Ctrl + P Ctrl + Shift + Q Ctrl + R Ctrl + Shift + R Ctrl + S Ctrl + Shift + S

Command New Window with focus Open File Opens Print dialog Launches an Add-on feature (e.g. Foxclock Zone Picker) Reload page Reload page with cache flushed Saves page locally Launches an Add-on feature (e.g. Synchronize Foxmarks or opens NoScript dialog box) New Tab with focus Reload closed Tab View page source Paste Launches an Add-on feature (e.g. Show items blockable with Adblock Plus) Close Tab Cut Undo Close Window Clear Private Data Next Tab Previous Tab Move through tabs left / right

Ctrl + T Ctrl + Shift + T Ctrl + U Ctrl + V Ctrl + Shift + V

Ctrl + W Ctrl + X Ctrl + Z Ctrl + Shift + W Ctrl + Shift + Del Ctrl + Tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab Ctrl + PgUp /

Close tab Scroll up/down page Move up/down one page (screen) Alt + <mouse wheel> Slows scroll speed Alt + Home Browser home page Alt + <left arrow> Back Alt + <right arrow> Forward / back Shift + <mouse Forward / back wheel>

Ctrl + G Ctrl + Shift + G Ctrl + H Ctrl + Shift + H Ctrl + I Ctrl + J Ctrl + Shift + J Ctrl + K Ctrl + L Ctrl + M

Useful Firefox Add-ons
Download Status Bar
View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar

Forecast Fox
Get international weather forecasts and display it in any toolbar or statusbar

Displays local times around the world in the statusbar or toolbar

Firefox Easter Eggs
Enter the following in the Awesome (Address) Bar: about:robots about:mozilla

IE Tab
Enables you to use the Embedded IE engine within Firefox

Unique way to view photos online

Tiny Menu
Replace the standard menu bar with a tiny menu popup

Popup Blocker
1. 2. 3. Tools | Options... Content icon Check Block Pop-up Windows

Tabbed Browsing Options
1. 2. Tools | Options... Tabs icon

Set As Default Browser
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tools | Options... Advanced icon General tab Check “Always check to see if Firefox…” Click “Check Now” button

Change Download Folder
1. 2. 3. 4. Tools I Options... Main icon Save files to radio button Click “Browse...” button
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Firefox 3 Keyboard Shortcuts v.2, 10-Aug-08

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