Melissa M.

Current Address (until 05/08) 809 Mary Street Ann Arbor, MI 48104 (248) 933-1438 . Education University of Michigan Bachelor of Arts in Education GPA 3.34 (overall), 4.0 Provisional Elementary Teaching Certificate Endorsements: Language Arts and Mathematics Permanent Address 400 Maryknoll Ct. Rochester Hills, MI 48309 (248) 375-1633

Ann Arbor, MI April 2008 April 2008


Teaching Experience

Student Teacher-3rd Grade January 2008-April 2008 Erickson Elementary Ypsilanti, MI -Planned a math lesson drawing on student assessment data -Will plan and execute two math lessons using an instructional cycle of assess, design, enact, and assess. -Will develop and teach a 2-3 week Language Arts unit -Will take over teaching a small math group and guided reading group -Will teach whole group math at least twice a week. -Will take over teaching an intervention reading group -Tutor students after school in subject areas of math and reading once a week. Pre-Student Teacher-3rd Grade September 2007-December 2007 Erickson Elementary Ypsilanti, MI -Became lead teacher for a small math group and a guided reading group -Began adapting lessons and methods based on students’ individual needs -Began teaching lessons in all subject areas -Administered a reading test on fluency -Tutored students after school in subject areas of math and reading once a week. Pre-Student Teacher-4th grade January 2007 –April 2007 Hardy Elementary South Lyon, MI -Planned and co-taught two day Social Studies lesson on slavery; It began with a read-aloud, followed by an activity where students had to write from the perspective of a slave or abolitionist and use the read-aloud as a guide for their letter. -Taught a social studies lesson on the Great Lakes with a read-aloud as the foundation for the lesson and guided discussion to follow up learning. -Took advantage of all teaching opportunities available and aided cooperating teacher with class projects. Pre-Student Teacher-2nd grade September 2006-December 2006 Bryant Elementary Ann Arbor, MI -Taught a lesson focusing on facilitating student comprehension using the “making connections” comprehension strategy to a small group using a picture book read-aloud. -Observed different teaching styles and actively helped teach a largely socially and economically diverse classroom.


Swim Instructor/Lifeguard/Deck Manager-YMCA

June 2002-Present


North Oakland YMCA/Ann Arbor YMCA

Auburn Hills, MI 2002-2004 Ann Arbor, MI 2004-present -Work part/full time continuously teaching 30-60 minute swim lessons to children ranging from 8 months old-14 years old. -Teach all ages, including adults, and give 30 minute private swim lessons. -Prepare and disseminate verbal feedback along with written progress to students after each 7 week session. -Lifeguard/Deck Manager-monitor the pool area to ensure a safe and friendly family environment, as well as deck manage meaning act as a supervisor for lifeguards on duty when the Aquatics director is gone. -Handle emergencies and enforce rules in the pool area. Detroit Project September 2004-December 2004 Baugh Elementary Detroit, MI -Tutored grades 2-5 in math and reading each week for an after school program.

Leadership Experience

April 1st 2005 Detroit, MI -Led a 15-student volunteer team to do service in a Detroit Community for a day. -Cleaned up neighborhoods, painted murals, and demolished unsafe buildings in hopes of cleaning up the community. -Educated university students about the needs of Detroit Detroit Project Site Leader Dance Marathon Morale Captain September 2005-April 2006 Track and Field Building Ann Arbor, MI -Helped plan, create, and execute the activities the dancers would be doing for a 30 hour marathon. -Collaborated with a team of 25 students in a sub committee of four to cover all aspects of the marathon. -Spent 7 months as part of the Spirit subcommittee preparing a system that enabled dancers to get their spirit points. -Choreographed line dance that we taught the dancers throughout the marathon. -Provided moral support to all dancers throughout the difficulties of the marathon. Kappa Delta Pi January 2007-present International Honor Society in Education -Earned points to stay an active member of this fraternity through advocating education, seeking opportunities to be involved in the education community, and volunteering and fundraising for elementary schools in need.