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PEACE WEEK Events 1/15 – 1/22/10

Date Friday 1/15/10 Time 8 am – 10am Event/Location Press Conference/ Breakfast Occasions Banquet Hall 127 – 08 Merrick Boulevard Springfield Gardens, NY 11434 Tel 718 977 1861/2 Queens Peace Keepers Town Hall Meeting St Albans Congregational Church Family Life Center 172-17 Linden Blvd At. Albans, Queens 11434 Tel 718 657 8282 National Action Network Youth Peace Rally 106 W 145th Street, Harlem, NY 10039 212 690 3070 Brooklyn Call 4 Peace Keepers Meeting St Paul’s Church Brooklyn, New York Real Men Read Queens Library 2pm Stepping for PeaceChristopher Columbus HS Bronx, N Y Description Press Conference to kick-off Peace Week. Issuing of Proclamations from Mayor and other elected officials recognizing Peace Week. Breakfast Initial meeting to organize local men to become peace keepers within their communities. Contact Person LIFE 718 978-0089

Friday 1/15/10

6 pm – 9 pm

LIFE 718 978-0089

Saturd ay 1/16/10 Saturd ay 1/16/10 Saturd ay 1/16/10 Saturd ay 1/16/10

9 am – 12 noon 10 am – 1 pm 2pm

Rev. Al Sharpton hosts a youth Peace Rally. Initial meeting to begin organizing local men to become peace keepers within their communities Local men read to children to stress the importance of reading and to reinforce it is a positive attribute. Youth Step Citywide Championship Show

NAN 212 690-3070 Man Up 718 498-2320 Shell Lambert 917 807-1125 Brock Harris 917 939-6503

Date Sunday 1/17/10

Time 8 pm – 1 am

Event/Location Teen Peace Party Amazura 91-12 144th Place Jamaica, NY Martin Luther King Jr – Summit on Violence National Action Network Headquarters 106 W 145th St, NYC Teen Summit Diploma High School Coney Island NY Bowling for Peace Harlem Lanes 2116 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd (126th Street) New York, New York 212 678 2695 I Love My Life Tour – Peace Edition William Maxwell HS East New York Brooklyn Recording Bury Da Beef Compilation Song Queens, New York Man-up Ride For Peace

Description Teen Party to provide safe environment to recruit young adults 14-18 years of age to join the Peace movement within their communities Annual Event brings elected officials from throughout city together to remember MLKing Teens come together from around city to discuss violence Celebrity bowling tournament to recruit individuals to work with and support our efforts to reduce violence within our communities Members of LIFE Camp present a program of alternatives to violence A variety of artists will join together to create a Bury Da Beef Song for Peace SUV/Truck Clubs will form a caravan and drive through Neighborhoods in East New York - Brooklyn. The purpose is to bring attention on the need to bring and end to violence

Contact Person LIFE 718 978-0089

Monday 1/18/10

8am12noo n 12 noon 7– 10 pm

Tamika Mallory 212 690-3070 April Leong 646 761-3491 Dana Santiago 212 253-3750

Monday 1/18/10 Tuesday 1/19/10

Wednesd ay 1/20/10 Thursday 1/21/10 Friday 1/22/10 All day 7– 10 pm

LIFE 718 978-0089 LIFE 718 978-0089 Man Up 718 498-2320

within our communities.