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On Metaphysics and Spirit By Martouk

There appears to be a global movement away from organised religions by many people at this time. They are finding that their former religious experiences are not feeding their spiritual needs, so people are searching for more. Their spirits yearn to be fed where the organised religions of the world are not providing true food for the soul. The New Age movement in some respects provides an avenue for the beginning searcher for spiritual truths. This is not an endorsement of the New Age movement in general, for just like religions, there are many out there who have their own agenda who are working to manipulate the New Age movement through partial truths, if not total disinformation. What this creates is sort of a spiritual minefield for the novice in spiritual exploration to navigate. There is no shortage of ‘feel good’ material to be found, but my own experience has shown that most of what is out there is very inspirational with very little real guidance or tools as to how to achieve spiritual mastery. Yoga and meditation may work for many for a while in their beginning days, but often these practices become an end unto themselves without really leading anywhere. Many people find themselves content to go through the exercises, waiting for enlightenment to come and tap them on the shoulder. The first misconception about personal spiritual growth is the idea that the universe owes you something, that you merely have to meditate on it and you will sooner or later ‘magically’ become enlightened. This is not true in my experience. Enlightenment comes from years of work in altering your perspective on the world around you. Many of you may have read that the world is an illusion. To a degree, this is true. But the world itself is not an illusion, just what you perceive it to be is the illusion. If you remain dedicated and open to your path toward enlightenment, your perception of the world will change. You will learn that what you hear on the evening news, is printed in the newspaper, or what is popularly believed is not necessarily

so. These things are part of the illusion that you must overcome. You must look behind the illusion to see the reality. And when you find the reality you will probably be in shock. At this point in a person’s development, many cannot face the magnitude of the illusion, and turn from the path rather than face the ugly truth. To attain spiritual enlightenment, you will have to shed many of the so-called truths you currently hold dear to your thinking. The more you research, the more you will discover that you have been lied to. Lied to by your government leaders, your business leaders, your religious leaders, lied to by your schools, the news, etc. To grow in spirit you must realize that every time you discover and shed a lie, you gain a truth. Every truth you gain will serve to alter your perception and give you clarity on your path to personal wisdom. Most people are satisfied to live the comfortable lies. One who works to achieve spiritual mastery must have courage to not only find the truth, but also accept the truth, no matter how ugly it may be. For it is only in accepting truth, and shedding the illusions of created lies that you will find your real freedom. To find this freedom, you must release yourselves from the lies. You must learn the illusions that are being forced on us all day in and day out by those whose intent is to keep you mentally enslaved and subservient to the illusion. As you gain more truth, you gain more strength—provided you have the courage see the truth and not let the lies keep you dwelling in fear. Fear is the enemy of the one on the spiritual path. Pick your fear—losing friends, losing family, losing your current religious faith—all of these are fears that plague the true seeker. Many are not strong enough, or spiritually hungry enough to surpass these fears, so they proceed on the spiritual path only part of the way, or desert it altogether for they have neither the courage or the guidance to get them past these fears. Every master that ever left his teachings said to ‘Fear not’. Fear is the mind killer, and spiritual growth mandates that you free your own mind. You cannot be spiritually free if you allow the fear of others to rule you—to have your own fear rule you.

To walk the spiritual path is primarily a solitary venture. It is not a group sport—like most religions. You have to have the courage and the determination to become your own authority. Initially, this concept is almost incomprehensible to the beginning seeker. But it is a concept that you must embrace in order to move forward to knowing who you are and why you are here. This does not mean that you cannot or should not associate with likeminded people. What it means is; that no matter these associations, your growth is totally and wholly dependent on you, personally. Only you can set your own pace and your own goals. No one can dictate to you what is right for you on your path to greater spiritual awareness. Only you and your spirit can decide that. Here is an example of why the spiritual path is solitary. No one has had the same experiences, either in this life or past lives. We each have aspects of our own to overcome, and how we each do that is totally unique. A process that worked for one person, may not work for another, based on these collections of experiences. So the first thing is to not get discouraged when you try something in spiritual practices touted by others and find it does not work for you—for you will surely encounter these instances. Know this, there is no ‘One True Way’ - there never has been. This is the greatest lie of all religions—that they each and only possess the one true way to God or enlightenment. To grow you must realize the fallacy of such a claim. Also know this, there are no messiahs. Every messiah was a spiritual master whose message was completely misunderstood by people with no spiritual insight to understand their teachings—thus religions were born. If you want a messiah—go look in the mirror—for that is the only messiah each and every one of us has. No one will wave a magic wand and bring you spiritual enlightenment. God is not going to gift you with spiritual understanding unless you are willing to do the work for yourself. These are spiritual truths that I hope you will embrace. So, this doesn’t sound like the touchy-feely, lovey-dovey material you have been reading in the New Age section? Maybe you should ask yourself why that is. Maybe you should ask why no one has told you what I have in this article. Could it be

because they have an agenda, like the religious authorities and adherents throughout the world? Could it be that they want you cowed and controlled by fear? Fear of the government, fear of Hell, fear of bad Karma—fear of yourself and your own thoughts? I ask you to consider these things. And if you happen to find that something in this article resonates with you, then your perception has just started to alter. An onion layer of the lie has been peeled back. So you must ask yourself, how many more layers are there? And then ask yourself if you have the courage and dedication to get to the heart of the onion and free your mind and your spirit.