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Student Survey
Developing a tailored learning experience
Becky Steckhahn-Strohmer, Student Council Chairman DSR
November 2014

The survey goal was to find out what students like most about the learning methods employed at the
school and what could be improved. The main results showed that students prefer an interactive learning
environment with strong support of knowledgeable teachers.

Direct Results ................................................................................................................................................. 3
Statistical Relevance .................................................................................................................................. 3
Statistical Analysis ..................................................................................................................................... 3
Open Questions ......................................................................................................................................... 8
Conclusion ................................................................................................................................................... 18

Direct Results
This section gives the direct results of questions posed to the students.
Statistical Relevance
There were a total of 135 students answering the survey out of a possible 341 students. Therefore, there is
a confidence interval of 6.6 with a confidence level of 95%. This means that if a result shows 50% of
students answered yes, we can be 95% confident that between 43.4% and 56.6% of students would answer
yes to this question.
Statistical Analysis
If you were to choose a primary teaching method,
what would you prefer?
Peer instruction
Flipped classroom
Project-based learning

# of responses




The exact other responses are listed below:

A mix of flipped classroom and Project-based learning

A mix of everything
a combination of lecture and flipped classroom, the idea of watching video ass homework and then work
in group is highly appealing, but learning through video is not for everyone, i wish i had some lecture in, i
am a type of person who learn best from lecture, of course if there is only lecturing and no group
assignment or the like well all die. flipped classroom feels great for the homework part, but in class
having no teacher to properly explain a subject no one in class understood, that NEEDS to be done as a
Please note that the video material should be high quality and focused on the topic at hand. It is much
better with 3 concise 10 minute videos than a 1 hour recording of an unfocused lecture!
A combination of lectures and project-based learning. Starting with the lectures, followed up by a project
in which we use the stuff we've been lectured in. Teachers must of course be present at all times during
project but have the role of consultant/costumer for the project.
Preferebly something exercise based, as i feel that is the way i learn the most.
a mixture of Lecture and Peer instruction
In my experience, you get much more out of having a teacher to guide you through the material. The
other mentioned examples is in theory good, but falls behind too much in comparison of getting a
A combination of some of these. A part has to be a lecture, and then there should be excersices for the
students to apply what they learned in theory. At last there should be some projects for the students to
implement what they have learned.
Combination of lecture (short one, maybe about 20 or 30 minutes) and flipped classroom, since this is
the best way to make sure the material is understood. If anything from the video/book/etc. is not clear
enough or hard to understand in the specific situation, a short lecture from the teacher about the
subject expressed in different words is going to help 99% of the time.

The survey defined the terms as follows:

Lecture: Standard teaching format, teacher lectures to give understanding of the subject.
Peer instruction: Students work in pairs or small groups, split up material between them and each student
is responsible for learning a small part, once this is learned, they teach the rest of their group. The teacher
is a support, going around to groups to answer questions as they arise.
Flipped classroom: The teacher assigns a video to watch or reading for outside of class, when students
return to class the next day, they use class time to work on exercises and practice what they have learned.
The teacher is a support, going around to individual students to answer questions as they arise.
Project-based learning: Students work in small groups on a specific challenge / project. The teacher
provides some support but the students are responsible for researching problems themselves and figuring
out solutions. Class time is devoted to group collaboration.
The results show that the highest percentage of students prefer lecture as the standard learning format.
The second highest selection is project-based learning, followed closely by the flipped classroom method. If
the percentages for project-based learning and flipped classroom are added together, it totals 51.11%,
which shows that a majority of students have a preference for interactive or hands-on learning. The other
comments give further insight showing a preference for a mix of methods where interactive learning is
strongly supported by a teacher, so that a lecture can introduce a topic and interactive methods reinforce
the information by allowing students to work together and support each other.
How many hours of passive learning (lecture)
would you prefer per day?
Less than one hour
1-2 hours
2-3 hours
3-4 hours
4-5 hours

# of responses




How many hours of active learning (peer

instruction, flipped classroom, project-based
learning etc.) would you prefer per day?
Less than one hour
1-2 hours
2-3 hours
3-4 hours
4-5 hours

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The highest percentage of students prefer 1-2 hours of passive learning paired with 2-3 hours of active
learning per day. This reinforces the earlier findings that students would like to have a hands-on learning
experience supported by teacher instruction. This also fits with the typical school day of 3-5 hours.

How many days per week would you prefer to be

present at school?
1 day
2 days
3 days
4 days
5 days

# of responses




The statistics show nearly half of the students prefer to be at school all 5 weekdays. This fits with the
current schedule though with nearly 1 out of 3 students preferring a 4 day week, this should also be
considered when scheduling courses.
Would you prefer that each day is structured the
same? (for example, lecture in the morning + lab in
the afternoon, or some other structure)
Not sure

# of responses




Would you prefer that each day has a different

structure, possibly changing each week?
Not sure

# of responses




The two questions focusing on a structured day pointed to students having a preference for a stable
schedule during school hours so that each day was structured similarly. However, with just around 1 out of
3 students answering they are unsure how they would like their day structured, this calls for further
investigation and discussion with students.
Do you find that you often understand concepts
quicker than the pace of the class?
Not sure

# of responses




If you do not understand a concept, what method

do you find helps to gain understanding?
Lecture from the teacher
Sitting with the teacher one to one and discussing
the concept
Discussing the concept with classmates
Working on exercises / lab work
Reading about it by yourself

# of responses






Students were able to select more than one answer for the above question, therefore, the percentages will
not add to 100%. Keeping this in mind, the above result goes against the earlier findings from students that
they prefer lectures from teachers as a primary learning method. Just over 70% of respondents cite reading
about a subject by themselves as the most effective method for gaining understanding around a subject.
The next most selected method was discussing the concept with classmates, followed closely by working on
exercises or lab work. Therefore, it should be taken into account that students would like time to study a
subject themselves and/or review a topic together with classmates.
Would you use lecture help after school in order to
help your understanding with more difficult
Not sure

# of responses




Just under 44% of students say they would take advantage of lecture help after school hours. This indicates
a high enough demand to start building a program for after school lecture help. Students were also asked
which subjects they would like help in and the answers are listed below.
If so, which subject(s) would you like help in?

All subjects related to schools
Business analyzis. Programming (for, foreach, while, calculations).
c# programmering generelt
Cloud system.
Connecting all concepts we had learned in one program that does not span to much in time. More
explaining on how everything works together.

General programming, moddeling
hmm not an actual subject, but code quality/architecture.
I am not sure which subject I would like help in, as I read up on my own all of the time. I think what
it boils down to is the teaching ability of the volunteers. If they are arrogant, then I will have a hard
time listning, even though what they say might be correct. And I guess we will not know about that
till we get started. With that said, then I definetly think we should give the concept a go.
I dont have a problem right now, but if i had a problem with a subject I would stay afterwards and
go to clases
I'd rather help.
Im know the theory for programming, need more practical use
Math and programming
Modeling and technology
Most of systems modelling in general.
Network technology, Security, Programming/Databases
Networking and math.
Networking Maybe programming if it gets harder.
Not any specific but if I have fallen behind on something for some reason, and I have a hard time
understanding it, sure I'd stay so I can understand it faster than google it or reading about it.
OOP & Business
Patrick from my class.. or Lene ( teacher). Perhaps a few other from the class, who i feel can
actually teach me something. Not really anyone else.
Programmerings hastighed
programming exercises
Python Database Security Network System Development/Design
Stuff like Domain models (SSD, DCD and such) Some of the more complicated programming and
how larger programs are made and work.
Systemudvikling Modellering ~(Programmering)
Technology System Udvikling
Technology, Design & Programming.
the future subject i don't understand
Things that the teacher cannot teach us, but still tries to, without success.

trouble understanding the question's some times I need the question rephrased
uC Programming.
UMLconcepts , code programings commands in c#

The most frequently requested subject is programming.

Open Questions
This section reflects the open ended questions asked in the survey. The answers were copied verbatim.
What motivates you to learn a new concept?

$$$ in the future

The fact that it solves (or helps me solve) a real problem (like using a language with STM instead of
using locks). 2) The fact that it gives me a better understanding of computer science. 3) The fact
that it can make me more productive. Ultimately, that it makes me better at producing high quality
Ability to make more and more complex program
Actually learning something. Seeing the meaning. Expecting to use it in a real project
An interesting presentation.
An interesting subject, a motivated teacher, excitement and how it can be used both in projects
and real life.
An understanding of what I'll be able to use it for going forward.
At f at vide hvorfor vi skal lre det, s man kan f overblik over hvad det skal bruges til.
Being able to use it for different things in the future and maybe seeing it used in a small project or
assignment. And it's a big plus if it's really interesseting.
Being able to use it, when the learning is done. All the time being able to see the concrete golds of
the activity. Early in the learning progress working with the problem active.
Competent teachers, who can make the subject easy to understand and exciting.
curiosity frustration from not being able to answer certain question
Curiosity to learn a new thing about programming and practical use.
Curiosity, and the prospect of it helping me make/do things faster or easier by applying it.
Depends how interesting it is... If its something important that i dont know.
Det er altid spndende af tilegne sig ny viden
Doing some challenging exercises.
Exciting topic
Finding it useful, interesting or necessary in my profession.
Genuine interrest
Good teachers
Hands on experience, interesting subject

Hhe whole subject is exciting. And it is easy to learn something that's exciting and fun
How related to the job market is the new concept.
I am a seeker and I always find interesting to learn something new.
I am motivated to learn a new concept if I get some examples from real life, so I could see how it
works, what it can do and how can I improve it.
i am up to new things
i am VERY active and a feeling kind of person. By this i don't mean that i am sensitive. - But i mean
that i really need to know what i am going to use the concepts for. - I need projects and concepts to
feel useful to learn, otherwise i have a hard time remembering them and keep my self
concentrated doing the learning phase.
I don't know. I need to find it interesting and logical.
I get motivated by my peers, but mostly by the relationship between the given material and tasks
used to illustrate the concept.
i get to try something new and gain experiance in a new field.
I would like to know lot of way to learn because i would like to find which is the best for me.
If I can see how it relates to me becoming better at what I need to do, I'll be more motivated than
If i find it interesting, or know if i need it in the future.
If I find it useful & interesting
If it can be practical for me in the future
If it interest me, I have no problem learning. Also if the concept is presented in a easy and
understandable way, it is easier to be engaged in the concept.
if it is interesting and comes with new ideas , it motivates me
If it is something i do in my free time i would love to learn more about. or if i can see a use with it.
if it seems convincing, i get motivated
If the concept seems advantageous or usable I am very motivated to learn it. If it seems useless and
outdated, its harder to motivate me unless the lectorer is very enthusiastic.
I'm learning new stuff
In nowadays the education system is changing all the time,so if we are not trying how we will go in
step with the times.
Interest and the way the subject is approached by the teachers and students.
interest in a concept
interest, usability in real world
interest, usefulness(or at least understanding that it is a a necessary concept)
Interesting introduction to the new subject, what could it be used for, what different approaches
are to the concept.
Interesting introduction, good overview, what we are going to learn and why we need it.
Interesting subject
Interesting subject, passionate teacher

It has to be fun. Games and playing is very good learning by doing methods. I want to 'get my hands
It has to be interactive and and it has to have the freedom to change, modify, customize. It has to
be something that it can be used daily. Something that can touch people life's.
It have to be interesting.
It is motivating to get in touch with new information of different functionality and applications
which I might not had worked with before. If a new concept is brought from time to time monotony
can be avoided but in the same time it has to avoid interrupting other progresses because it might
demotivate on other plans or add frustrations on work left unfinished.
It not being stupid, and or forced. At the same time the teacher has to be reasonable if students
does not understand the principles to begin with.
Its relevance to the education program and the possibility of it being useful at some point in the
Just me. I want to learn, I like to aquire new knowledge always, I don't need other kind of
Knowing how it might be useful in the future or it being a challange.
Knowledge is power.
Learn by doing, that's pretty much it.. I can't focus on sitting and just listning for over 20 minutes,
due to a disorder (NOT ADD/ADHD), especially if the teacher doesn't do anything to keep energy
Lectures, having a teacher that know his material, and has tried it out in the real world. Also I would
like a more broad variation on systems like when working with servers we should know Linux as
well as Windows. We have had no education in AD even though it is widely used out in the real
Man kan arbejde med det
more knowledge = better (chance of getting hired, ask for a raise etc.)
My interest in that concept. It is up to the teacher to spark an interest in the concept.
My own self-interest in the topic. If it's something I can use myself outside of school, either for
personal hobbies or for my future work.
New concepts can be fun and interesting, with them you can learn a lot, I think, because there is a
chance that with a new concept you learn something not necessarily about that concept. I motivate
myself with a quote "The more languages you know, the more you are a person", by this I mean
that if you know a little about everything (or a lot) it is better than you are professional just in one
New ideas and new programs
New information helps to build new knowledge.
New knowledge that could help me sooner or later
possibly a better way to learn
Practical work.
Presentation. If the presentation of the subject is good, im all ears. But if on the other hand, the
presentation is boring and long. Its not my biggest pleasure to read up on.

Project based learning

Relevance, non-abstract material
Seeing the concept in work and seeing how it can prosper to my being. What are the upsides and
downsides and it must indeed have most upsides than downsides.
Some interesting materiel and lecturers that make stuff sound interesting
Something I don't know.
teacher entusiasm and the ability to easily see how it can be used in real life.
That fact that I'm learning and evolving at the same time.
That I can be better at what im doing..
That i can see I am improving...
That i have the oppotunity to ask with out ruinning 40 other peoples questions, and get a
thoroughly respons in a small group.
that it is interesting
That it's new and something exciting.
That the concept we are learning is something interesting.
that the subject is interesting
that there is no hold up in the process.
The ability to use it for learning more concepts.
The active presence of the teachers. It is very fruhstrating when a lot of questions arise but no one
is there to get some help from.
The biggest factor is regardless the concept, the uknown. I strave for getting new knowledge, but
futhermore is it the way the teacher sells the new concept.
The concept is attractive and described in class, so that I can understand the basic of it and not to
loose myself between online materials and tutorials... The concept is recommended to be learned
mostly through some lecturers in school and not through Google.
The fact it's an unknown to me. If it's something I have dealt with before it's probably not going to
interrest me.
The fact that i can use it in my education and future job
The need for it
The need to use it.
The real world implications... Real solutions to actual problems. It is fun when, for the first time,
you see a "session expired"-notice and you know why this happens and is neccessary.
The subject
The usefullness of the concept
The world of Information Technology in the Computer Science representation is always changing,
moreover it is being developed really quickly. Learning new concepts is a main thing/idea that turns
an IT newbie into a professional developer or programmer as keep abreast of trends in IT world and
know how it is changing. The programmer should always learn something new in order to improve
his skill and be demanded in his professional domain/field. Personally, I like learning new stuff in
overall. A strong belief in in Open Source ideas and Open Source Community, so it's ideology also
always makes and forces me (in a good meaning) to learn new concepts.

Things that is interesting. Basically something I haven't already learned

to get clevar and to be beteer at things
to make it fun and enjoyable and drag the students into the lecture so its not only the teacher
to use a lot of good examples from befor years exams, most focus to code programs and hight
programing langueges like java, css,.. have cotact by different Company and do probably some
project for them.
Using the new knowledge for something in practice
What motivates me is when the subject or concept gets my attention and i can see the use of it in
when an interesting concept, passionate teachers and the annoyance of not knowing,
When I am thinking about learning a new concept, always my motivations are to increase my
experience and my knowledge for my career in the future. Moreover I want to take as many as
possible experiences and skills from my education in this sector for my own knowledge.
Whether it is interesting and appeals to my future goals.
working with it. it's fun to use the equipment not only theory
You never know if it is actually something that fits you, if it isnt tried out.

When looking through the open responses the most frequently mentioned motivations are that the subject
is interesting and relevant to practical work. This indicates that teachers should strive to make the subject
interesting as well as show how it will be applicable to the real world.
What is the main quality that comes to mind when you think of your favorite teacher (past or present)?

A big part is how they treat the students and how nice they are. Another thing is how much i feel i
learn from them. At the moment i'm satisfies with most of our teachers, as i feel they are nice and
have are easy to learn from.
A definite professional
A good teacher somehow knows everything, by this I do not mean knowing everything outside his
material. I mean that the teacher is responsible for every student he/she has. Everyone should
know approximately 90% of the material that the teacher is lecturing. I, personally do not like when
a teacher comes into the classroom and starts talking till it is over and then leaves. I like more
another type of teaching. When a teacher speaks about the material, explains it several times for
the students to understand, and after that shows with examples, and if it is possible show it in a
A great teacher is a teacher who knows well and always abreast of trend, who can easily explain
the topic to a student, loves what he is doing and could easily go into the matter of new concepts in
his domain. Last but not least ability is to be an interesting speaker for students as he will motivate
and make students interested in the topics he explains.
A mix of structure and consistency, with a flair of humour.
A structured, yet loose way of teaching. Allowing off-topic subject just enough to keep everything
A teacher who actually likes what he/she is doing, and knows about it.

Able to make the lecture exciting, even if the topic was boring itselfs.
Allowed us time to think for ourselves how to solve problems, but also, in the end gathered what
we've done and showed how he had pictured it should be done.
Alot of knowledge and experience in with the subject
Being able to explain himself in a proper way.
Being able to make all the interested student in class understand what's in the curriculum no
matter what the circumstances are. Also helping those students in their exercises when they are
Being capable of setting yourself in the students place. And being capable to have some fun, and
being serious at the same time.
Being understandable and patience
Can motivate and teach the students, be understanding.
competence, enthusiasm, willingness
De vigtigste kvaliteter en lrer kan vre i besiddelse af, er ikke blot kundskaben til at kunne lre
fra sig, men ogs om hvorvidt lren er inde i sit felt, og kan give korte og prcise forklaringer. samt
uddybe omrder som man evt. kunne have vanskeligheder ved.
Deep knowledge, patience, understanding, skillful at imparting knowledge.
Different ways of teaching, watching videos, group work, class work, actually helps if you can't find
the answer.
Diversity of teaching methods. A drive for teaching. Always relevant to the given subject. Being able
to show what purpose the lectures had. Never asking about homework, just assuming that
everyone did them. Trusted his students.
don't know
Down to earth
Down to earth, fun but effective, driven, wants to teach.
eger to teach. doing different learning styles.
en der kan skabe gensidiget respekt
Enthusiast, interactiv
Enthusiastic & concrete. Nothing more demotivating than an abstract dry rant about basically
Enthusiastic Knowledgeable Good at explaining new concepts
Every teacher has a different way of learning others and different qualities. The best one I know
was a "younger" teacher who understood us better because of his age - some of the students were
even older than him...
Experience in his filed from "real world" outside school
Explaining well
Formulating, and inspiring.

Freedom, gives the students a study plan and helps with questions.
fresh, funny, talkative, good lecturer
Friendly and helpful mentality.
Friendly and is able to make everyone understand the main point of lecture
Friendly, enthralling and really good knowledge in his are/field, what his is teaching.
Friendly, language
Fun and interesting
Fun, engaging (he could talk for about 3 hour (about the subject of the day) without any breaks and
nobody noticed the lack of breaks)
Funny and unorthodox teaching methods.
Funny and very interested in what he teaches.
Fr lov at arbejde med en masse opgaver eller projekter uden konstant at skulle have traditionel
undervisning. Video eller lsemateriale ville ogs vre fint. Jeg fr intet ud af tavleundervisning undersger altid emnerne selv
getting things started and going.
Good analysis skills of coding (going line by line and explaining everything). And also examples.
Good understanding of the subject and strict with disruptive students (non attendance, constant
late in class. Students spend more time on there mobile/laptops than listening )
Good understanding of the subject matter and thus the ability to explain it using analogies.
Great at teaching
Happy, have a sence of humor when education.
Has a lot of experience Engaged
Have knowledge about the subject and hes ability to present it
he coded on the big screen, and then asked for us to make the same but with diffrent input ect
He had a way of talking to the class, that made us interested in tne current subject.
He is very personal and thorough, and insist everyone up to par
He was inspiring, and fumny
He was very engaging, was good at explaining things, and keeping the class focused and not bored
of his/her lecture.
Helpful, open minded, friendly, not very strict but still followed the guidlines which he modified in a
way for students to gain more information, very rational.
his ability to make EVERYTHING interesting, and that he cares for his student and can bond with
his attitude twards the class and the students
His personality, his knowledge and experience with the material, and the fact that he has the balls
to do things he knows is best for the student even though the people in charge have no idea what
they are doing!
humor , sarcasm , irony

I like when teacher explains everything in great details.

If for example, I have a chemistry teacher, and he's the best of all chemists, that doesn't mean that
he can teach me. I want the teacher to be good at teaching the subject, not just showing off his
knowledge and skills.
In control. Kind. Good mood.
In my opinion the most important quality for a teacher is to be open. - Open to evaluation: If the
students or other teachers tell the teacher that they are not satisfied with the teachers
performance, the teacher should be open to changing how things are done. - Open to new
developments: The teacher should to keep on top of the news of the industry and regularly (maybe
once a year) adjust the curriculum to integrate new developments.
Interactive exercises, good examples, interactive teaching.
Interesting voice, the way of speaking
Interesting way of presenting new subjects, and keeping the attention of the students with
different interesting facts and stories.
keind to us
Knowledgable and is good at passing on that knowledge Easy to talk to Good at explaining
Knowledge and that he "Lives what he teaches", meaning that he loves what he is teaching, he
does it with passion and he should be inspiring.
makes the learning fun, and have fun teaching
Making sure that everyone understood a certain topic
Making sure that people are focused on the lesson, presenting the topic in an interesting way.
most value experience and to find a way for our questions
Motivation, attention, well-explaining
Nice and willing to keep at it, if a student dosent completly understand whats going on.
nice way of teaching,make it interesting,paying attention of each student and giving feedback so
we will know our evaluation
Passionated ( engageret )
prepared, new knowledge
Proffesional experience + communication skills.
Quality learning and committed work. that's all i need honestly. - If the teacher just randomly ''joins
the party''. - i can't take anything else they say or try to learn us seriously, specially if they can't
answer your questions properly or need 10 minutes to think of a good explanation because the
persons Danish/English is terrible. This makes me think i waste my time. - Lucky for me, we have
good class mates who can help us. When the teacher obviously can't.
Real world experience
Short, clear and easy to understand explaining.

someone who is active and teach in a understandable way

strong technical knowledge
structured, good planning and keeping track of students
Struktureret Morsom (p en dmpet made)
That he is very good at including the class he is talking to the class like a conversation and is
involving us in everything with like questions or small assignments. And that his lecture is very well
timed, so that after explaining something we get to practice is and is good at seeing when we need
a break because we've learned so much in that 45min or only 20min, even if it's only 5min break it
helps the thing you just learned to sink in, and you're ready for the next thing you need to learn.
That he knew what he was doing, and had enough understanding of his subject that i could ask
questions and get a real answere.
That the teacher have soul and dedicated to the job.
That they were fun, educational and helpful. Overall that i learned something from them that i can
remember and had somewhat fun while learning.
The ability to create structure in the subject and show connections between parts
The ability to explain some concepts using practical examples and the ability to be structured.
the ability to split class up in small groups alot, and be with all the groups at the same time to
The ability to teach very different levels of students
The ability to turn a snooze subject into fun!
the best teacher I had was a math teacher, we knew he was the boss, but he came with jokes,
anecdotes, some fun drawnings about every 10th minute, so everyone was alive and active for
about 2 hours with no breaks! So main things: Structure Jokes/Anecdotes/Fun Keep the air fresh
and energized
The patience she had and her way of making us understand the topic
The teachers ability to make the topic relevant and understandable.
Them being able to take critic, with out getting angry. Them being reasonable and willing to listen
to the students
Up for a joke but still able to maintain authority
very close approach to what we will confront in the "real life" (work)
Very descriptive when explaining. Uses the blackboard and not wiki slide notes.
vibrant / engaging / passionate
Well educated
Well prepared, always to the point. He/she takes count of the ability of different students and
adjust the teaching style.
Well prepared, practice mixed theory
well-prepared (if we agree to consider that as a quality)
When I think my favorite teachers, the main quality that comes to my mind, is that all of them are
knowledgeable in their specific subjects, but more importantly, they are extremely personable and
willing to allow students to express their opinions and accept their different views.
ben kommunikation.

Teachers that are knowledgeable, engaging and friendly are mentioned the most frequently mentioned by
Additional comments:

I would love to come everyday to school and study under any type of teaching as long as I learn
new knowledge and experience.
; DROPTABLE answers;
6 and 7 are the same questions.
As long as you have the expected level of knowledge, being present should not be a requirement
(wasting student and teacher time is bad)
Bananas for scale :)
i am a person who learn best from lectures, i like them and favor them in dosed amount.
I believe if I could get a few hours after school a week, and be able to have another student run
though things with me. that wouldent hurt too much.
I really can't get into this group working thing. I wish I could just do the projects by myself. My mind
and creativity get blocked when I have to work with other people.
I think ,we have to work serious and get some inspirations from another academics institutions
inside and outside of Denmark. It can be good idea if we Work by other classes from computer
sciences part in the school.
If I were to pick a teacher, then I would point at Patrick.
Less theory more practice in class. Learning by doing.
May the odds be ever in your favor.
No doubt that the student's level is not too high and no doubt that the teachers are very well
prepared and with some experience in practice but sometimes is a huge issue to make the subject
attractive... understandable, without having some structured lecturers meant to take us as deep
into the subject. Having every time the freedom to choose the projects and the way we do it makes
us to don't be able to understand the basics, each of us working in different direction by ourselves.
Patrick is the best <3
Project work is a very cool method to get into the subject and learn staff. For us in the electronics
classroom, it is very important that the electronics lab has sufficient equipent for us to work with
(power stations, multimeters, soldering stations, desks/chairs)
The biggest problem in the way of learning is the disruptive students mentioned above.
The school needs to do more to promote the IT-Technology education to companies, its hard
finding internships when people have no clue about what we are doing. Educate the "Karriere
center" as they know nothing about the job they are supposed to do!
Would be neat if we could see the results after the survey has ended. (Think of graphs showing how
many people chose X option)

The additional comments can be taken individually as there is no overall theme to the comments given by

The survey reveals that the current teaching methods employed at the academy are on the right path. The
next step to develop the education of students is to discuss the responses with teachers so that they move
forward with a similar and structured approach to teaching. Additionally, lecture help should be set up to
support students after school with troublesome subjects.
The main take away from this survey is that students would like a focused but limited amount of lecture to
start learning a topic followed by hands on work as well as peer discussion to develop knowledge around
the subject. Some things to be considered in order to reinforce this method of learning are the following:

Consistent methodology: Are teachers generally approaching teaching in the same method?
Physical setup of the classroom: Are tables arranged to be conducive to group work?
Interaction methods: Can interaction methods be consistently employed by teachers to keep
students engaged during lectures?
Student attention: Should students be allowed to be looking at laptops during a lecture period?
Should notes be taken by hand instead to remove distraction?

These ideas should be taken into consideration and discussed among the teaching staff in order to optimize
the education of the students and hopefully create a more individualized and effective education for all