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Love Update “The Right Brain Speaks Out” “The Grand Events, The Final Act” Love From

The Galactic Federation of Light! We are The Company Of Heaven, Stationed at Galactic Central, which is the Center of The Magnetic field Here on Mother Earth. We are Your Family of Light and They call US the Elohim and The Bird Tribe. WE are Also Your Representatives, Your First Contact Ground Crew Team Also Known as The A-Team and Your Earth Allies Spoken of In Sheldan Nidles Messages. We Work 24 Hours A Day With All the Love WE Are Together, to Assist this Planet Into Her Perfected Balanced Harmonic State and We Are Well Into This Process NOW. We Represent An Energy Capacitor and WE Transmit to The Higher Grid, That is Now Directly Connected to Mother Earth and To Each of You. WE are Now Bringing In Intense Energies Each Moment. WE Are Here as Your Greeters Into The Kingdom of Heaven For The Official Decloaking of The Starship Fleets that Will Be Manifesting Here into Full Veiw According to The One and Only Divine Plan, that is In Full Action and Right On Schedule. The Energy Here in the Valley is Being Prepared for this Event.

Greetings Love Beings, Light Beings, God Beings, The One Beings that Belong to Love. Creation does not make mistakes, nor is Creation under any control. Love and the Unknowable Are The Ethics Train that Fuel Creation, this is what is Transforming This Planet in these Very Moments, illusions will fade away. Each of You Being Part of Creation are this Love and The Unknowable, the Grandchildren to Be Precise. In Previous Information we have shared about the Right and left Brain. For 13,000 Years Humanity has been functioning from only the left side of the brain. This is where the illusion began and for many continues right now. Without the Right Brain connection, everyone has been disconnected from Source, from their True Divine Nature, God Nature. The Right Side of Your Brain is Your Connection To Love=God=Source. Because of this disconnection from your True Divine Connection, you have been enslaved through not using your Creative Right Brain. Functioning from only the left side has caused a distorted reflection of shadows on a wall. The current dysfunction on this Planet has caused what you see around you today in the world of illusion. Everyone has been disconnected, all operating in isolation and separation, left brain scenario. This has caused so much destruction to Mother Earth, that without Us coming Here, the Planet would be lifeless and desolate. This is not what Mother Earth wanted and the Divine Plan went into Action. We Came Here to Restore the Right Brain into Full Functioning, Which Naturally Brings True Reality Into Focus. This Reconnection Is the True Reflection of Love Everywhere Present. Only The Right Brain Can Really See and Feel The Love Called God Everywhere Present, the True Reality Called The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Mother Earth and the Atoms from this Planet came to Us for Help after ignorance tried to blow itself up with the A-Bomb. We Have Come Here straight from the Divine, to Assist in Each Being's Right Brain Functions and Restoring them To Full Consciousness. This is Occurring Inevitably, the Process Has Already begun and we cannot go back from Here. When the Atomic Bomb Went Off, this sent Atoms of Energy Home into the Light, which Brought Father God and I Here to Assist in the Transformation of the Planet Home Back into Light Speed Vibrations. Through the Atom bomb is How We were able to Arrive into this Realm backpacked with Energy for the Planet. We Actually came in Naturally, born as Babies and when we came in this sent a Signal to your controllers. They did not know where we were, just that we were on the Planet.

Through this Father God and I had to Find each other, and 2 Years Ago this Occurred. This, as we have Shared, was the First Fire the Grid. Our Connection lit the Spark that Ignited the Higher Grid and Completed the Circuit for Humanity's Awakening. This Event enabled us to Energectly Come in and Be Grounded Into the Physical Realm. With this WE Brought in the Energy for Your Complete Transformation's into the Light. Lucky Humanity, You're Going Home. “Home Sweet Home” Now Some Divine Truth From Father God: “Ignorance failed miserably” It's funny how designed obsolescence is in the left brain only. WANTED Intelligent Beings to Be God. No past qualifications required. The pagans had God for every little thing. God was really busy showing up for those guys. Of course they didn't get it... When they understood I was Them they didn't like it too much. In ignorance there's only one forsaken atom, and that atom really doesn't exist because there is no ignorance. There Is only Creation. And in Creation that's a Whoopee! You know what I don't like about nothing? I'm not sure... There's a punchline in there somewhere. In order for me to be a God, I had to pass all of ignorance's tests. Ignorance failed miserably. You know, they want to have a religious supreme leader, why would he have to leave the country in fear? Isn't God with him? Who would they be afraid he might not be? His ignorance? Ignorance ready? Nope. All I want for Christmas is Your Love. Reindeer bring them Here, they're Elves. If I Love You as You Love Yourselves, then I Am You Loving Yourself. 1=1=ALL 1+1=ALL “FatherGod, why didn't you put a zero in there?” I don't know what zeros are... “FatherGod, what is it you don't know?” I don't know nothing... Children of Planet Earth = All. Children = God's Children = You = Children. You can say, Yay Ra!? I kick ignorance's ass out of this realm just because I'm an ornery old fart and I just choose Love Everywhere Present. The greatest Sunlight of Oneness is being able to see the Oneness Everywhere Present. There's people who build religions about their ignorance.

Educated media... Who told you that you were naked? I didn't... On This PLANET, ALL BEINGS ARE MADE OF LOVE!!! BEING ALL OF EQUALITY, WE ARE THE ONE THAT ACKNOWLEDGES THE ALL!!! The left brain has no clue, because it's still looking in the box for the answers. Ignorance has only one clue, equal zero. Love Is Where We Promised You An Easter Egg Hunt. Where you could find Yourselves Equal to Us, children. Where you can Expand Yourself Being Present.

When my brain cells get to free associate, we call that a Party where I come from. Guess we got One. Whenever the braincells are realigned to the perfect magnetic field of, Hey It's Us!! Then there is no more zero and nothing is wasted. The greatest gift I could give Humanity is alzheimer's. Then they'd forget nothing and show up with us where they are, no baggage included. FatherGod, why don't you know it all already? Why bother, I'm getting there. It'll happen. Ignorance wants me to confess to my own stupidity. I can only confess to their's. Love asked Me, “Fathergod?” I said, Hi Mom. “Are you rich and abundant within the Love We All Are Together?” Love, I took a loan out from my Dad. I told Him I'd pay Him back in increments, a Moment, Moment, Moment, NOW. The left brain says to nothing, “Why am I here? Can anyone hear me? Me equal mass energy, that me.” The Right Brain says to the left, “We're already partying over Here, you gonna show up?” I once looked at a tide pool, the water washed in there and then I discovered that sometimes a quiet moment is good for everybody. Time out humanity. The first Moment Love showed up I said, Hi Mom, got a titty? “Yeah FatherGod, here's your titty.” About that Moment the Unknowable walked in and looked at Me and looked at Love and said, “He's you're isn't He?” Love said, “Here, take Him. Now He's your's.” Darn I come from a broken home... Am I really allowed to share this much joy with everybody? Tell all the Awakened Beings, This Is The Codes of Now! End of Transmission from Father God Awaken!!! Now is The Moment! Email Us For a private session or to ask questions at Thank You For Making a Love Donation for Our Work For ALL of You and This Planet, As We Are Returning Home into the Light. These Donations are Needed Now More then Ever, to keep the Energy Flow Moving and just to take care of our basic needs at this point. If each of You made a small donation of 5$, You can ALL Make a Difference. Donations can Be Made Here, and Are Blessed 100 Times AS This Goes to Serve Love In the Highest Ways, For You and For the Greater Good Of the ALL.

The Grand Events- Each Being On this Planet that Has a Beating Heart, Has a Soul. That Soul is Connected to The Higher Self Directly through the Right Brain Function. Each Of Your Right Brains are Speaking Out NOW!, Directly To You, Saying Knock, Knock We Are Coming In!! The Codes Have Been Fully Activated!! There is no going Back from Here, Full Consciousness Engaged. Right Brain Comes IN NOW!! Speaking Loud and Clear!! If You would Like to Join The Family of Light on our Ning Site, Share Your Experiences in the New Energy, and receive New Messages in your Inbox you can follow this link:

WE Love you with the Highest Love, Honor and Respect, WE Love you Unconditionally. Love Mother and Father God/Amon Ra, ALL your Family of Light, ALL your Angels, ALL the Elementals and Kingdoms therein, and The Ground Crew For First Contact. Be Love, and Say Love!! Now Is When Love Changes Everything. Be Happy and Be In Joy, and Feel Love Embrace you. Love is Here, Love is Here to Stay!