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First Federated Church Sunday, January 10, 2010

Please see page two
for important information
about today’s service and
how to get the most out of
your visit with us.
Volume 11 Number 31
Jesus and Temptation
°¡ !.': ':. ':|.. '+|.
Did you look at the title above? Those two words, “Jesus”
and “Temptation,” do not seem to go together. What could Jesus
possibly know about temptation? He is the sinless Son of God.
True enough, but Jesus knows a lot about temptation as we will
see in today’s message. In His humanity, Jesus had to deal with
the temptation to sin. Hebrews 4:15 says He “…understands our
weaknesses, for He faced all of the same temptations we do, yet
He did not sin.” As I shared last week, Jesus did not cheat by
bringing His divine attributes into His body. He had to grow,
learn, make difficult choices and face temptation like us. But He
did not sin.
Two things are significant in Jesus being victorious over sin.
First, He knew the Scriptures. That means He knew God’s will
for Him. Second, He chose to allow the Scripture to be His
blueprint for living and He aligned His life with its truth. He
knew and He chose. Sounds simple, but we all know that it isn’t.
Choosing God’s will over our own will always be difficult in this
world, but difficult does not equate to impossible.
Through Jesus, sin’s power to control us has been broken
(Romans 6:6-7) and we are indwelled by the Holy Spirit. In the
power of the Holy Spirit, and with the knowledge of God’s Word,
we can choose to obey rather than sin.
As I have imperfectly walked this path I’ve discovered
something interesting. The more I obey, the easier it becomes to
obey. In like manner, the more I disobey, the easier it becomes to
disobey and sin. God has given His children strong tools to aid
them in defeating temptation, not the least of which is a personal
audience with Him to request His divine power to triumph over
Hebrews 4:16 encourages us to “…come boldly to the throne
of our gracious God. There we will receive His mercy, and we
will find grace to help us when we need it.” Never forget that
temptation is not only an opportunity to sin, but it’s also an
opportunity to demonstrate the righteousness of Christ through
Alpha Is Coming! Will you be there?
What is Alpha?
Anyone interested in learning more about the Christian faith.
Alpha is a place where no question is seen as too simple or
too hostile.
Who is Alpha for?
New Christians.
Newcomers to the church.
People interested in investigating Chris-
Christians who want to brush up on the
What happens at Alpha?
There is a dinner.
Then there is a video with topics like:
Who is Jesus?
Why did Jesus die?
Why and how do I pray?
Who is the Holy Spirit?
After each video there is a small group time for everyone to
discuss any questions or issues they have from the video.
When does it start?
The first session will start tomorrow, January 11. We begin
at 6:00PM in the Backdoor and finish around 8:30PM. Make
plans to join us. For more information contact Pat Anderson at
255.2122 Ex. 129.
Help to Win
°¡ |+.| °+.|':. +|| !.': ':. ':|.. '+|.
Caleb’s Cause, a citywide men’s ministry, will be starting
Freedom Groups on Thursday, January 14, 2010, 6:00 to 8:00PM
at Zion Lutheran Church and runs for 16 weeks. The vision of
Freedom Group is freeing hearts of men from the bonds of sexual
addiction through experiencing a new-found relationship with a
redeeming God while gaining more profound relationships with
family, friends and other men. Freedom Groups will be led by
our own Aaron Baugher and Rick Elgersma. Freedom Group
can be a benefit to men at all levels of sexual addictions. This is
a great opportunity for men to find freedom and victory in their
lives and a new intimacy with Jesus! Men, do not miss out on a
chance to find the healing your heart has so long desired. Start
the journey now! Zion Lutheran Church is located at 4300 Beaver
Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50310.
Please join us Monday night, January 11 for the kick-o of the Alpha
winter session. Bring a friend or family member and have them see
you get your certicate for attending the fall session! Start time is
the same – 6 pm in the Back Door. Look forward to seeing you!
First Federated Church Sunday, January 10, 2010
South Entrance
SW Entrance
South Parking Lot
North Parking Lot
W Women Restroom
Men Restroom
Have Questions?
If you have any questions, simply ask someone wearing a
name tag with “Here to Help” on it or visit the Welcome Center
in the foyer.
Guest Reception
If you are visiting with us for the first time or have just
recently started attending First Federated Church, we cordially
invite you to a reception immediately following the service (see
map for locations). We would love to have the opportunity to
meet you, get to know you better, and answer any questions you
may have.
Fill Out the Care & Communication Card
If you have never completed a Care and Communication Card,
please take a moment to do so. This allows us, as a church family,
to better know your needs and how we can serve you. The Care
and Communication Card is located inside this newspaper. Just fill
out the card completely and leave at the end of your pew, give to an
usher, or hand it in at the Guest Reception.
Thank you for taking the time to visit First Federated Church.
If you are not presently a member of a Bible teaching church, we
invite you to join our church family.
If You Have Children, Visit the Children’s
Ministry Registration Station
Trust your children to the care of our dedicated, loving
Children’s Ministry staff. Our children’s programs provide qual-
ity care and learning for kids of all ages.
If your child has not already been enrolled in our Children’s
Ministry, a quick visit to the Children’s Ministry Registration
Station will provide you with temporary security tags and give us
the information we need to effectively minister to your child.
Infants & Preschool Children
´'.'|+.: +|| |:+'.|| +.: +.+.'+'': |...|| |': °`| +|| `|+' '.. .| |': '..:.¡
+|| '.:'' ':.+.|m:||
Kindergarten–4th Grade
'...|| |': °`| '... K–4th graders |+|':. .| |': |¡m +|| |':| | | |.+|:|
'+.m |... |. °.'': ':+.|.|| +|| |.|
K–4th graders +||:|| |':.. .| +|:-+......+|: '.'|.:|’ '..'. +'':| '/
´'..'. .| .m `'. +| `|+'
Xtreme AM (5th & 6th Grade)
.. ..:|::| m::| .| |':.. .| /|.:m: .|. 'm .|'. +| °`| |. + |.m: | /|.:m:
':+.|.||. /|.:m: ..+¡:. +|| /|.:m: .:'+|.|'..-'..'|.||
Youth (Grade 7–12) & Adults
Groups for ADULTS ':|.| +| °`|AM +|| `|+'AM '|. '¡ |': ':'m:
´:||:. .. :: .|.|: ||+¡’ |:..+.:.: | ||| .| +'.| :+' | |': |... +||
'. | |:| |':.:
Our YOUTH (Grade 7–12) m::| +| °`|AM .| |': °+'|. .`+°:
Thank you for choosing to worship with us this morning!
KZ Church
The River
First Federated Church Sunday, January 10, 2010
Sunday January 10, 2010
9:10AM Celebration
10:45AM The River
Pastor Mike Rose
Title: Jesus Faced and Defeated Temptation
Series: The Jesus Our Culture Doesn’t Know
Regular Submission Deadline: ¯.:|+¡ '¡ ||
We prefer that items be submitted electronically!
¯-!+.' '¯'''|'¯'·¯..|¯:|:.+|:|.|
|'' .'m.||:| .|:m +.: .'|:| | .'m..| |..|:'.|: +|| :|.|..+' .:..:. '¡
|': '..' |+| ¯¯´ .::..: |': ..|'| | :|.| .'m..| |. ':|||'
¯..| ¯:|:.+|:| ´'..' |: || '+.m | .| +|¡ .¡..|'| .....':|: | .|:m
...||:| .| |'. |:..+.:.. .|': |':...: |+|:| |'' .|:m ..''.':| +.:
|.|:| .| || |+.|' +|| ':'.:.:| | ': |.:: |. ...'+|.| . ..''. |m+.|
Newspaper Sta:
!+|+|.|| ¯|.|. ':.:' ''|
'.|.|.| |.|.| '¡||: !'::. ':.|. ':'|
!..| ¯|.|. ¹:+| ´.+''
'.+¡:. °.'':|.| ¯|.|. ¹.'.: ':||:.
'..||.|| ´''::| °:'':¡
¯'|.||. ´.||.||. ² '.|..'.|.| '':.| ' !+.:+| ² °' '.''.||
You Are the Salt of the Earth
Jesus calls us the salt of the earth, but how can we be used?
How can we fulfill the purpose He has for us?
Join the Perspectives course
Discover what God is doing around the world
Learn how to use your skills and passions to glorify God—no
matter your location or vocation
Perspectives has been held in the Des Moines area for 3 years.
Fellowship Community Church | Norwalk, IA
Mondays | 6:15–9:15PM | January 18–May 5 |
First Federated Church Sunday, January 10, 2010
MISSION ONE Reaching others for Jesus Christ
Pat Amsden
Mission Board: Camp Appanoose
Location: Plano, Iowa
What does he do? Pat serves as Executive Director of Camp
Appanoose, overseeing and planning camp programs with
the goal of introducing young people to Jesus Christ and
challenging them for productive service. Located near
Lake Rathbun in rural Plano, the camp is both seasonal and
year-around. Since the summer of ’07 campers enjoy the
spacious facilities of an indoor gym/play area, new kitchen
and cafeteria, restroom and shower facilities.
• Camper attendance did not diminish in ’09 in spite of the
Prayer Requests:
• The camp is facing a short term deficit of nearly $20,000.
• For a volunteer to redesign the camp’s disc golf to be relo-
cated in the spring.
• Floor coverings for the new chapel, etc.
• Hockey equipment, ice skates, compound bows, paint ball
equipment, baseball backstop, 30 stackable chairs.
• Volunteers to finish fencing projects.
• A 30’x40’ storage building for tractors, etc.
• A DVD/PowerPoint projection system for the new chapel.
Alan & Helena, Infant Son
Location: Asia
What do they do? Having been expelled from their former
area of ministry, Alan and Helena arrived in their new area
in September 2009. They are part of a team made up of
three couples and a single man. They look to partner with
like-minded people in their aim to see small fellowships of
Muslim background believers gather and multiply. Alan
serves as an English language teacher. Helena helps with
business and some administration.
• Their first months have been encouraging and they sense the
Lord is working powerfully.
Prayer Requests:
• For a church planting movement starting up in the southern
part of their country.
• For opportunities to make contact with people involved in
the church planting movement.
• For the ability to share Christ as Helena and the baby meet
other mothers and women.
• For families that they’ve met to corporately seek the truth in
God’s Word.
Dan & Sylvia Rogers
Mission Board: Mission Aviation Fellowship
Location: Suriname, South America
What do they do?As a missionary pilot/mechanic Dan pro-
vides safe transportation for missionaries, Christian work-
ers, medical workers and patients in rain forest areas where
there is no other means of transportation. The Rogers
have served in Ecuador, Haiti, Honduras, and now again
in Suriname. Sylvia, a gifted musician, teaches music and
provides hospitality.
• For recent visits with family and friends.
Prayer Requests:
• For safe travel to Suriname this month; good health
amidst climate changes.
• For a steady job for son, Jonathan.
• For Dan as he serves a mechanic on SZV’s fleet and flies
some as well.
• For Sylvia to know how best to serve.
• For the team in Ecuador as they continue in transition.
• Wisdom in planning their future in Nampa, Idaho at MAF
headquarters after furlough.
Steve & Pat
Location: Asia
What do they do? Serving as Area Director, Steve searches
for open doors in a restrictive environment where many
pay a costly price for their faith. Through prayer, meeting
with national and foreign missionaries and serving in eco-
nomic development this couple seeks to reach nine minor-
ity tribal groups who do not yet contain a single believer.
Twenty-three groups have believers who are being used to
reach their neighbors.
• For the first 10,000 complete Bibles in a native language
now being printed, legally, in-country.
• Pat’s health continues to improve—riding her motorbike
for the first time in 2 years.
• For a new daughter-in-law.
• For the first-ever new believers among one minority group
during 2009.
Prayer Requests:
• For minority churches in two minority groups that
continued to grow during ’09 amid severe persecution in
the form of beatings and property confiscated. “As the
government cracks down hard on new believers in these
poor and remote areas, the results of persecution include
greater growth, both numerical and spiritual—but at a
sobering cost. Please pray for them, for us and national
partners who reach out to comfort and encourage them.”
First Federated Church Sunday, January 10, 2010
The contents of this page have been removed to protect the
privacy of those in our congregation.
Printed copies of this page can be obtained at the church.
Items found on this page include:
Pray for Those Who Grieve
Happy Birthday!
(Birthdays are listed for Federated members & missionaries)
Pray for those with Physical Needs
(In the Hospital, Upcoming Surgery/Procedures, Partial List of the Ongoing Needs of Our Members &
Regular Attenders)
Pray for Those Who Serve our Church
Our Encouragement
“For to me, to live is
Christ, and to die is gain.”
Philippians 1:21
First Federated Church Sunday, January 10, 2010
Jan 10—Sleepy Hollow 3-6PM
Jan 17—None, Family night
Jan 24—Urban Plunge
Jan 31—SMT meeting
Sleepy Hollow January 10 | 3-6PM
Come for a Hangtime at Sleepy Hollow! You can choose your
fun! You can either tube for $16 or ski for $25! Come challenge
Howie on the slopes! Parents and/or youth leaders are needed to
carpool and chaperone and are welcome to stay and ski with us!
Meet there at 5pm. (JH, SH)
Monday Night | Dodgeball 6:30–8:00PM | West Gym
Wednesday Nights 6:30–8:00PM | Backdoor
Sunday Mornings 9:10–10:25AM | Backdoor
In January
Urban Plunge Mission Trip January 22–24 | 8PM–8AM
Cost: $75 - First 25 applicants. This will be a weekend long
retreat—serving 9 ministries in the Des Moines area, ministering
to the homeless, to children & so much more! A great missions
experience that will change your life. Plus worship in an urban
church within our community on Sunday morning! We are
hoping to continue this effort each year! Be the first to experience
it! $25 Deposit due Today!
Senior High Lock-in! January 29 | 7PM–8AM
It’s a lock-in! First join us at Merle Hay Lanes for 2 games
of bowling, then come join us for a great night of food, fun, a
murder mystery, & lots of down time—plenty of games & much
more. Bring your favorite munchies and/or a 2 liter drink & we’ll
be set for an awesome night - For regular Heirborn attenders
only. (SH Only)
Cost: $8 for 2 games of bowling and shoes and whatever
munchies that you bring.
Chaperones / youth parents needed for this event
In February
JH Winter Blast Feb. 5–7
A new junior high retreat at Hidden Acres. Come be pioneers
as we check out this exciting junior high retreat experience. Meet
at The Backdoor to leave Friday night about 5PM and we wrap up
and return Sunday about 12:30 PM. There is a worship band, great
speaker, fun games, a huge gym, swimming pool, toboggan run
and more.
Cost: $78; $25 deposit due Jan. 14.
7th–12th Grades
Widow / Widower Banquet Feb. 21 | 12PM
Located in the Backdoor. Featuring music from the 50’s– 60’s
Find a Karaoke download or CD. Non-singing teens are needed
to serve tables. The Bible makes it clear to minister to orphans
and widows, so this is a perfect opportunity! See Howie for song
suggestions! Parents sing too! (JH, SH)
Look for an opportunity to take the songs we are singing to
Calvin Community as well!
Acquire the Fire Feb. 26–27
This year we are going to serve the event. Help run merch.
tables or be an usher! Housing for the workers is a need as well.
You could also potentially be a runner or VIP runner. We will
also repeat our concessions fundraiser (for our mission trip) and
will need lots of volunteers. Come serve this awesome youth
conference. FYI: We WILL attend the IGNITE conference in
March. (JH, SH) We have a need for people who are able to
provide housing for the Acquire the Fire staff. We are looking
to house approximately 30 guys and 30 gals. If you could house
a couple of staff members in your home, please contact either
Pastor Howie or Nikki in the youth office. (JH, SH)
Deacon of the Month
Phil Olson, 255.2122 ext 139
.. ':+| |+|| .:+|¡ | ':'. ..|' |': .'¡.+' |::| | |':
m:m':. +|| +||:||:. | |'. |:''.'.. ''.'| ¡. '+.: +
'.|-|:.m. :m:.|:|¡ |::|. | || ':.|+|: | +'' |': '..'
| : +|| ':+.: + m:+|: |. |': “':+| | |': !||'” ¯'.
m.|.|.¡ . m+|: ..'': '¡ ¡.. |.|| | |': ':+|’ ¯.||
Deaconess of the Month
Donna Stanger | 963.1331
.. ':+|:: +.: +.+.'+'': | |': .m:| | |': '..' .|
+.:+ | :|..+|:m:|| +|| ....|.+' ....| '| ¡. |::| +
'.|:|.|| :+. +|| m:|: | ..+¡ ..|' ¡.. .':+: +'' '||+
Financial Report
Attendance 1/3/10
°`|AM ¯.| '+'' !|| `.°
`|+'AM '..:. `.°
¯+.'¡ ´'.'|'| '.
´'.'|.:|’ ´'..' .+
Budgeted Missions
·:+. | '+|: °/`/|°–..::||
'::| °..|'.
|:..|| °..+.°
''.|+|: .°.'.°:
General Fund Oering
'+| '::'
'::''¡ '::| ``.°`.
|:..|| .'.°.°
''.|+|: .'.°.`:
·:+. | '+|: °/`/|°–..::||
'::| '.°....
|:..|| '+..°+.
''.|+|: ..`.°`+:
First Federated Church Sunday, January 10, 2010
KZ Church Sunday Mornings 10:45–12:00PM
Today in KZ Church we
learned about a surprise visit
Mary got from the angel Ga-
briel. Mary knew that nothing is
impossible if God says it. Don’t
forget to bring back this week’s
word scramble to earn Big City
Bucks next week!
Today’s Knot of the Week: It is NOT impossible if God said it.
Today’s Shout it Out: A great king was about to be born.
Wednesday Night 6:30–8:00PM
Puggles—age 2 by 9-15-09
Cubbies—preschoolers ages 3 & 4 by
Sparks—K–2nd Grade
T & T—3rd & 4th Grade
It’s great to be back on Wednesday nights! If your family
hasn’t been a part of our Wednesday Church Family Night, this
would be a good time to get started. Come join us for fun and
Bible learning each week.
Coming January 20th: Pops Night at AWANA
Parent/Child Dedication and Pre-Dedication
Parents: If your family would like to
be included in the Parent/Child Dedica-
tion on January 24, please contact
Mary in the Children’s Ministry office
(255.2122 or mtesser@firstfederated.
org) by Monday, January 11.
A pre-dedication class for parents
will be held on Sunday, January 17.
This class will explain the significance
of dedicating your child to the Lord,
provide practical parenting helps, and
offer you an opportunity to get ac-
quainted with our Children’s Ministry. If
this will be the first child you are dedicating
here at Federated, the class is a prerequisite to dedication. If you
have dedicated other children at Federated, you are encouraged to
attend. We believe you’ll benefit from the information and enjoy
the class, too.
First Federated does not baptize infants. We believe that
baptism is a step of obedience made by a person who has put
his faith and trust in Jesus Christ for salvation. Baptism is an
outward expression of what has already occurred in the life of
a believer. In Parent/Child Dedication, parents make a public
commitment to “train up a child in the way he should go,” as God
instructs in Proverbs 22:6. We give thanks for the gift of life and
ask God’s blessing upon parents and children in the hope that
someday each child will trust Jesus as Savior and Lord.
Sunday Mornings Adult Bible Fellowship (ABFs)
Once you’ve joined us in worship, our Adult Bible Fellowships are
a great next step to connect with others and grow in your faith. We
have a variety of opportunities available that include:
Sundays l 8:00–9:00AM
Women (all ages) | Room 208
Men (all ages) | Room 210
Sundays | 9:10–10:25AM
The HUB (ages 18-26) | Room 244
The Channel/Connections (ages 25–35) | Room 1254–55
Homebuilders (all ages) | Room 1250–1251
Prayer (all ages) | Room 100
Job’s Garage (all ages, men) | Room 131 (Library)
Hot coee, donuts and good conversation.
Topic: 1 Corinthians
Questions? Brian at 208-0412
Sundays | 10:45AM–Noon
Cornerstone (born in the 1950s) | Room 1240–1241
Galilean (born in the 1930s) | Room 1244–1247
Immanuel (born in the 1930s) | Room 1105
Friendly Fellowship (born in the 1920s) | Room 120
Ezra (all ages) | Room 1118
Homebuilders (all ages) | Room 1250–1251
Prayer (all ages) | Room 100
Analysis of Prophecy (all ages) | Room 1238–1239
Worship | Room 1116
Women (all ages) | Room 208
Ladies: Women in the Word
9:00–11:00AM | Rooms 100 and 131 (Library)
MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Second & fourth Tuesdays
9:00–11:00AM | Fellowship Hall
January 12 | Speaker: Mary Sigman
Men’s Basketball
January 12th| 6:30PM Bulls vs. Celtics
8:00PM Rockets vs. Lakers
For All—Prayer Community
||.|| | .`|–°||PM | 'm `.++–+. |
¯+.'.|+|. '+|. !.': ':”
Card Ministry | 1:00–4:00PM | Room 139
Men’s Prayer Meeting | Friday Mornings | 8:30–9:30AM | Room 100
HUB Bible Studies Young adult singles ages 18–26
Study of Romans
Thursday morning | 11AM | HUB Room 244
Thursday evening | 7PM | HUB Room 244
HUB Women’s Bible Study
Fridays | 6:30PM | HUB Room 244
First Federated Church Sunday, January 10, 2010
Oering Envelopes
Don’t forget to pick up your
offering envelopes for 2010 in the
auditorium foyer. If you do not
currently use numbered envelopes,
please consider doing so. Counting
and recording financial gifts is faster
and easier -- and you can save yourself the bother of writing
your name and address on the outside of an envelope. Please call
Karen or Cindi in the church office to request that a number be
assigned to you so that you’ll have a box of your own.
Stephen Ministry
Please pray as we begin training for Stephen
Ministers on January 10, 2010!
What is the meaning of the Stephen
Series logo?
The broken person behind the cross
symbolizes that we are all broken people.
The person in front of the cross shows that
it is only through the cross of Jesus that we
can be made whole.
Our sympathy is extended to Norma Harger at the death of her
brother-in-law, Bert Halley, on December 24.
Wedding Reception
Steve and Terry Daugherty are pleased to announce the
marriage of their daughter, Paula, to Lee Sherman. The couple
will be in Fellowship Hall today, from 2 to 4PM, to receive family
and friends. Please drop by at your convenience to greet the new
couple. They have returned from their honeymoon and will be
living in Chino Hills, California.
Town Hall Meeting
Sunday, January 17 | 6:00PM | Franklin Hall
Congregational Vote
Sunday Morning | January 24
Wednesday Night Meal
Fellowship Hall | 5-6:15PM
Children (age 2-12) $2 | Adults $3 | Family $10
Make reservations on the Care & Communication Card or call the
church o ce before noon on Mondays.
Jan 13: Hearty beef vegetable soup, tossed salad, biscuit, apple pie
Think Operation Christmas Child All Year!
Watch those after-Christmas sales for great
stuff to pack in your 2010 shoe box. Look
for small toys and coloring books that are on
clearance racks, as well as hats, mittens, t-
shirts, socks, washcloths and more. Tuck them
away in your own closet until you pack a shoe box next fall or
bring supplies to the church anytime. Our shoe box closet is just
waiting to be filled!
Quilting Class
What could feel better than settling in with a warm quilt
tucked around your legs, unless it could be the warm feeling in
your heart because you are making that quilt for a child who has
little or nothing.
If you would like to learn to make quilts, we have an op-
portunity to learn for free with Linda Hungerford from Lutheran
Church of Hope. This is her 20th class. Get free lessons, free
fabric and lots of free fun and maybe meet a few new friends.
All we ask is that you donate your quilt to Dulce Refugio (Sweet
Refuge) orphanage in Monterrey, Mexico.
Come to Stitchin’ Mission for five weekly classes, beginning
on Tuesday, January 12 at 6:30 in Room 118, across from the
gym. This class is not limited to people from FFC, so bring your
friends. Park in the north lot and use the NE door.
Go to to sign up or call Lois Grove 254-1141.
Your help is needed:
The next Food Pantry Sunday
will be on January 17. The following
items are needed to re-stock our
• Dry cereal
• Peanut butter
• Canned fruit
• Tomato sauce
• Ramen noodles
• Mu n mixes
• Canned pasta (like Spaghetti-o’s)
Your ongoing support of this ministry is appreciated.
Women’s Association Circle Meetings
Deborah Circle .................................................... Tuesday, January 12 | 7:00PM
Linda Revell, 10944 Hickory Dr., Clive, 224.7215
Elizabeth Circle ...............................................Thursday, January 14 | 12:30PM
Pat Harker, 5933 N. Winwood Dr., Johnston, 262.3396
Esther Circle .......................................................Thursday, January 14 | 7:00PM
Keri Roland, 1480 NW 71st Pl., Ankeny, 770.7065
Lydia Circle ..................................................... Wednesday, January 13 | 6:30PM
Room 1240/41 (Cornerstone Classroom),
for info. call Linda Hotchkiss, 264.9963
Martha Circle ...................................................Thursday, January 14 | 12:30PM
Marilyn Stine, 4115 Leonard Pl, DM, 255.4850
Ruth Circle ......................................................... Thursday, January 14 | 9:30AM
Nancy Jones, 5310 Brookview Dr., WDM, 224.9977
Sarah Circle .......................................................Thursday, January 14 | 12:30PM
Judy Lundy, 5917 Aspen Crl., Johnston, 249.5805
60 Plus
January 19, 2010 | 11:00 a.m.
Hamilton’s Funeral Home
3601 Westown Parkway
West Des Moines, IA 50265

The meal will be soup and sandwich (beef), cheddar potato
soup, fresh fruit and dessert.