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These Intense Photos of Lion-Tailed Macaques Will Turn You Into a
Summary (150 to 300 words)
The article starts talking about how difficult were to find a macaque in the past. LionTailed macaques are so shy, small and quiet, as scientist describes them. They live in
Western Ghats in India where they’re considered as the only arboreal macaque on
earth. Macaque population is hard to describe but we can say that there’re only 3500
specimens. Many reasons explain their population decreasing and some of them are
deforestation, road-building and other human encroachments, as the author says.
Likely, there are some macaques in Kerala, in southwestern India. It’s one of the
relatively intact macaque’s habitats. In his visit, the author and his guide saw a group
of animals who are eating jackfruit. At the same time, a small monkey showed its
balance into a big tree and the fruit. It’s amazing how the macaque can eat a strong
fruit. Furthermore, the author talked with a pair of photographers who mentioned the
daily routine that they had to do for following the macaques. It was a consecutive
“feeding and rest”.
Macaques live in small groups, about 15 members. When a male specimen grows up,
it should leave the group. In this transition to look for a new group, they in dangerous.
Young male macaques have been run over or eaten by tourists! Because there’re not
males specimens in the groups, researches are looking for ways to prevent inbreeding
because it causes health problems in monkeys.
Finally, many conservationist groups are working to find a solution of that problem and
support remaining macaques. One of those solutions is to create boundaries around
forests and restore habitats.

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This article is an example of animal extinction. accuracy according to cycle Total: ______ / 100 Teacher’s Feedback: This format January 2012 Idiomas Católica se reserva el derecho de utilizar el contenido de este documento para fines académicos. . However. This topic includes animals. wildlife wouldn’t have been in critical dangerous. 100 words for 300-word summaries) In my opinion. I believe everyone should take notice about our environment situation. Since recycling at home and taking care of our pets. Government and citizens should create rules for respect macaques’ environment and try to preserve the specie because if the monkeys disappear.Personal Opinion (Min. Lion-tailed macaque is a type of monkey who lived peacefully in rain forests. For Teacher’s Use Content of Summary Content of Opinion Written Expr / Lang. is important to do something for preserve our world. But we have to consider the trees as well. natural sources and their probable extinction. it could affect the food chain. deforestation and non-controlled tourism are destroying its habitat and killing the macaque population. salvaguardando la identidad del autor. 50 words for 150-word summaries | Min. plants. If government had been stricter about the penalties about illegal deforestation.