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Nepal Tunnelling Conference 2014

Development through Tunnelling

19 December 2014, Kathmandu, Nepal

Venue: Hotel Yak & Yeti, Kathmandu
Organized by:

Nepal Tunnelling Association
Nepal Tunnelling Association (NTA) is organizing first Nepal Tunnelling Conference 2014 on 19 December 2014. The main aim is to
gather all tunnel professionals and share experiences for development in Nepal through tunnelling.
Constructing tunnels and caverns in the tectonically active Himalayas is full of challenges and uncertainties. Therefore, sharing
experiences and knowledge from different underground projects is very important for the development of Hydro and Transport
Tunnels in the Nepal Himalayas.
This Conference is a great opportunity to share project experiences in Nepal regarding site investigations, design, construction
techniques, instrumentation and monitoring, back analysis of critical problems, alternate design and construction techniques, and
recent developments in the tunnelling industry.
NTA looks forward to organizing this Conference where it we can collaboratively look at advancing tunnelling and underground usage
and technology. Your participation, presentation of papers and case histories will contribute significantly to the success of this
Nepal Tunnelling Association invites all Engineers, geologists and experts involved in underground construction industry to share
experiences and participate in this Conference.

Nepal Tunnelling Conference 2014 topic covers
! Site Investigation, design and construction for tunnels/caverns
! Tunnel/cavern excavation, technology and equipment
! Case Studies: Hydro, Water supply and Transport tunnels/caverns
! Instrumentation, monitoring, equipment and safety

Dr. Harald WAGNER, ITA Special Advisor, an internationally well-recognized Consultant for Underground
Infrastructures, will going to deliver the lecture on “Conventional Tunnelling Method (CTM) & TBM
Tunnelling in the Himalayas: Achievements and Prospects.”

07 November 2014
28 November 2014
30 November 2014

Submission of Extended Abstract
Submission of Full Papers

The Conference Proceedings will be published after the Conference.

09:00 09:00 .06:25 06:25 . Water Supply and Transport Instrumentation.07:00 07:30 . Vote of thanks by Vice President NTA Site Investigation.02:15 02:15 . Tunnel Design and Constructions Tunnel excavation.06:55 06:55 . technology and equipment Project Case Studies: Hydro.000 per person for NTA Life members/students ! US$ 100 per person from other countries Payment can be made either in cash or by bank transfer to NTA: Account Name: Nepal Tunnelling Association. Krishna Kant Panthi Vote of thanks by Secretary General NTA REGISTRATION AND FEE The registration fee: ! Rs.000 per person for Organisation from Nepal ! Rs.10:10 10:10 .np Mr.11:55 11:55 . Ram Hari Sharma Nepal Tunnelling Association (NTA) Kathmandu. NRs.Dr. Nepal (IPPAN) Heritage Plaza II. Uddhav Ojha Independent Power Producers' Association. monitoring.Program Friday 19 December 2014 Time 08:15 .05:05 05:05 . 4. Subas Sunuwar Nepal Tunnelling Association (NTA) Kathmandu. Kathmandu.sharma@gmail. Tika Ram Poudel Nepal Tunnelling Association (NTA) Kathmandu. 100. equipment and Safety Dr.000 8 free registrants: display area and table 5 free registrants: display area and table 3 free registrants: display table 2 free registrants: display table Names and logos of all sponsors will be displayed prominently on Conference SPONSORS CATEGORY Main Sponsor Gold Main Sponsor 1. Nepal Phone: +977-9841391720 Email: trpaudel123@hotmail. Kamaladi. 1.10:15 10:15 .09:10 09:10 .000 per person for individuals from Nepal ! Rs.nepaltunnelling.09:30 Sessions Registration Inauguration: Keynote Lecture Vote of thanks Tea Break Session I Session II Lunch Break Session III Tea Break Session IV Closing Lecture Vote of thanks Cocktail dinner Topics Welcome speech by President NTA Message from Principle Sponsor "CTM (Conventional Tunnelling Method) & BTM Tunnelling in the Himalayas: Achievements and Prospects" .01:15 01:15 .000 AND RSVP Website: http/www. NRs. . 1. NRs. Nepal Phone: +977-9851075819 Email: ramhari. Silver Cosponsor Mr.10:35 10:35 .05:25 05:25 . Nepal Phone: +977-9851107241 Email: sunuwarsc@gmail. Harald Wagner. Nepal Phone: +977-1-4169175 Email: uddhav@ippan.09:20 09:20 . Nepal (NTA) Account Number: 17725240200370 Bank Name: Nepal SBI Bank Limited Swift Code: NSBINPKA CONTACT Mr. NRs. 200.000 Cosponsor Gold Cosponsor 2.