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Courtesies, Customs, and Ceremonies


Chester Nimitz believes following customs honors those before
We show our uniqueness through special customs and courtesies


Salute with right hand except when injured, or doing military function, then use left
Sailors must be covered soldiers and airman don’t, still salute them if uncovered
Look at the person you are saluting
Hold salute until superior puts his down
If on a phone still put phone down and salute
Still salute if you know the person but they are not in uniform
Salute the Officer of the deck
When in doubt salute
Don’t salute when clearly in appropriate i.e. a bus or movie theater

The Address
- Commanding officer of the ship is always called captian
- Officers in med/dental called doctor
Enlisted Personnel
- Petty officers can be called by their rate or “petty officer”
- USN E-1 through E-3 called seaman
- Enlisted marines called by rank E-6+ are always full rank

First flag salute – Feb 14 1778 the French Robuste saluted Jones’s Ranger
Flag is raised at 0800 and lowered at sunset
Ships at sea do don’t observe raising and lowering of colors only docked/moored ships and
shore command
Union is always hoisted on the “Jackstaff” (Bow)
Ensign is always hoisted on the “Flagstaff” (Stern)

Morning Colors

First Call to Orders – 755 can be bugle or OOD calling yellow and green pennant raised on ships
800 attention is called the National Anthem/To The colors or silence PREP pennant lowered to
At sea the flag is raised without colors at sunrise

Evening Colors

- PREP colors lower to the dip again “Retreat” is played and the colors are lowered slowly Half-Masting - Should be immediately lowered if orders say to lower it When raised/lowered go to top and then lower it to half mast Union jack is also lowered when the Ensign is lowered Shifting Colors - Switches from “jackstaff” at port to the “gaff” at sea Flags are lowered at the same time as the gaff one is raised Opposite happens when docking Shipboard Customs The Bridge - There will always be a watch in the bridge Headed by the Officer Of the Deck Not essential personal must get permission from the OOD to come on deck “Captain is on the bridge” is always called when the captain comes on deck The Quarterdeck - Essentially the “Bridge” when the ship is docked Location varies but it serves as the entry/exit point Larges ships might have multiple exits but only one is the quarterdeck Chester Nimitz - Class of 1905 One of the 4 fleet admirals Spent almost two decades in submarines Was commander in chief of the Pacific Fleet Alan Shepard - Class of 1945 First American in space Was awarded the congressional medal of honor 1971 appointed as a delegate to the 26 United nations general assembly James Carter - Class 1947 Was the 39th president .

- Won the Nobel peace prize Has published 25 books the last was white house diary James Stockdale - Class of 1947 Attended flight school and earned his wings Was shot down over Vietnam and spent 7 years in the Hanoi Hilton Mutilated his face so that he could not be shown off Has MOH only 3 star admiral to have wings and MOH Ross Perot - Class of 1953 Founded Electronic Data Systems Funded a rescue during Iran hostage crisis and saved 2 people Ran for president with Admiral Stockdale John McCain - Class Of 1958 Was a pilot in the Navy Was a prisoner of war in Vietnam Is a republican senator in Arizona Roger Staubach - Class of 1965 Won the Heisman trophy Won two superbowls with the cowboys Was elected into the football hall of fame Wendy Lawrence - Class of 1981 Has over 1500 flight hours in helicopters Taught physics in 1990 at USNA Went on 4 space missions with 1225 hours in space Michelle Howard - Class of 1982 Served on several ships including USS Lexington First African American to command a ship Is the 38 vice chief of Naval operations (first women) .

David Robinson - Class of 1987 Was college player of the year Was the first draft pick in 1987 Was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame Eric Kristensen - Class of 1995 Taught at USNA before going to Buds First assignment he was OIC for seal team 8 Was shot down in a chinook in afganistan .