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Usted tendrá acceso al parcial el día viernes 2 de julio a partir de las 9:00 hs. Recuerde que por tratarse de un parcial de lengua extranjera. Además algunos de los ejercicios incorporan un ejemplo para ayudar en la resolución. Si bien están escritas en inglés. se refieren a tipos de ejercicios que usted ya ha completado en los distintos ejes. podrá entregarlo hasta el día sábado 3 de julio a las 24:00 hs. Sea cuidadoso en cuanto a la ortografía. CORREDOR PÚBLICO Y TASADOR INGLÉS TÉCNICO SEGUNDO PARCIAL Recomendaciones para el examen      Lea atentamente las consignas. ______________________________ Firma del alumno . Una vez resuelto.MARTILLERO. Dentro de ese período usted puede enviarlo cuando lo tenga terminado. . este aspecto será tenido en cuenta.

But Base jumping is one of the extreme sports and it is very dangerous. People jump there today. . However. a 915-metre-high mountain in Yosemite.Are there people there? Turn your parachute and move away. But go to France. in the US the police put base jumpers in prison. And are there police there? 4. Some people base jump from 76-metre buildings. You have to fall well and watch the ground . but an organization with special offers and bonuses for its members. John Vincent of New Orleans jumped from a tall building in St. He went to prison for ninety days after the jump. There are some ordinary sports which almost everybody can learn. a very popular form of this extreme sport today is jumping not from the mountains in the country but from tall buildings in the cities. Phil Smith of Houston.There is one extra title. Louis. Norway or Brazil and you can jump without any problems. like snowboarding or skating. You usually open your parachute as late as possible. an American park. It started in 1981 when Phil Smith and Jean Boenisch founded the US BASE Association. Base jumping today is not just a hobby. Base jumping began at El Capitan. 1. That isn´t very high! You have to open your parachute very quickly after you jump. Read the text and match each paragraph of the text(1-6) with a title ( A-G).Reading 1. too. Do you want to become a member? It´s easy : you have to do 100 skydives and then you get a Base number. You jump off a building or a bridge with a parachute. Quickly – you don´t have much time. Up in the Air Call the police ! It´s BASE jumping. 2. They are also perhaps not very risky. 5. Just because base jumping is so dangerous. 3. The police were there when he came down. In 1978 some people jumped from the mountain with parachutes. Texas is Base 1.

1 What is Base jumping? D. 4 Which country is not good for Base jumping? Reading 2. This contract is very important because it provides solution to conflicts in case of disagreements or problems between partners. There are associations called partnerships in which two or more people decide to enter into business contributing either with their work (working partner) or with their capital (sleeping partner). How to do a good base jump? B. And because it´s dangerous. People say they do base jumping because the world is beautiful when you see it from above. He shows you his leg and tells you about it. This means that a business. About one person each year dies after a jump. In general a contract is signed specifying each person´s obligations and the amount of profits to be received. 2 Where did it all start? G. 6 Why do people like Base jumping? F.       Why does Base jumping kill so many people every year? E. In most cases partners invest equal capital. This is also called sole trader. 5 How to join the official base organization? C. is owned by only one person. get equal profits.6. for example a shop. Then he finds a building or a bridge and jumps again! A. Partnerships are also categorized as if LIMITED LIABILITY . 3. The simplest one is the sole propriertorship.which means that each partner is liable . . Base jumper Rick Harrison broke his legs on a jump. Read the text and complete the activities below. and share authority. Business Associations People transact business in different ways. in case of bankruptcy.

the stockholders lose only the money they have paid for the shares. . It is owned by stockholders who invest money in a business by buying shares.. This is also called sole trader. d.only for the money invested in the business. A corporation is another kind of business association. 1. I started school at eight o´clock yesterday. f. partners are responsible not only for the money invested in the business but also for their private assets. c. 2. 4. Find the sentences that mean: 1. meet get discover not write take not like build not paint go read I met my boyfriend on the train. If a business fails. B. 1. they can make good money. Use of English. 3. I didn't write any postcards to my friends. On the other hand. True or False. A éste también se lo llama cuentapropista. Degas didn't paint the Mona Lisa. 2. Complete the sentences with verbs from the box in the Past Simple. They hire the most efficient person they can find to manage the business. g. in case of bankruptcy for the money invested in the business. A corporation is owned by stockholders who invest money in a business by buying shares.. for his private capital FALSE An unlimited liability partner is responsible. 3. A stockholder owns part of the company proportional to the number of shares he has bought. Some partners don´t invest money in the partnership TRUE. Stockholders always sign a contract when they buy shares FALSE Stockholders don't sign a contract when they buy shares. 4. e.. Columbus discovered America. Generally stockholders do not take part in controlling the business.. Se firma un contrato que especifica las obligaciones de cada persona y la cantidad de ganancia que recibe In general a contract is signed specifying each person's obligations and the amount of profits to be received. A. Las sociedades también se pueden clasificar como de Responsabilidad Limitada o Ilimitada Partnerships are also categorized as Limited Liability or Unlimited Liability. h. If the business is profitable. An unlimited liability partner is responsible. b. It is not convenient to sign a contract because it doesn´t solve any situation FALSE It's convenient to sign a contract because it provides solution to conflicts in case of disagreements or problems between partnes. Correct the false ones. From 1985 to 1990 my sister studied engineering at Georgetown University. in case of bankruptcy.. in case of partnerships of UNLIMITED LIABILITY. Study Start a. Una sociedad anónima pertenece a los accionistas que invierten dinero comprando acciones.. My brother read three books last week. We took our dog for a long walk yesterday.

. k... e. There is one error in each sentence . 4. h.. Did he returned to England in 1980? Did he return to England in 1980?. f... I were born in Vienna I was born in Vienna. We didn´t liked the film We didn't like the film.. It was horrible! My grandfather built a small house in the village. Write 4 questions to ask your best friend about his/her plans for the summer. 1. j. We went to the cinema yesterday. 2. l. Where are you going to travel?.DNI: 14669060. I buyed some new shoes I bought some new shoes. What are you going to do there? CREAP AYACUCHO -----------MONICA ESTHER SALVADOR. Future plans. Use “going to “. a. Find it and correct it. b. My brother got a computer game for his birthday. g.. c. i. j. I had eight years old when I travelled to Italy I was eight years old when I travelled to Italy. 03/07/2010 . 2. I didn't like the film. 3.i. My sister didn´t ate breakfast yesterday My sister didn' eat breakfast yesterday. Are you going to stay a hotel?. Are you going to travel by bus or by plane?. Last night I have dinner with my friends Last night I had dinner with my friends. 3. I not saw him yesterday I didn't see him yesterday. Where you bought this sweater? Where did you buy this sweater?. Did she found a job? Did she find a job. d.