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Instructor: Dr. M.A.K Chishti
Class Timing: Sunday, 11.50 a.m to 2.30p.m

Made by: M.Rashid 23515


Yes You Can!

To provide new and quality talent to Pakistans advertisement industry and to promote our
national talent worldwide.

Do you think you have confidence to face camera?
Do you think you have skills to act?
Do you think you look good?
BUT you dont have a platform to assist you, to back you up with confidence, Then the wait is
Because TREND SETTER is here to guide, to promote and to assist all those who are passionate
and who have talent and skills to look good on screen.
TREND SETTER will be representing female models, male models, child and teen age models,
over 35s models and all the characters that can be a need of an advertisement.
TREND SETTER is coming to discover, develop and nurture raw talent and to prepare and
promote talent for inevitable stardom.

Trend Setters is a combination of different services, following are the functions which will be
performed under umbrella of TREND SETTERS.
Models Management
Models Institute.
In store Models
Commercial photography

Models Management:
Gates Of trendsetters are always open for all those who think they have got talent. We are here
to guide you and to back you with confidence.
As the names attached with trendsetters (Abid saleem and Mr.F) are among the reputable
personalities in advertisement industry, we have strong links with advertisement agencies, So
our talent squad will not have to face much problems in case of getting work.
our management par is splitted in two parts;
A) Beginners B) experience holders

to promote beginners and to kill their fear of facing camera, trend setter will provide
them with a chance of free portfolio shoot which will be conducted after a proper
appointment procedure via email and then all efforts will be made to get them work.
Once they get casted and shoot is done, then they will be paid after 15% fees deduction.

Trendsetter wont be there to get u work for one time only but we will be there to
groom you as a product of trend setters. We will keep an eye on our talent and once it
will be seen that a model has potential to grow, he/she will be suggested to join our
career management program in which it will be the responsibility of agency to look after
what kind of work is better for the model, which work should be accepted, which should

be rejected, provide suggestions relating physical appearance, dressing and etc. A

model will be signed with a three year contract i.e. 15% service charges per work and a
very nominal fees which to be paid twice a year only i.e. Rs.5000 after every 6months.

This is the service of trendsetters which will make it different from all others. We have heard of
cooking classes, we have heard of singing classes but it is never seen that a modeling agency
providing classes for models, i.e. another trend is about to be set by trend setters in near future
of grooming talent into confident personalities which can become able to face camera without
any fear and with full confidence.
A 4-month diploma will be provided in which teachings and skills will be provided in two areas;
1) how to look like? (confidence, weight control, video interviews, wardrobe selection, body
language and etc)
2) how to act like? (Script reading, ramp skills, TV presenting, stage presence, voice making and

When we talk about commercial photography by this we mean;
1) Portfolio photography:
A) New Comers

B) Experience holder.

Under portfolio photography we are about to set a new trend i.e. nothing will be
charged of those freshees who are making their debute in the field having no
So to encourage them to break the ice, but pictures will not be provided i.e. portfolio
will remain with agency to make their best to get them cast in a commercial.

On other hand for those who are experience holders and have already acted in an

advertisement or advertisements for them a full portfolio will be made against charges.
wardrobe, styling and makeup facilities will also be provided. (New comers will not be
provided with wardrobe facility but makeup will be provided)
2) Product photography:
by product photography it means that the pictures which we see on bill boards for
promotions, pictures that we see on packing and pictures that we see on websites.

Provision of models on lease to back products in stores.

Here we would like to tell how the business circle will be running and where do we stand in the
whole process.
As for example; if any ABC Co. wants to make a commercial for its product so what they will do
is that they will be contacting an advertisement agency where whole campaign will be designed
that how the ambience should be for the product, what type of characters must be inserted,
what the script should be. Once this process is over, then that advertisement agency will be in
need of talent/characters to execute their plan. There comes our role to provide them with the
talent according to their need. Once the candidates will be selected, then on the day of shoot
our pick and drop service along with models co-coordinator will take them to shooting site and
will remain with them till the shoot is over so that the work can be done smoothly and
effectively. This is how the process will be.


Fashion magazines

Business journals

Fashion programs

Conducting modeling competitions in universities

Face book page

News papers


strong contacts in market, reputable personalities, one of its kind with facility of

less awareness among people, industry is not mature yet.

no immediate competition for institute.

institute idea can be copied easily so competitors will emerge soon.



Mainly in Karachi, but our talent hunt team will be visiting Islamabad and Lahore once in
a year on a small tour of 20-25 days about which news will be spread on social media. So
interested contestants will be able to make appointment with us for their portfolios
through email.

Segment that will benefit mainly from us are those talented people who are unable to
come up in front because of lack of opportunities, fashion designers, advertisement