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Car Park

Sika at Work

No. 46.09 – November 2009

Car Park Specified Solutions
From Sika UK
Flooring: Sikafloor®
Corrosion Protection: Sika® FerroGard®
Concrete Repair: Sika® MonoTop®,
Sika® Armorcrete®, SikaCem®
Structural Strengthening: Sika® CarboDur®-System
Coating: SikaColor®, Sikagard®

Innovation & since
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making visitors feel safer and more at ease. one for each floor of the car park. Whilst offering visitors an appearance which has visually enhanced the underground car park. The excellent chemical and mechanical resistant properties of the Sika deck system made it ideal for enduring the constant trafficking of cars – ensuring the floor looks great for years to come. it was important to protect the public and the contractor’s health and wellbeing. where the 350 space ‘The Lanes’ facility has received a welcoming and flawless finish thanks to the Sikafloor® Ecoline System. 10. the floor acts as a working example of how parking areas across the UK can be brought to life. They are available in tins and economically and ecologically advantageous drums that help reduce the amount of packaging required. the system provided not only a stunning appearance. In total. Hard-wearing and economical. . With the work taking place underground. helping to minimise disruption to the client. Requirement The car park needed to be completely refurbished in order to extend the lifespan of the structure. Once finished. the Sikafloor® car park inter deck system was selected for its outstanding surface finish. reducing the risk of applicator sensitivity. level. the car park now has a safer and more welcoming atmosphere. Sika Solution Developed by Sika. matching the town’s artistic nature. the newly refurbished ‘The Lanes’ car park. Produced from next generation low allergy resin. global leader in specialist construction materials. but also created a waterproof system that ensured protection to the concrete structure. Situated in Brighton’s city centre. provides parking for thousands of visitors looking to shop and relax in the bohemian streets. The project was completed in four phases.000 m2 of the Sikafloor® system was applied by specialist contractor Volker Laser to the car park decks. Previously dark and cracked. Complete with a unique silver and black parking finish. operated by Brighton and Hove City Council. As Sikafloor® products are very low in odour. It was provided in a combination of silver and black to create a modern design. the floor now presents visitors with an attractive coloured surface that shines under the lights. The Sikafloor®-263 SL and Sikafloor®-264 systems are part of Sika’s Ecoline range of resin based flooring products.Sika Helps Brighton See Car Parks in New Light Project Desciption The typically shady and inhospitable environment of underground car parks has been radically transformed in Brighton. the Sikafloor® system was applied to the floor at a minimum thickness of 4 mm. The thickness of the Sika system enabled the creation of a smooth. The Sikafloor® system is quick and easy to apply – vital as any closure of parking spaces results in lost revenue. finish. they offered the perfect decking solution that would provide workers and car park users alike with a comfortable and safe environment whilst the refurbishment works were being carried out. they are CE marked for performance. which eliminates the need for white lines and creates easy definable spaces. This was important as the original concrete surface was uneven and cracked.

This is a flexible anti carbonation coating which was available in a range of colours to match the existing finishes to the car park. particularly to the top decks. . They now have a car park that has a much extended lifespan and is aesthetically an asset to the City. Remedial work on the parapet walls was also needed and Sikagard®-675 W provided the perfect solution. even at low temperatures (down to -20 degrees Celsius). cementitious. safe and secure car park to service the new town centre. “Cornwall Council were very pleased with the end result as the project was completed to their exact specifications well within the timescale set. micro-concrete repair system. Steve Cocker of Sika commented.Multi-Story Car Park Gets Full Sika Make-Over Sika Gives New Lease of Life to Scunthorpe Car Park Project Desciption Project Desciption A comprehensive package of Sika repair. externally bonded carbon fibre plates. even at low temperatures. and the 13. With signs of wear consistent with continued exposure to the elements and the ingress of salts. Carlton Street car park. Structural strengthening of the soffits was achieved using Sika® CarboDur®. This was solved with Sikafloor®-350 N car park deck membrane which has excellent dynamic and static crack-bridging properties. The Sika® MonoTop® concrete repair system was chosen for general repairs and SikaCem®-133 dry gunite spray was applied to larger repairs including some fire damage to soffit areas.” Requirement The car park needed to be completely refurbished in order to extend the lifespan of the structure. All soffits and columns were then protected with SikaColor®. and has excellent abrasion. Sika Solution One of the key issues to address was the flexural cracking to the concrete decks.000 square metres of car park deck were protected with the Sikafloor®-350 N car park deck waterproofing system. caused by the large span widths between support columns. Requirement The car park needed to be completely refurbished in order to extend the lifespan of the structure. Adams Consultants. coupled with the requirement to deal with increased deck loadings. There was also a requirement to re-profile one of the ramps to lower the gradient to prevent vehicles with low ground clearance from ‘bottoming out’. which is located in the centre of Truro in Cornwall with spaces for 720 spaces. Sika Solution The consulting engineers. The clients achieved their objective of providing a high quality. coating and flooring systems has been used to completely rejuvenate the Moorfield multi-storey car park. specified a fully integrated product solution from Sika Limited. To minimise downtime during the repair programme all the ramps and walkways were coated with Sikafloor®-Pronto. This was achieved with Sika®-Armocrete a flowable. a decorative anti-carbonation coating. located in the town centre of Scunthorpe has been given a new lease of life using specialist Sika materials for refurbishment and strengthening. and specialist contractors. This is a fast cure system which can be trafficked within hours of application. This specialist car park decking system is extremely hard wearing. slip and chemical resistant properties. North Lincolnshire Council decided upon a complete refurbishment of the car park. Makers UK Limited were appointed to carry out the work.

flexible polyurethane seal coat. The refurbishment works. Sika Solution Specialist Sika contractor Cemplas Waterproofing & Concrete Repairs Ltd. and carry out remedial repairs to the concrete deck and ramps.Ailing Multi-Story Car Park Revitalised by Sika Treatment Northampton Car Park Refurbished Using Sika Repair Project Desciption Project Desciption The exposed ramps and top deck of the 5 storey concrete car park leased by Ashford Borough Council were in need of renovation due to spalled concrete and failed car park deck coatings causing water ingress and a build-up of corrosive salts. a ribbon anode cathodic protection system together with the Sika® FerroGard®-903 corrosion inhibitor was used. a very tough seal coat. Sikafloor®-Pronto is a car park deck system based on polymethylmethacrylate technology comprising of a primer. Sika Services AG Corporate Business Unit Contractors Speckstrasse 22 CH-8330 Pfäffikon Switzerland Phone +41 58 436 23 64 Fax +41 58 436 23 77 www. Sika® Armorcrete® flowable micro concrete was used for the large section repairs to the ramp in conjunction with Sika’s corrosion inhibitor ‘Sika® FerroGard®’ to provide protection against future corrosion problems. Cemplas repaired the underside of the ramp which was suffering from corrosion due to water and chloride penetration. Repair Project of the Year 2006 Award and has made Mayorhold car park brighter and safer. is vapour permeable and extremely durable. water based. Repairs to all decks were carried out using Sika® Rapid Repair Mortar.sika. had shown increasing deterioration of the reinforced concrete decks. Our most current General Sales Conditions shall apply. a flexible waterproof membrane and a seal coat. chemical and UV resistance. with a very good colour stability and resistance to weathering. a durable. In addition to the remedial works undertaken. The combination of these corrosion control methods provides a cost efficient. The down time and minimal disruption to the car park was paramount to the selection criteria used by Ashford Borough Council. A complete package of repair and renovation systems from Sika was chosen in order to provide the perfect treatment with minimal disruption for the ailing multi-storey car park in Ashford Kent. with an assured future. This environmentally friendly. The finished surface is extremely durable with very good mechanical. the tough elastic waterproofing system Sikafloor®-350 N was applied to the top deck including Sikafloor®-359 N. Testing of this five level car park. an anti-carbonation decorative coating was applied to all surfaces. and Sika FerroGard®-903 corrosion inhibitor was applied. Sika Solution Due to differing extents of corrosion activity within the steel reinforcement. together with the new upgraded lighting system won the International Concrete Repair Institute. a cementitious. When considering the products to be used the fastest curing waterproof decking system Sikafloor®-Pronto was specified and installed to ensure that the car park could be reopened to shoppers as quickly as possible. protective coating prevents water ingress. Application can still be undertaken in extreme cold temperatures when the cure time is simply extended to four hours. due to chloride attack of the reinforcing steel within the structure. were appointed by Ashford Borough Council to undertake the removal of the existing coatings. In average temperature conditions Sikafloor®-Pronto can be walked on within one hour of being laid and only two hours before it achieves full cure. which was built in 1973. with spaces for 880 cars. The intermediate decks were coated with Sikafloor®261. Please consult the Product Data Sheet prior to any use and processing. fast setting mortar with high early strength. that if left untreated could lead to serious structural damage. Mayorhold multi-storey car park situated in the centre of Requirement The car park needed to be completely refurbished in order to extend the lifespan of the structure. epoxy resin intermediate decking system. has recently been refurbished using Sika concrete repair and coating systems as well as waterproofing membranes. technically driven solution. © Sika Services AG / BU Contractors / Car Park Solutions – November 2009 / CMS RB Requirement . Following repairs and preparation. Soffits and pillars were repaired using the Sika® MonoTop® concrete repair system. SikaColor®-671 W.