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OptiSeal® Products

Energized Seals and Packing Systems

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can be added. The addition of a metal spring or elastomer energizes the OptiSeal® to provide sealing at low system pressures. • Low emission requirements ® Back-Ups To prevent seal extrusion. and customizable heights. the seal becomes pressure-energized by the fluid media. This sealing combination ensures adequate sealing across the entire pressure range. or back-up ring. and media make it an ideal choice for critical service sealing. low friction seals for multiple industries. With diameters from . By using a variety of profiles and materials. allowing for maximum seal life in high temperature and high pressure applications. Constructed from stronger material. our industry-proven design formulas and standards ensure the best performance possible under the most challenging conditions. pressure. such as: Configurations • High-pressure ranges • Broad temperature requirements • Large extrusion gaps • Static and dynamic applications • Potential misalignment OptiSeal® Standard OptiFace Seal • Rough surface finishes Opti-Oilseal • API 607 FireSafe valves The basic design of the OptiSeal system consists of a U-shaped jacket made from an inert thermoplastic. The design benefits of the OptiSeal® system provide robust assemblies for the most extreme conditions. the lip profile can be customized for specific gland configurations and for service in highly abrasive environments. Profile & Type Bi-Directional Sealing Profile & Code S A B C D F G J Reciprocating Rotary Reciprocating Oscilating Rotating Static Static Cryo Oscillating High Pressure High Sealability Low Pressure Exclusion Stackable Low Friction Food Service Step Gland Available Lip Profiles <3/16” ID Can be used with .8m).040” (1mm) to 110” (2. we are able to customize design solutions to specifically address your individual applications and needs. • OptiSeal® Standard • Flanged • OptiVee • Opti-OilSeal • OptiFace Seal The OptiSeal® system’s ability to perform in extreme temperature. an anti-extrusion device. In addition to the following standard forms. At higher system pressures. Types of Back-Up Rings • Integral Back-Up Ring • OptiBack • Delta Back-Up Lip Profiles Seal characteristics such as sealability. From modeling to manufacturing. Our broad portfolio of materials used for OptiSeal® designs allows for sealing a multitude of media. and friction are affected by lip profile construction and design. from inert to highly reactive and corrosive fluids. the OptiSeal® can be configured to fit in almost any hardware.Proven Design OptiSeal® Types For over 30 years OptiSeal® systems have provided reliable. wear. the back-up ring blocks extrusion paths.

11. 13 1. 9. 13 6 7 8 Opti-Ipak® OptiSeal® w/ OptiVee® w/ Back-Up Nipple All All 1. 11. For applications with rough surface finishes. The elastomeric composite V-Ring within this assembly provides enhanced sealability for low-emission performance. The positive seal and resilience provided by the V-Ring enhancement work in tandem with the PTFE shell to ensure low friction operation. D All 5. 5. 2. 11. 12 . 2.Packing Designs OptiPak® assemblies are specifically designed for conditions requiring redundant sealing surfaces found in a broad range of applications—from high pressures. 12 13 Multi-Spring All All All 1–3. and temperature ranges to large extrusion gaps or rough surface finishes. 9. 13 1. The BL style V-Ring is made from an homogeneous elastomer for superior sealability on rough gland surfaces. 13 All 1. 11. B. as well as valve stems on high-pressure valves and chokes. 13 9 OptiVee® All 10 11 12 Flat Band Food Service Integral Coil Spring Filled Back-Up A. 13 1. from firesafe valves to geothermal assemblies and rotating swivel joints. 11–13 11. D 1. Preferred Do Not Use 1 OptiSeal® 2 OptiFace 3 Flanged OptiSeal® 4 Opti-OilSeal 5 Pakring All B All B. 11. a BL style V-Ring may be added to the OptiPak®.8° C) thermal limit of the graphite seal maximizes its functionality. such as those found in steam systems. 4. 9–13 10–12 1. 10. 12. High-Temperature OptiPak® System Rough Surface OptiPak® System This composite assembly enables the OptiPak® system to function optimally in environments with extreme temperatures. a flexible graphite female replaces the thermoplastic PEEK female. 10. 5–9 1. The 1100°F (537. A variation of the standard system. 5. 10. 3–5. 11. 13 1–3. 9. this configuration boasts a robust non-elastomeric design for use in liquid and gas applications. Standard OptiPak® System Low-Emission OptiPak® System Tested and qualified by customers to meet API-6A-PR2 standards. making it suitable for a broad range of applications.

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