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Primal Futurism



Cinema is a frame in which the world is distilled; sharpened into a concentrated reality. The film genres of
a century of cinema evoke many moods, all of them different, all of them poetic and sensual. Light and
colour trigger nostalgic memories that inform palettes and textures. The grain and quality of classic film
stock inspires tactile surfaces and vintage treatments.

From cinema to TV, and PC to hand-held device, the moving image has shifted from a night’s
entertainment to an indispensible stream of information. The seductive quality of movies means
designers have started making films instead of catwalk shows, while publishers produce films instead of
"No other medium is pushing the boundaries of creativity like video." Nancy Spector, chief curator,
Guggenheim Foundation, June 2010

Research & Reference

Creatives are more confident about pushing style for its own sake. A developed and intricate sense of
style has replaced grand concepts within design - it has become the new substance.


I Am Love directed by Luca Guadagnino, 2009

Experimental singer and
performer Janelle Monáe
recently launched her second in
a series of concept albums The
ArchAndroid,in which she
performs as her android alterego. She plans to shoot a video
for each genre-muddling song
which together will make up a
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is the latest release in a recent revival of the Italian giallo genre. violence. launching later this year. are laden with references from sci-fi and early musical film. His intentionally over-stylised project sees Raf Simons at Jil Sander collaborate with actress Tilda Swinton to create a wardrobe reflecting the subtleties of protagonist Emma Recchi. balancing specific pieces such as the historical Zhongshan suit with global style influences from 80s western capitalist culture. these modernday Chinese have a very particular look. Composed of fragmented shots of eyes. This style exploration mixes precommunist photographs of their families. the focus is sensory overload and stylisation. Chalkley immortalises their look and attitude on celluloid. as well as launching a graphic novel for the album. Giallo Source: As seen at stylites. colourinfused works of suspense.Character coding I Am Love is a film in which the style-over-substance approach references the cosmetic facade of a Milanese dynasty. Intrigued by their extreme purism within our multireferencing culture. Quoted images Like the Mods. sexuality and fashion. . The technique is consciously employed by director Luca Guadagnino in everything from the cinematography to the clothes worn by the central characters. these films promote sensation over plot. Her cinematic fantasies. shadows and gestures. Amer. having a UK revival in the 70s and a Southern Californian revival in the 80s. complete film. lights. The New Faces is a series of photographs by Dean Chalkley of a group of young Mods encountered at the Boogaloo pub in London. ©WGSN 2014 New purists The Mod subculture makes a contemporary return after emerging in the 60s. blogs. their sharp dressing and dance skills. global style icons and Chinese old-world elegance. Giallo films are operatic. see-sawing between retro and futuristic. Popular in the 60s and 70s.

Imagery captured on film triggers memories of summers past. chillwave or glo-fi is a new genre of laidback synth-pop. a beachy summer sound with a bright but faded aesthetic. It has been described as “a sonic shoulder shrug. languorous and musical. is one of the leading lights of the chillwave movement with a hazy summer sound and look. the hottest travel destination of the day. just a few of which were published in the magazine. It is lo-fi and hazy.” Washed Out. Heavily influenced by veteran surf bands such as The Beach Boys. Neo-languid Album artwork by Grant David Keyes for Life of Leisure by Washed Out. Source: Robert Doisneau: Palm Springs 1960 (ISBN: 9782080301291) Blazing In 1960 photographer Robert Doisneau was invited by Fortune to cover Palm Springs. Ace Hotel Palm Springs Pastel ©WGSN 2014 . The complete set has been rediscovered in his archives and the best are featured in the book Robert Doisneau: Palm Springs 1960.ICONS OF SUMMER LIGHT Specific textures and light in film denote different eras and atmospheres. the stage name of musician Ernest Greene. 2009 Washed out Another branch of the surf-pop movement hails from the shores of California with a distinctly Fauvist feel. He took hundreds of photographs. be inspired by light explorations rather than specific locations. while visually disrupting this nostalgia through contemporary colour overlays. artists such as Best Coast have a sound harking back to retro California. When thinking about the summer. Coined last summer.

the trailer follows private eye Doc Sportello through Pynchon’s paranoid LA fog. Set in a Howard Johnson’s building from 1966. Since then. Part noir. For style-based industries this leads to an interactive.directs this extended commercial entitled Lady Blue Watch and buy One of the most innovative recent technologies takes consumers from inspiring vision on film through to online checkout. For more inspiration. famous for his haunting work such as Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks. sensual connection with consumers. Inherent Vice. see the film Palm Springs Weekend (1963). it recreates a 60s motel style and atmosphere. THE MOVING IMAGE An increasing cinematic influence in fashion communication. Gong Tao and of course the Lady Dior handbag. specifically for the “creative class”. Source: As seen at dazeddigital. Art-directed by John Galliano. part psychedelic romp. the film is suprisingly lo-fi but as strange as you might expect from Lynch. Featuring furniture from thrift stores and a special Levi Strauss 501 suite. The most recent Thomas Pynchon novel. The director. which also stars Marion Cotillard. was published in 2009 along with a promotional film trailer.The pioneering hipster hotel chain Ace reinvents the desert hotel with the Palm Springs project. The viewer can pause fashion films ©WGSN 2014 . the popularity of book trailers has hugely increased and this year the Moby Awards were established in honor of the new genre. Dazed Digital has debuted this revolutionary technology by Pokeware. Fashion film Book film Dior continues its cinematographic fashion campaign with David Lynch. the design prioritises style and visual referencing. combined with advances in the digital world open up new possibilities in marketing and advertising built around the moving image.

commercial world. as do model test cards and runway invitations. This translates a creative vision into an accessible. The moving street shot YouTube art Street shot obsession evolves into moving images. Source: Dead Eagle Trail by Jane Hilton (ISBN: 9789053307175) Retro future ©WGSN 2014 Source: As seen at theimpossiblecool.tumblr. The Play Biennial website says that "no other medium is pushing the boundaries of creativity like video". get further information and buy the product. Consider treatments that play with texture. these new-generation images have a broad-reaching impact and are often well edited with a soundtrack and a strong aesthetic direction. capture the cinematic imagery and the storyline in a single frame. FREEZE FRAME Be inspired by the legacy of decades of film production. Guggenheim embraces the web with YouTube Play . accessibility is key to how the public engages with art. Circulated by see clothing credits. colour and light. New York’s Guggenheim Museum is launching a biennial of creative video hosted via YouTube. and identifies a "paradigm shift". In the age of the portable device.

Hilton’s subjects are photographed within their personal environments. A Conversation On Cool. over-saturation and discoloured images. This is an empathetic portrayal of an American hero today. Framed lifestyles Dead Eagle Trail sees Jane Hilton document and explore one of the archetypes of American culture and history. Ellen by Alex Prager. She says: “I’m documenting a world that exists and doesn’t exist at the same time… the illusion they’ve created is so constant that it became more real to them than the world they actually live in. The buildings they were shown in can influence a new generation of visual merchandisers.sees a cinematic approach where every woman is cast as a motion-picture heroine. ©WGSN 2014 The icons Sean Sullivan’s The Impossible Cool is a website that attempts to capture the aesthetic values of classic film stills and screen icons. architects and designers using nostalgic graphics and architecture of the great cinematic age. He asks “What is cool and where has it gone?” The website is an open-ended image collection and study of the notion of cool. which is more mystique than tangible. surrounded by their artefacts and memorabilia.where people can contribute and help define the aesthetic and attitude of “cool”. Look out for box-office signage for VM and print typography in cafes and boutiques. Characterised by vignettes.” It’s not only old movies that inspire. 2010 Cinema signs reach new audiences Character Box-office font Photographer Alex Prager’s latest series. digital photography has never looked so analogue. film. Citing David Lynch films as an influence.Hipstamatic by Synthetic Corp is a fun camera app that transforms an iPhone into a small retro toy camera. Unlike previous expositions of the American West. The app brings back the feel of old-school photography with the ability to swap lenses. Week-End. her portraits seem to come from an imaginary movie. the cowboy. blurring. Sullivan has started another site. . and flash settings with the swipe of a finger.