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Measure. Learn.


Students can hone their skills in the areas of aptitude.25 billion.EPracto With a current manpower of approximately 1. other than entertaining? How can you improve your students’ performance in placement tests? Do you want to share your students’ performance report with companies? Frequent Assessments No one is born perfect. giving them the much needed edge to grab any opportunity that comes their way. technical and attitude modularization. Regular practice via mock tests is essential for students to crack competitive tests which are an integral part of gaining employment. it is ironic that India suffers from dearth of talent. The test includes a plethora of questions which have been used by various corporates on aptitude. Irrespective of skill level of the student. Do you know how strong your students’ verbal skills are? Do you want to compare your current batch’s performance with previous batches? Do you know if an external training vendor delivered the content effectively. but regular practice can transform a layman into an expert. All the hands on practice will make the students ready for campus recruitment tests and any other competitive exams. Regular practice sessions will help students sharpen their overall performance and increase job competency. 2 . practice tests also helps students get accustomed to dealing with the high stress that comes with the exams and reduce their anxiety Formac’s EPracto is an online skill enhancement software developed exclusively for the colleges to improve students’ skills and preparation for employment via practice. verbal and various domains. Professors can assess where their students stand in terms of their technical abilities and focus on the areas they have to improve. The competitive higher education system with the vast curriculum leaves little space for innovations and practical applications. As a result many educated and talented engineering graduates don’t possess the right skills and expertise to qualify for job interviews and their performance is affected. • An effective learning system comprises of 30% of a teacher’s efforts and 70% of practice by students • Students’ performance improve by over 80% after practice tests • In addition to improving on skills. verbal. The tool comes with numerous customizable features which will address all the requirements of college management in terms of improving their students’ skill sets. stimulating deliberate practice will definitely improve performance.

engineering mechanics. testing. time etc.Thorough assessment with huge question database spanning over various domains – No repeat questions. communication etc. database. verbal analogy. permutation and combination.) 80000 & questions in Verbal (Sentence correction. statistics. etc. vocabulary. subjects. problem solving and critical thinking. networking. sentence formation. 2D geometry. visualization. to accommodate various requirements of colleges • Company specific patterns help students familiarize themselves with the usual test pattern adopted by the company Artificial Intelligence testing: EPracto comes with an in-built AI software which identifies the areas students are weak at and focuses on those areas in future tests till the students pick up on it! 3 . design and production techniques) Customized testing platform • The tests can be easily customized across patterns. 3D geometry. ever! EPracto’s detailed test pattern assess the student thoroughly on a vast varierty of topics 1Lakh & questions in Aptitude (Quantitative aptitude.) 75000 & questions in various technical domains (Stream specific assessment on topics like development.

• Comprehensive reports under different variables . Professors can make quick decisions regarding the skill set of their students with on-spot evaluation and explanation. batch wise performance. and alerts the admins if anything is out of place and admins can look into the situation and take a call. idle time. etc and admins have the power to pause/stop. enabling them to deal with any issues like system errors. group performance. power failures. follow the answering trend. etc • Identify the strengths and areas of improvement of their students • Frame the next course of action for students and map future industry roles for them Detailed explanatory answers Tests also come with detailed explanation on both correct and incorrect answers helping students understand why they were right or where they went wrong. etc. Multi-dimensional Reporting: EPracto tests produces multi-dimensional reports using which professors or management can customize and extract any kind of data required by them to suit their specific needs. idle time. restart or re-schedule the tests anytime.individual student performance. 4 . etc. department wise performance. time taken to answer questions.Real-time monitoring Tests can be monitored in real-time to check progress of the tests. Anti-Malpractice Support System The is zero chance of malpractice with our in-built system constantly analyzing the answering patterns of students.

how they can improve. their individual reports. Offline: EPracto software can be installed on the college intranet server and admin/students can log in and access information using the college intranet. reporting etc. Go Green with EPracto EPracto online practice tests eliminates the need of paper tests and the other costs associated with it like time spent on invigilation. • Contains all the required information . Tests can be taken anywhere and reports can be generated by admin and students from any computer with an internet connection facilitating ease of use. evaluation. key strength areas. EPracto software cost lesser than 10 mock tests on paper! 5 . Online: Tests are online and data is stored securely in a cloud server which can be accessed from anywhere.Student profiles Individual student profiles which can be assessed by student log-ins to check for test results. upcoming assessments and other info from the admin.both personal & academics for a quick snapshot • All students’ profile goes under rigorous data check for correctness and admin shall have full control over the profile Online and Offline model: Management can choose to opt for either online or offline or model of the software depending upon their college and system requirements. Data can still be backed up in our cloud server when required and internet would be required to access the tests and reports.

Mercedes Benz R&D 24.Infosys 22.from finding the right education to building a prosperous career with our suite of products and services.Flipkart 18. Bangalore – 560 066 Karnataka contact@formaccorp.HP 19.Informatica 21.Samsung 27.Microland 25.CSS Corp 17.iGATE 20.Atos 15. Formac Software Services is a subsidiary of Formac Inc.Accrete Globus 8. Few of our clients 1. (USA) which was founded in February 2008 with an aim to transform the user experience .SAP 26.CISCO 16.Tech Mahindra 29.Sonata Software 28.Robert Bosch 4.About Formac Formac is an IT consulting and software development company who have recently forayed into Indian industry.Acropetal 12.Accenture Tel: +1 510-379-9024 Sales: 1800 102 8860 Support: 080 45110000 www.Global Edge 6 .formacorp.Whitefield.SWAAS 6.SLK Software 30.SRM Technologies 7. CA – 94538 support@formacinc.Amazon 14.Genysis 10.L&T Infotech Tel: 1800 102 8860 USA 3340 Walnut Avenue Ste #256 Fremont.Alltance Global 13.Ariant 9.Symphony Teleca APAC HQ GLOBAL HQ INDIA Agni Block Salarpuria G R Tech Park ITPL Main Road.American Megatrends 3.Quinnox 5. Formac empowers the educational institutions to produce high quality professionals and enables the industry to identify and recruit the right talent by developing and offering innovative solutions and software.