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I don't really have one of those Fancy stories that Brother Allan usually gives at the beginning of the

devotion. On this note I pray that Faith will be counted for a story. And when this kind of Faith begins,
and continues to work in you, there are always results. I guess that's it for the big intro, now the
1. The reward of works:
According to Romans 4:4; there is a reward that is attached to works, and according to that selfsame
scripture, this reward is reckoned of debt. For instance when you pray, fast, give from the place of
knowing that there is something that ought to come out of your works, the reward you get will be more
like a debt payment.
That's why you see it is almost fine for you to place a demand depending on your works: but then there
is a problem with that! Well what's the problem you may ask? With works, you see, your reward is only
limited to how much effort you put in. When you do good, you get good and when you do bad, you get
bad that's the idea. And even the good you get is only limited to how big your good input is!
Eventually you learn that by your own works, you can never be able to live in overflow. You may have
a lot to show for your works, but in fact there are things you will not be able to access, because your
works limit you.
2. The Supply of Grace:
When you take a close look at the life of Abraham, you will see the guy getting things that he didn't
deserve, and certainly did not work for.
Take an example of his encounter with Abimelech (Genesis 20:2 ). If Abraham were to be “justly”
rewarded for his works, he would have not received all he received. Think about it, he lies about his
wife, just so he could save his back. Yet God comes to Abimelech in the night and literally tells him:
“you are a dead man”, you see in carnal understanding that would have been Abraham's 'message' – he
was the one causing Abimelech to offend after all.
The only requirement for this to be rectified was for Abimelech to restore the man's wife, that would
have done the trick. But Abimelech did much more, such that Abraham was richer when he left that
land, than when he came into it (after in fact lying about his wife). Grace does indeed supply to the
overflow even when we don't deserve!
3. Faith is counted:
In Romans 4:5; the apostle Paul points out that to him that works not, but believes on him that justifies
the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness. The idea of Romans 4:4 -5 is that you've got to be
on one of two sides, you are either working for it, or believing for it. When you work your reward is
debt payment and as we learnt that limits you.
On the other hand, in accordance to verse 5, when you believe on God your Faith is counted, and that
my friends is what taps into God's overflow. The gift of Faith that God has placed into your spirit my
friend will tap into places that works will not. You see because Faith always works, it abides for ever.
And as on minister would say, “if it didn't work, then it was not faith”
As the apostle Paul noted to the Ephesians, “by Grace we are saved through Faith”, and in another

portion to the Colossians, “as you relieved Christ the Lord, so walk ye in Him.” Now Christ was/is
received by Grace through Faith, so our walk in Him, must be by Grace through Faith.

4. What Faith?
As we saw yesterday, you are either believing God or working for it. You see the men that get the
Gospel wrong are the ones that get only one side of it: “You don't have to work for it.” so they might as
well go home and sleep. But you see the scripture says, He that works not, but believes on Him that
justifies the ungodly..... this is how you receive the abundance of Grace, you believe on the God who
justifies the ungodly.
You believe that He deals well with you regardless of your performances. You believe that He prospers,
blesses, increases, protects, heals, delivers you regardless of what you do or don't do. If you are not
going to work for it and yet not believe the God who justifies the ungodly, then you are only limiting
results. To him that works not, but believes... let this my friend ring in your ears.
That is how Grace works my Friends – through Faith and Faith alone. Grace replaces works with faith
so that you are not boasting in yourself, but in all that God has done for you!
5. What Faith II?
The kind of Faith that Paul is speaking of in Romans 4:5, the Faith that works, is the Faith that believes
on the God who justifies the ungodly. That Faith that believes that it has nothing to do with what you
do, but everything to do with what God has done through Christ. This is the Faith that causes us to live.
The revealed righteousness of God, springs from this Faith, into more Faith. This is the Faith that
moves mountains, uproots trees, stops Lions, Raises the dead, etc. - without ever failing. You see you
can believe God to do something based on your works. You can believe God, with your many prayers,
fastings, church goings, givings, tithings and all as a basis for your faith, but that's not the kind of Faith
Paul is talking about. That one can fail. One day a sick guy may not be healed, because you didn't pray,
fast or Or even because you watched a movie!!! It in fact is NOT the kind of Faith the just live by.
The kind of Faith that the just live by is the one that confesses; “It has absolutely nothing to do with
me. I may have not prayed, fasted, tithed, given enough. But thanks be to God, because He justifies the
ungodly. He is not blessing me because of what I can do, but what only He has done through Christ.”
Now that is the Faith we live by. Believe the God who justifies the ungodly today. Hallelujah