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Winston Churchill High School

Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
12049 Blanco Road
San Antonio, Texas 78216-2499
Letter of Recommendation for Jose Huergo
To the Reviewers of Applications at RotoBaller.
I am a Veteran of the United States Army and the senior Army instructor for the nationally recognized Winston
Churchill High School Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC), in San Antonio, Texas. I have spent the last 25
years serving in the military and running JROTC programs. Among the greatest honors in my career, as a Soldier
and a teacher, is the privilege I have had of serving with remarkably talented men and women. One such
individual is Jose Huergo, a senior and aspiring junior leader, from the Winston Churchill High School Junior
Reserve Officer Training Corps.
Jose is among the most talented students I have had in four years as a secondary teacher and JROTC instructor.
Now in his fourth year in JROTC, Jose has excelled in each of the increasingly demanding leadership positions he
has been assigned. In addition to his exemplary performance serving in command and executive staff positions
within this program, he has achieved at the highest levels in a number of our extracurricular teams-including
leading last year’s Academic team to the national finals.
He is ranked among the top 5% of the 2014-2015 class and is slated to graduate Summa Cum Laude with honors in
June, 2015. In addition to his outstanding performance as a student Jose is a tough competitor. Overcoming
adversity and adapting to demanding situations are among his core strengths and characteristic of his leadership
style. When faced with adversity, loss, or seemingly impossible tasks, Jose always rises to the occasion. He eagerly
faces each challenge with the optimism, confidence, and humility. Despite the pressures and challenges associated
with being a student leader in a high school environment he always rises to the occasion and surpasses all
I know Jose and his family well. There are no personal circumstances I am aware of that should negatively
influence your decision. My military career included many overseas assignments, including numerous tours of
combat in the Middle East and Central America. I have served with and learned from many talented and dedicated
individuals. My evaluation of his character, academic ability, and leadership acumen is informed by these
experiences. I offer my highest recommendation in support of Jose’s goal of earning admittance to your esteemed
university. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this letter of recommendation please contact me
directly at 580.583.6817 or e-mail
Richard L. “Monty” Gonzales
Richard L. “Monty” Gonzales
Chief Warrant Officer 4 (Retired), U.S. Army
Senior Army Instructor (SAI)
Winston Churchill High School