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CommScope® Distributed

Coverage and Capacity
Deploy anywhere. Cover everywhere.

serving 2. indoors and out. That ever-increasing demand for coverage and capacity presents complex challenges to wireless providers. linking Dover. The longest railway bridge on earth Spanning 16 km of ocean.commscope. The first multi-operator Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Denver International Airport and CommScope offer the first multi-operator cellular DAS with operational radio. We specialize in integrated end-to-end solutions that deliver reliable wireless coverage virtually anywhere— in vast stadiums and tall buildings. Wireless users today expect the ability to place calls and access data everywhere. Fortunately. France. we’ve built distributed antenna systems (DAS) in dozens of the world’s most demanding locations. Since 1988. 2 www. CommScope as a global partner: More than 75 years of experience that make a WORLD of difference. Denmark’s Great Belt Link employs CommScope’s heterodyne bi-directional amplifier technology. there is a simple answer: Distributed Coverage and Capacity Solutions (DCCS) from CommScope. transportation operators and enterprise owners. One of the world’s busiest metros CommScope delivers the first multi-operator cellular/paging DAS in the Hong Kong underground metro. all the time. And if you need a solution that will answer today’s coverage demands while helping you prepare for the future—all at a low total cost of ownership— CommScope is the right choice. .com [1988-1994] [1995-1999] The longest undersea tunnel CommScope’s RADIAX-based communication makes construction of the Chunnel possible.Expanding the frontiers of the wireless world.5 million riders daily. dense urban areas and even deep underground. England and Calais.

and why we’re the right choice for your project. Unlike other suppliers. quality of service and energy efficiency. Integrated. you get far more than a patchwork of components and cables. www. nine-city global event For the 2010 FIFA World Cup.Intelligent. maintenance costs. Efficient. You get an integrated. and reduce overall cost. connecting athletes from 199 nations. Our proven record of innovation and decades of experience are key reasons why CommScope is a trusted partner of wireless service providers and enterprises around the world. but also energy use. where 250 km/h trains will speed below the Alps starting in 2016. use less energy. the world’s tallest building. The world’s most-watched event The nine stadiums of the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany – and the metro system – are covered by custom solutions by CommScope DAS. We build integrated solutions using CommScope components that are engineered to work together seamlessly. That leads to more flexible deployments that save space. Madison Square Garden in New York. who use components from multiple manufacturers. CommScope is a true single-source provider. We solve them in the most effective and efficient way 3 . the world’s tallest building in Dubai. single-source system that’s built from the ground up to deliver outstanding reliability. We don’t simply solve your coverage and capacity challenges. CommScope DAS covers 30 buildings and venues. as well as hotels. Australia. CommScope systems have proven their reliability in premier venues like the 2010 World Cup Stadium in South Africa. and the World’s Most Famous Arena. The biggest game of the year CommScope upgrades Dallas Cowboys Stadium’s network to high-performance LTE in time for the 2011 Super Bowl. [2000-2006] [2007-2010] [2011-present] The greatest assembly of athletes At the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. The most famous venue in America CommScope DAS designs and deploys state-of-the-art consumer and emergency services coverage for Madison Square Garden in New York City. The difference is evident in our results. malls and everywhere the fans want to be. the Burj Khalifa. The longest tunnel in the world CommScope delivers a unique DAS solution for the 57 kilometers of the Gotthard base tunnel. The tallest building ever constructed CommScope delivers multi-operator DAS solutions for the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. CommScope connects stadiums in nine cities. A ten-stadium. When you choose a distributed antenna system built by CommScope. applying unique expertise and intelligent technology to build solutions that address your business needs—not just connectivity. and long-term adaptability.

plus airport operations and police communications. As the leading manufacturer of DAS equipment. . future-proof DAS that handles tens of millions of connections each year. Innovative engineering. with over 19 million combined square feet of floor space. UMTS and Tetra.Advanced CommScope technology: Top-level performance. the world’s longest automatic train connecting Terminal 3 to Terminal 1. And the knowledge and experience to answer virtually any wireless coverage and capacity need. featuring distributed intelligence that will allow system components to integrate and interoperate like never before. including GSM900/1800. reducing hardware and installation costs while also saving energy. It all adds up to the highest possible quality of service. we are developing the next generation of DAS technology. 4 www. space-saving footprint. Looking to the future. and the building lacks sufficient vertical risers for wireless infrastructure. at the lowest total cost of ownership. As a result. concourse and parking lot are all underground. Each of our products is designed and built with an eye toward integration. Our solutions are flexible and energy efficient. No ordinary DAS could provide coverage for that many wireless users in so large a space. the main terminal. the first to use heat pipe technology for active thermal management in high-power optical DAS repeaters. smarter. with total integration that streamlines installation. Concourse 2 / Terminal 3 at the Dubai Airport is the world’s second-largest building*. and simply work—cleaner. and more efficient. • Our solution supports up to three commercial wireless operators. To meet the challenge. CommScope sets the worldwide industry standard in DAS technology—literally. • We also extended GSM and UMTS coverage into the Dubai Metro Red Line. we’ll be there at every step. all within a compact. Many of our technological advances have been adopted industry-wide. And as wireless demand continues to evolve. our experts developed an active solution using some of our most advanced technology. CommScope was the first to develop an off-air repeater solution with integrated interference cancellation. with leading-edge technology and reliable solutions that work simply. high-capacity cells for all wireless services.commscope. we implemented our system while the concourse and terminal buildings were still under construction. serving over 40 million travelers annually. *By floor space. Bottom-line value. our end-to-end solutions require fewer components and less installation space. • To ensure seamless integration and prepare for future • We deployed a fiber-optic distribution system to provide large. Success Story: Piloting connections and coverage at Dubai Airport At 11 stories tall. Complicating matters. The result: a virtually invisible. simplifies maintenance and minimizes costs. multi-band/multi-operator optical DAS platform. Leading-edge products. Our relentless focus on innovation shapes everything we do. and the first to build a fully integrated.

capacity •  IONTM-B/IONTM-M/IONTM-U Optical DAS •  Expandability •  Shared infrastructure •  Centralized network management system •  Cell-MaxTM Indoor Antennas & Passive Devices •  RF & Fiber Cables •  Public safety Railways/ Metros •  Upgradeability •  RADIAX® Cables •  Centralized network management system •  Node X Series Repeaters •  Limited site access and space •  ION-B/ION-M/ION-U Optical DAS •  High reliability and redundancy •  Public safety •  Node AM In-train Repeaters •  Cell-Max Indoor Antennas & Passive Devices •  RF & Fiber Cables Sports Complexes •  High traffic profile. capacity •  ION-B/ION-M/ION-U Optical DAS •  Shared infrastructure •  Cell-Max Indoor Antennas & Passive Devices •  Centralized network management system •  RF & Fiber Cables •  Limited space and antenna locations •  Visual aesthetics •  Public safety Office Buildings/ Campuses/ Government/ Municipalities •  High QoS. high traffic profile •  miniRepeaters •  Outdoor interference control •  Node A Digital Off-air Repeaters •  Low visual impact •  ION-B/ION-M/ION-U Optical DAS •  Shared infrastructure •  Cell-Max Indoor Antennas & Passive Devices •  Public safety Healthcare •  No interference with medical equipment •  Prevent coverage from sensitive areas •  Shared infrastructure •  RF & Fiber Cables •  ION-B/ION-M/ION-U Optical DAS •  Cell-Max Indoor Antennas & Passive Devices •  RF & Fiber Cables •  Public safety Outdoor DAS •  High power •  Shared infrastructure •  Centralized network management system •  ION-M Optical DAS •  BSA Antennas •  RF & Fiber Cables •  Public safety www.Diverse 5 . Application Venue Airports Requirements CommScope Solution •  High traffic profile. One CommScope. Unique challenges.

and performance verification and testing. For many smaller venues. we know that every venue is different. At CommScope. Dallas Cowboys Stadium played host to a massive influx of • A robust Wi-Fi backbone • Support for five commercial wireless carriers. • Network activation. Success Story: Connecting 100. • RF survey to gauge interference and signal propagation. and it was the perfect storm of wireless demand. • Expert installation of all components.commscope. Whether delivered in-house or through our BusinessPartners. equipment locations and potential impairments. we’re so confident in the quality of our services that we warranty all our work. CommScope had implemented the stadium’s existing DAS before it first opened in 2008. and emergency response agencies. Support: • On-site operations and maintenance.000 fans for one extraordinary day—and beyond To augment the stadium’s existing CommScope system. • Structured cable and wireless tie-ins supporting multiple services and applications Fortunately. About CommScope BusinessPartners CommScope offers extensive capabilities. • Detailed system design. Add in the routine stadium communications. fire and federal agency services • Game-day communications capabilities • Enhanced LTE capacity to meet increased demand • Ongoing remote monitoring and maintenance . • Facilitation of jurisdictional approvals and authorizations from wireless service providers and public safety authorities. we were ready with a simple. cost-effective upgrade path that helped ensure an all-pro performance. validated with a pre-construction survey to finalize cable routing and equipment locations. media.Our comprehensive. both directly and through our CommScope BusinessPartners. BusinessPartners are critical problem-solvers who leverage CommScope technology to deliver real-world solutions that make a difference in your business. 6 www. with unique challenges and priorities. • Telephone support. So when stadium operators needed to prepare for the big game. we delivered: As the site of the 2010 Super Bowl. So we provide personalized support and management through every phase. including floor plans. commissioning. • Preliminary design and statement of work outlining the project requirements and specifics. and final system checks to ensure a successful launch. • Connection to wireless operator base station. plus special police. employing a multi-step process that accounts for every variable: Pre-Construction: Construction: • Complete site survey. consultative approach ensures success every time.

it will be the world’s longest rail tunnel. and all frequency bands for GSM900. Our network will also enable communications for train operations. passengers on those trains will enjoy reliable wireless connectivity for both calls and data. And with more DAS deployments to our credit than any other provider. • An extensive GSM-R system with multiple hardware and system redundancies. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled commitment to our customers. Because our systems are built using only CommScope technology. with two bores running 57 kilometers between Switzerland and Italy. When you choose CommScope. www. DSC 1800 and UMTS commercial wireless technologies. providing 99. But if problems arise. you’re not just choosing an ordinary vendor.End-to-end service and support centered around your network needs. including operational frequency bands for Tetra/ Tetra Pol. You’re choosing a partner that is just as invested in the future of your network as you are. a dedicated support team will help you get back to business as quickly as possible. operating and future upgrade costs. • Support for multiple services. too. The tunnel will allow trains to pass beneath the Alps at speeds up to 250 kph. our mission is to build long-term relationships with our customers and cultivate consultative partnerships that provide creative. No matter the size.commscope. visit www.999% communications reliability. To learn more about CommScope Distributed Coverage and Capacity Solutions. CommScope is providing: • A custom DAS capable of seamless. high-speed handoffs of wireless in one of the world’s most challenging underground environments. And thanks to CommScope. shape or scale of your venue. we have the expertise and resources to make your project a success. And that makes all the difference. At CommScope. You can see it in our impressive 75-year history of success. reliable and responsive coverage solutions that reduce 7 . you can count on reliable operation for years to come. And we’ll be there at every step to ensure your network always delivers optimal performance. from installation and setup to maintenance and future expansion. • Complex coordination with project contractors for the unique build of the tunnel. we can build a distributed coverage solution to fit. helping make one of the wonders of modern transportation possible. Once open in Success Story: Reliable connections at 250 kph — under the Alps The Gotthard Base Tunnel is a masterpiece of engineering and construction.commscope. GSM-R.

BR-105899. It inspires us to build relationships and infrastructure…connect people and technologies across protocols. and time zones…and share what we learn along the way. your success. oceans. Inc. respectively. All trademarks identified by ® or ™ are registered trademarks or trademarks. All rights reserved. This is our promise to or contact your local CommScope representative or BusinessPartner for more information.1-EN 09/12 . This document is for planning purposes only and is not intended to modify or supplement any specifications or warranties relating to CommScope products or services. and on the go. We’ll never stop connecting and evolving networks for the business of life at home. Inc. Visit our website at www. your networks.commscope. of © 2012 CommScope. www. BR-A-1. This is CommScope.Your success is our story We’re a trusted resource and partner around the world because we’re invested in you: your people. at work.commscope.