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Today, there are 5.1 million people in India living with HIV/AIDS.

half of all new infections are reported among people between 15 to 24 years
old. This fact necessitates that any effort to turn around current prevalence
rate must involve youth with age appropriate plan of action. Counting on
these imperatives SALSEP has put the energy, creativity and leadership of
young people at the center of the fight against HIV/AIDS by building their
knowledge and shaping ideas and attitudes regarding sex and sexuality.
‘Know AIDS for No AIDS’ forms the core of this school level intervention.
The execution of this wide reaching programme is carried out by a team.
One teacher from each school is identified and trained as nodal teacher to
carry out SALSEP activities at the school level. Then there are District and
State Resource Groups and Master Trainers who are responsible for overall
coordination and training respectively.

World AIDS Day

is observed every year on 1








December. World


organizations, community organizations, and individuals with an opportunity
to raise awareness and focus attention on the global AIDS epidemic.

AIDS is a medical condition. A person is diagnosed
with AIDS when their immune system is too weak
to fight off infections. Since AIDS was first
identified in the early 1980s, an unprecedented
number of people have been affected by the global
AIDS epidemic. Today, there are an estimated 33.4
million people living with HIV/AIDS and each year around two million people die
from AIDS-related illnesses.

Sexual Contact
HIV is spread most commonly by sexual contact with an infected partner.
Thetransmission occurs with the contact between sexual secretions of one person

genital or oral mucous membranes of another.with the rectal. .

Through injected drugs HIV frequently is spread among users of illegal drugs that are injected. or to even prevent the virus from entering human immune cells. Being aware of behaviors . therapies have been developed to fight both HIV infection and its associated infections and cancers. because of blood screening and heat treatment. A number of therapies have been developed to help them stay healthier and live longer. Although there is no treatment currently available that can totally cure people from HIV or AIDS. Prevention is the key to personal protection against HIV and AIDS. Some medications target HIV itself. however. HIV was transmitted through transfusions of contaminated blood or blood components. no drugs were available to combat the underlying immune deficiency. Preventions Since no vaccine for HIV is available. Because Many times the donated blood not goes through HIV testing. Over the past 10 years. such as sharing needles and having unprotected sex. Other treatments are used to treat or prevent specific opportunistic infections that threaten the health of people with HIV-damaged immune systems. the risk of acquiring HIV from such transfusions is extremely small. Treatments When AIDS first surfaced in the United States. But today. the only way to prevent infection by the virus is to avoid behaviors that place a person at risk for infection. This happens when needles or syringes contaminated with minute quantities of blood of someone infected with the virus are shared. to reduce the virus's assault on the immune system. Through a blood transfusion.

state has only two ART center-each in Jammu and Kashmir division. 2012 stated 3492 cases of HIV in Kashmir. “Last follow up cases are those about whom we have no information. In Jammu region. 3066 HIV positive cases were registered in the state.that increase the risk of infection and taking preventive measures can substantially reduce a person's likelihood of becoming infected with HIV. as per various Sentinel Surveillance rounds conducted during last eight years. Jammu division has 2406 HIV patients registered while Kashmir has 373 such patients as on August 31. HIV has claimed 275 lives in the same period. 582 in Jammu) which numbered at 2222 in 2009. Currently. of the 4. From 2005-2011. 2013.04 %. there were 2649 HIV patients in Jammu and Kashmir (76 in Kashmir. Last follow up cases (patients which did not show up for follow-ups) number at 163 in Jammu and 41 in Kashmir.846 test samples taken in the year 2008 only three persons were found to be HIV positive. According to the latest figures of Jammu and Kashmir Aids Prevention and Control Society (JKAPCS) Jammu and Kashmir has 3750 HIV patients. According to the Jammu and Kashmir State Aids Prevention and Control Society. In 2010. They did not turn up to us after their last consultation. and of the 4. 223 patients died of HIV in the state. In 2011. In view of less number of HIV patients.840 samples tested in 2009 not one was found positive. Sep 29: Thirty nine people have died of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in the Valley from 1999-2013. According to official statistics. the State is a low prevalence state where the mean prevalence rate of HIV infection among high risk groups (STD) is 0. 1101 patients are registered at Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) clinic Jammu and 141 in ART center Kashmir. The Prevention involves: • Safer sex practices • Drug use and limiting HIV exposure • Minimizing HIV exposure from medical procedures Situation in J&K SRINAGAR.3% and among low risk groups (ANC) is 0. Data revealed by the JKACS earlier in December. Officials at the JKAPCS say the rising figures on HIV cases in the state are due to the diagnosis of the infected patients. .” officials at JKAPCS said.

AIDS is an international epidemic and every country can be affected by it. Abbas Kiarostami . Ryan White You can't get AIDS from a hug or a handshake or a meal with a friend. AIDS. To me. Unfortunately. plague. to stop diseases. discrimination. fear. laughter and peace.” Officials said Kashmir is witnessing a declining trend in HIV cases. Our meaning is to make our little planet Earth a better place to live. it can be discussed on an international level. disarm nuclear missiles. not AIDS. where can i get the abortion pill online abortion pill abortion pill buy online Some quotes      Give a child love. panic. AIDS doesn't require a visa. and lies surrounded me. People are coming forward to get the tests done and receive treatment. cancer and to stop pollution.” official said. to stop wars. Uri Geller Because of the lack of education on AIDS. “The increase is due to the diagnosis as more people are coming forward to get tests done. Therefore.“The awareness about the disease has increased.