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First operations were conducted through Beijing Blue I.T. Technologies Co., Ltd., or Beijing
Blue I.T., a company incorporated in China in June 1998. In June 2005, ChinaCache
International Holdings Ltd. Was incorporated, or ChinaCache Holdings, under the laws of the
Cayman Islands to become the company’s offshore holding company through a series of
corporate restructuring transactions. In August 2005, the wholly-owned PRC subsidiary,
ChinaCache Network Technology (Beijing) Limited, or ChinaCache Beijing was established.
ChinaCache provides a portfolio of services and solutions to businesses, government
agencies and other enterprises to enhance the reliability and scalability of their online services
and applications and improve end-user experience. They have a nationwide service platform
which consists of a network, servers and intelligent software, which are designed to handle
planned and unplanned peaks without significant upfront and ongoing capital outlay and other
investments on the part of customers.
The company first began providing content and application delivery services in China in
2000 and was the first company that is not a telecommunications carrier to obtain from the MIIT,
a nationwide operating permit to provide content and application delivery services. All business
operations are conducted in China and substantially all revenues are derived from sales within
As a carrier-neutral service provider, the company’s network in China is interconnected
with networks operated by all telecommunications carriers, major non-carriers and local internet
service providers in China. Servers and nodes across networks are deployed throughout China
and a private transmission backbone connects the nodes and data centers, thereby optimizing
content and applications delivery performance and reliability. With servers widely deployed at
strategic locations, services can be provided throughout China.
Services and Solutions
A portfolio of content and application delivery total solutions and solutions is tailored to
the customers’ needs to improve the performance and reliability of their online services and
applications, without significant upfront and ongoing capital outlay and other investments on the
part of the customers. In 2012, the content delivery network services were rebranded into the
“content-aware network service”, which integrates telecommunications network with internet
applications. The company’s content-aware network service is device-aware, network-aware and
application-aware. The service is device-aware in that it is able to identify each end user device
and optimize data for consumption on such user’s iOS or Android mobile device. It is networkaware in that its capabilities enable the company to determine what kind of network online
content is going through, whether it is a fixed or mobile network, and whether data is traveling
on a 2G, 3G and 4G. The service is application-aware in that through this service network
services tailored to specific applications such as e-commerce and online video, which require
different capabilities and resources, can be provided.
Other services are as follows:

China Mobile. .          Web Page content Services File Transfer Services Rich Media Streaming Services Guaranteed Application Services Managed Internet Data Services ChinaCache Cloud Services Content Bridging Services Mobile Internet Solutions Value-added Services Cloud Infrastructure Development In early 2013. or Atecsys. China Netcom. China CERNET and various other access providers as well. China Railcom. As of the date of this annual report. a cloud data center to be developed in the aforesaid area. ChinaCache has signed memorandums of understanding with two clients relating to ChinaCache Atecsys International Data Center. Cloud data centers are generally dominated by a limited number of domestic organizations on a leasing basis in China. ChinaCache maintains more than 400 service nodes in more than 120 major cities across China and has global points of presence on five continents. China Unicom. Its total network capacity by August 2013 had reached over 1000Gbit/s with interconnections to China Telecom. more large enterprises in China will want to have their own cloud data center. the company acquired land use right in Tianzhu Comprehensive Bonded Zone in Beijing and intended to develop cloud infrastructure on this land in collaboration with its clients. Today. Given the emerging cloud computing trend. Atecsys is innovative in China’s data center industry due to its customized data center solutions and flexibility in its operations.

Ltd. China. monitoring center construction. Ltd. television. and market research businesses. In addition. maintenance services. public relations.000 kilometers of metropolitan fiber optic network in Beijing. Ltd. provides value-added telecommunications services. toll-shunt.. Internet data center.. The company was formerly known as Chengdu Dr. The company also engages in advertising design. line connections. exhibition. control center. Peng Telecom & Media Group Co. and operations services. radio. agency. in September 2013. news. information consultation. publishing. Ltd. It operates approximately 20.. magazines. . government relations. was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Chengdu. Ltd. and other value-added network services. data storage. Peng Telecom & Media Group Co. e-government. and taxi streaming media.Dr. and changed its name to Dr. and art exchange activities. Dr. as well as network security monitoring. Peng Telecom & Media Group Co. Peng Telecom & Media Group Co. Its security monitoring solutions include security surveillance camera unit installation. cultural. Dr. Peng Telecom & Media Group Co. city surveillance. Internet. as well as commercial brand planning. the company is involved in educational software. production. The company offers Internet access. and steel smelting businesses.. and private network and operations services.. and other services in the fields of newspapers.

logistics.  The building area of GDS data centers reaches 115. uthenticated by experts in technology. management. and has constructed a world-class data center network covering Northern China. GDS pays close attention to the challenges faced by its customers and provides reliable.  A total of over 35. is a high-availability IT service provider with worldclass new-generation data centers. construction.000 square meters. Southwest China and radiating the Asia-Pacific regions.  As of the end of 2013. energy. cloud computing. securities. high-availability IT service experience and an excellent ability to integrate industry chains. operation and hosting. business and other fields • Virtualization • Server host and operating system • Database • Storage system . Eastern China.000 square meters of machine rooms can be provided. GDS serves the banking. business continuity management and disaster recovery services. including data center design. GDS provides integrated solutions. flexible and efficient high-availability data center services to facilitate their safe operation. manufacturing. insurance.GDS Established in 2000. GDS Services Ltd. and Internet industries as well as government agencies. service and training. GDS had owned 17 data centers in China. Southern China. IT management and operation outsourcing. Positioning High-availability IT service provider with world-class data centers  Leader among third-party providers of new-generation green data centers in China  Practitioner in providing high-availability IT services in China  Leader in business continuity management services  Initiator of cloud computing services in China GDS Strengths World-class Data Center Cluster Network GDS owns industry leading new-generation data centers. consulting. Complete and advanced IT management tools.

000 square meters  12.000 square meters. The building area of GDS data centers reaches 115.000 square meters of machine rooms can be provided.000 server cabinets  Distributed IDC in 130 cities nationwide  Broadband capacity over 500GB  Over 4. 2013)  Data center area: 50.• Network and network security • IT process management • Project management • Business continuity and information security GDS:    As of the end of 2013. A total of over 35. Peng (June 4. GDS had owned 17 data centers in China. Dr.000 network node .