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B4 – Saturday, January 9, 2010


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1. Camden Catholic (1-0) 2. Paulsboro (7-1) 3. Eastern (2-2) 4. Washington Twp. (1-2) 5. West Deptford (3-0) 6. Timber Creek (3-0) 7. Absegami (5-1) 8. St. Augustine (3-3) 9. Collingswood (6-0) 10. Delsea (2-2) 11. Haddonfield (6-3) 12. Cinnaminson (5-0) 13. Delran (1-0) 14. Cherokee (2-0) 15. Pennsville (3-2)
*Records through Thursday

Hefty guidelines for thinning wrestlers
While complicated and time consuming, certification and descent plans have worked
eight-loss issues go hand-in-hand with high school wrestling, as evidenced by the fact that of the 20 pages dealing with the rules of the sport in the NSJIAA handbook, 13 deal with weight-related issues. The certification and weight-loss system in its current form has been in place for the last four years, but that doesn’t mean wrestlers completely understand the intricacies of the system, nor does it relieve coaches from the sea of paperwork that is required. “The whole descent plan is very complicated,” Vineland coach Dave Homiak said. “Y really ou have to dot your ‘I’s’ and patrick cross your ‘T’s’ when it comes to getting on the BUGANSKI mat to wrestle.” The idea behind the system is admirable: It’s based on ensuring the safety of the athletes. “The overall goal is the health and safety of the athletes and the concern about the athletes losing weight too rapidly,” NJSIAA assistant director Bob Baly said. Most wrestlers understand the ultimate goal, but some don’t quite follow how the system works. Vineland’s Ricky Azeglio, an experienced wrestler who comes from a wrestling family, admits he knows very little about the specifics of the program. “I have to be on my weight and be hydrated, that’s all I know,” he said. All wrestlers must be certified before competing in an official match. Before the season begins, wrestlers are given the lowest weight in which they are allowed to compete. This number is based on height, weight and body composition, and they must pass a hydration test (which is given at the time of certification). If they are certified to compete at a lower weight class than what they actually weigh at the time of certification, the wrestler is put on


103 Tom Gattinella, St.Augustine Billy Ward, Buena Jake Martin, Millville John Hennelly, Delsea 112 Curt Delia, Delsea Wil Garner, Schalick Jake Derella, Millville 119 Joe Esposito, St. Augustine Christian Trainor, Vineland Justin Pierotti, Buena 125 Rob Jillard, Delsea Jesus Cosme, Millville 130 Dillan Berghof, Buena Ricky Azeglio, Vineland Matt Hennelly, Delsea 135 Mike Gleisberg, Vineland Mark Patterson, St.Augustine 140 Paxton Burgin, St. Augustine Nick Quiles, Millville 145 Gary Mosley, Cumberland 152 Eric Reger, Delsea Rob Elliott, Cumberland 160 Paul Pierson, Delsea 171 Sergio Cortez, Buena 189 Eric Hensel, Buena 215 Mahalo Camba, Cumberland Chris Johnson, Millville HWT Dom Hinrichsen, Buena 4-1 9-3 4-4 4-4 9-2 6-4 5-4 5-0 4-1 7-4 10-3 5-2 11-2 3-2 5-5 4-1 4-1 4-1 5-5 3-2 11-2 3-2 6-2 7-4 8-3 5-0 6-3 8-3

Staff photo/Craig Matthews

Vineland wrestler Mike Gleisberg checks his weight before a recent practice. Weight certifications and descent plans were met with mixed views when they were implemented four years ago, but while they remain a hot topic throughout the wrestling community, the systems appears to be working.

a descent plan. This plan determines the earliest he can compete at his certified weight. This system allows the wrestler to lose 1.5 percent of their body weight each week until they reach their goal. Wrestlers aren’t punished for losing more than 1.5 percent of their weight in a week, but they aren’t allowed to wrestle at a lower weight than their individual plan allows on any given match day. While it might be confusing, Baly said the system has been successful. “For the first time (in 2008), in the (individual) state championships, not one athlete did not make weight,” Baly said, adding that the tournament boasts more than 300 wrestlers and no wrestlers missed weight last year either. “That means something is happening throughout the year so you don’t have those spikes up and down.” Coaches are still unhappy about the

amount of paperwork wrestlers need to participate within this system. Medical forms signed by with coaches, parents/guardians and doctors are needed in the beginning of the season and match-by-match weigh-in forms throughout the year are also required. “It really is difficult to take care of all the paperwork initially,” Homiak said. In fact, most coaching staffs have one assistant dedicated to the required paperwork. The system is far from perfect, but few will argue against its intent. “I think it’s better that we have it,” Azeglio said. “If they actually (lose weight) the right way, it makes it a lot safer for everyone.”
Patrick Buganski covers scholastic wrestling for the Daily Journal. He can be reached at (856) 5635260 or


*Through Wednesday, based on reported results, minimum of a .500 record and five matches.

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QUESTION: Y ou’ve been so close at advancing past regions the last three seasons, how bad do you want to go to states this year? ANSWER: I really want to make it. I have to have it to states and I have to win it. I want to be the first Chief to win it. That’s been my goal since freshman year and ever since then I’ve been stuck in regions. This year is my year to go to states and win it because there is no second chance. Q: The team started the season at 0-7 after making the playoffs each of the last three years. What’s this season been like for you? A: It’s been hard for me and Stevan Austino because we’re the captains and we feel like there’s a lot of pressure on us to encourage the team and just try to get them through the season. Q: What’s your role on the team this year, being one of just two seniors?

Buena senior heavyweight Dom Hinrichsen is on a quest this season to make the state tournament after Dom Hinrichsen falling just short in each of the last Buena three years. He’s also one of just two senHeavyweight/Senior iors on a Chiefs squad that started the season 0-1 before notching its first win A: I’m the first one in the wrestling on Wednesday against Schalick. He room and I try to be the last one to leave. recently spoke to The Daily Journal My role is to encourage the guys to keep about his senior season. going, to not stop moving and always have
a goal every match. Q: You excelled yourself as a freshman, from your experience, what do you see Billy W ard and Dillan Berghof doing this season? A: They’re going to do really good. I have a lot of confidence in Billy and Dillan. I expect them to be contenders for the state title one of these years. I see the way they practice, they don’t practice like a typical freshman, they practice a lot harder. Q: What do the Eagles have to do to beat the Cowboys tonight? A: The Eagles have to play good defense. They have to contain Tony Romo, they have to contain Marion Barber, they have to contain all their running backs. They have to tackle. They can’t arm tackle. Like (football) coach (Paul) Callahan tells us, we can’t arm tackle. If we arm tackle, we lose.

Q &A

Each week, The Daily Journal will speak with referee Ron Roberts for an inside look at the rules of the mat. Roberts, a 1992 Buena graduate, is a 13-year refereeing veteran and the current Vice President of the New Jersey Wrestling Officials Association.

This week — Stalling “The rule spells out what stalling is, but it’s more of a judgment thing. I always look at, number one, who is being the most offensive or more aggressive wrestling as opposed to the wrestler who is not trying to score points – he’s out there trying to not give up points.” On the mat “The bottom guy, I’m looking for him to work up to a base, to be moving on bottom, again, trying to score points, not just putting your head down or trying to tie up hands. (For the top guy), are you trying to work off the hips. I’m

looking for someone to try to score points, but not staying on the defensive wrestlers hips. Is the kid making an honest attempt to score points.” On a time frame for stalling, especially late “I don’t want to call stalling if it’s going to decide the outcome of a tight match. I never want to take the match out of the kids’ hands. I try to be cognizant of how much time is left in a match.” On staying in bounds “I look for positioning, especially the defensive wrestler. The rulebook says you’re supposed to make every attempt to stay within that 10-foot circle. If you’re playing the line, I do watch for the action circling out of bounds. You have to be making an attempt to stay in bounds.” Final thought “It’s probably the worst call to make in wrestling, it really is, because it comes down to judgment.”

■ Top-ranked Camden Catholic had to withdraw from last weekend’s quadmeet with Absegami, Long Branch and Delbarton because skin infections closed the Irish wrestling room for a week. Camden Catholic, which also postponed Monday’s showdown with Southern, was back on the mat against Seneca on W ednesday and will travel to the Virginia Duals this weekend. ■ Two-time defending 189-pound state champion Andrew Campolattano suffered his first scholastic loss of his career, snapping a 100-match win

streak, with a 7-1 defeat to Blair Academy’s Mike Evans. ■ Gloucester’s return to the mat was a rousing success as the Lions defeated Palmyra 54-30 on W ednesday. It was the program’s first dual meet in over six decades. Gloucester started its program in 1941, but didn’t field a team during W orld W II and finally disbanded the ar program in 1947. The Lions squad has 25 wrestlers and will compete on an independent schedule this season before joining the Tri-County Conference next year. — Tom McGurk

How much attention do you pay to your weight during the offseason?

10 17





I watch it as much as I do during the season. I weigh myself occasionally, but don’t worry too much. I just try not to blow up too much. I don’t care at all how heavy I get.

It’s the couple of months before that I really start getting ready for the season.

Dylan Berwick
Schalick Sophomore

103 1) Chad Walsh, Camden Catholic (5-2) 2) Ricky Carter, Washington Twp. (5-1) 3) Jason Bowen, Cinnaminson (4-0) 4) Michael Zold, Paulsboro (9-3) 5) John Hennelly, Delsea (4-4) 112 1) Kevin Devoy, Burlington Twp. (7-0) 2) Curt Delia, Delsea (9-2) 3) Kyle Klaus, Haddonfield (9-0) 4) Brendan Keller, Timber Creek (10-0) 5) Justin Mayer, Deptford (8-1) 119 1) Robert Deutsch, Eastern (10-0) 2) Matt Sausman, Camden Cath. (4-2) 3) Chuck Zeisloft, Gateway (4-0) 4) Coley O’Brien, Ocean City (7-0) 5) Sean DiEmma, Paulsboro (11-0) 125 1) Joey Duca, Paulsboro (11-0) 2) Dan Pak, Delran (4-1) 3) Rob Jillard, Delsea (10-3) 4) P.J. Schmidt, Moorestown (8-1) 5) Chalie Huff, Washington Twp. (5-1) 130 1) Tyler Scotton, Willingboro (7-0) 2) Dymere Rappa, Paulsboro (11-1) 3) James Higgins, Washington Twp. (4-2) 4) Alex Verbaro, Cinnaminson (11-2) 5) Kevin Birmingham, T. Creek (8-1) 135 1) Eric Hamrick, Collingswood (11-1) 2) Cal Stack, Eastern (5-0) 3) Zach Cohen, Williamstown (7-2) 4) Mark Patterson, St. Augustine (4-1) 5) John Harvey, Absegami (5-5) 140 1) Hank Stinson, Eastern (6-2) 2) Taylor Walsh, Camden Catholic (8-3) 3) James Green, Willingboro (3-0) 4) Kurtis Becker, Kingsway (10-0) 5) Mike Bakuckas, Hammonton (7-0) 145 1) Anthony Baldosaro, Eastern (8-1) 2) C.J. Cobb, Williamstown (2-0) 3) Shane Robinson, Absegami (9-4) 4) Khalid Shakir, Bordentown (8-0) 5) Zach Inman, Pennsville (6-2) 152 1) Dave Newcomer, Eastern (5-1) 2) Eric Reger, Delsea (11-2) 3) Justin Danfield, Camden Cath. 4) Ben Fanjoy, Cherokee 5) Delcan Deveney, Seneca 160 1) Preston Keiffer, Eastern 2) Jeff White, Middle Township 3) Nick Palumbo, Seneca 4) Matt Cosgrove, Paulsboro 5) Kenny Emmons, Pennsville 171 1) Zach Agostino, Egg Harbor Twp. 2) E.J. Goree, Burlington Twp. 3) Dylan Bushby, Haddon Heights 4) Jake Poeppel, Woodstown 5) T.J. Shea, Bishop Eustace 189 1) Jimmy Owens, West Deptford (1-0) (8-0) (6-2) (11-1) (5-0) (9-1) (10-1) (10-3) (10-3) (3-1) (7-1) (10-0) (9-1) (4-0) 2) Colin Walsh, Washington Twp. 3) Mike Haines, Cinnaminson 4) Mike Zeuli, Cherokee 5) Cliff Farrell, Mainland 215 1) Zach Greenwald, Paulsboro 2) Mahalo Camba, Cumberland 3) Wayne Young, Camden Cath. 4) Kyle Lloyd, Kingsway 5) Dan Garwood, Clearview HWT 1) Chaz Lear, Lower Cape May 2) Mike Dwyer, Cinnaminson 3) Nick Curl, Paulsboro 4) Dom Hinrichsen, Buena 5) Bill Bilo, Timber Creek (6-0) (12-3) (8-1) (8-1) (10-1) (5-0) (6-2) (7-2) (3-1) (8-0) (11-1) (10-1) (8-3) (6-1)