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Syscons Elite system is far and away the

jurisdictions as represented by our client list:

best Offender Management System avail-

eight StatesNew Jersey and Nevada, for

able today. However, we recognize that you

examplemany large CountiesLos Angeles,

are not just buying a product. More impor-

Las Vegas, Denver, Buffalo, Charlotte, Baltimore,

tantly, you are partnering with the company

etc.and huge international implementations

behind the product. We welcome you to join

in Canada, Australia, and England. Jails, prisons,

anaging hhundreds
unddreds off thousands of offenders every day, without fail
our exclusive roster of satisfied clients.
Syscon Justice Systems has been creat-

probation and parolewe cover the bases.

The secret to our success? Having the

ing solutions exclusively for the corrections

best product on the market certainly helps. But

industry since 1980. No other company can

Syscons key advantage lies in its people. Many

claim twentyfive years of dedication to the

of our senior Subject Matter Experts and product

proposition that offender case management

designers have extensive corrections experi-

can always be improved. No other company

ence themselves. They know how detention

can claim such a depth of practical experi-

facilities and probation offices actually work.

ence across such a broad range of correctional

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Utilize our unmatched industry
expertise and focus to create
value for all stakeholders while
obtaining client endorsement.
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For Offender Risk...the answer

is in the pattern, not the score
Syscons QUEST Risk
Management application
takes advantage of the common
sense notion that an offenders
risk depends on the type of
risk factors they present, not
just a score. Using advanced
modeling techniques based on
known outcomes of offenders
with similar patterns,
QUEST examines an
inmates risk factor
pattern to create a
simulation of the risk
posed to the community
and thus overcomes the
limitations of traditional
summed-scored risk
assessment approaches.


Because QUEST constructs a

model of how an inmates risk
factor pattern interacts and
links it directly to empirical outcomes, you can play out WhatIf? scenarios, testing which
criminogenic need is likely to
be linked to future recidivism
reduction and how to reduce
that risk. This isnt possible
with older score-based assessment tools only the QUEST
model allows you to do this.

The World Leader in Offender Management Applications

The future is about doing even
more with fewer resources.
The future is about getting the
job done despite the constraints
the economy may throw at you.
In the future, your Offender
Management Systems
need to work as hard and
as efficiently as you do.
They need to perform many
of their functions automatically, in the background,
following the specific process
flows that you have set for it. It
needs to have the intelligence
to deliver the information
you need when you need it.


enhanced navigation, and

dynamic reporting, we made
you and your staff the very
center of our design concepts.
application suite covering
inmate management, inmate
trust accounting and commisREADY TODAY.
sary, electronic health records,
community supervision, and
Syscons Elite OMS has been
state-of-the-art assessment
thoroughly re-designed to
and classification software
better meet the exacting and
is fully integrated on
complex management needs of an enterprise-wide data
todays correctional agencies. model. Such close matching
Including intelligent workof mission-critical applications
flow, triggered messaging, allows for a single point of

entry for every task across the

agency, full access to all offender data (subject to agencydefined security rules), and the
ability to produce management
reports across the entire spectrum of corrections operations.




Intake // The Elite Intake

module performs client intake/
registration and discharge
(opening and closing
contacts), and keeps a fully
searchable central contact history file of all client records on
the system, active or inactive.

Implementation was seamless . . . we
Management //
organized the results into what has
The Elite Workload
Management module
been determined in our county to be
assigns or re-assigns
a premiere system . . . Communicaclients and their
associated work to
tion with the staff at Syscon is excelstaff members at
lent. Our relationship these 5 years
community offices.
Once a client record is
Orders & Conditions // In
with the company has never faltered.
Syscon Elite, all the legal
active as a community
information on court orders is contact and sentences
grouped together as a legal
or requests have been
> Baltimore County
case. A legal case can include administered, client work
everything that happens as
can be assigned to any staff
a case passes through the
member at any location.
Microsoft Word with the Elite that manages and tracks all
legal systemarrests, court
database to produce clientoffender/client obligations.
appearances, convictions,
Case Management // Elite
allows community corrections specific documents commonly
pre-sentence reports and/
supervisors to effectively moni- used by supervisory agencies. Workflow // The Elite Workor sentencing conditions
tor each client. Elites extensive Reports are vital to the efficient flow Engine is an automated
for community clients. The
management and functiondriver of workflow processes.
suite of case management
Track Community Service
ing of supervising agencies.
The messaging module allows
tools includes assessments,
Progress screen is used to
The Elite system includes a
for the generation of messages
case planning, case notes/
track the clients progress on
number of standard operational and work items via a series of
contact log, scheduling and
any community service hours
and management reports.
custom database triggers and
substance abuse monitoring.
he/she must serve as part
timer events. Each Elite user
of a sentencing condition.
Case Planning // The primary Image Capture // The Elite
will have the ability at any
purpose of a case plan in Elite Imaging module is fully intePrograms & Services
time to pull up a screen which
// The Elite Programs &
is to outline rehabilitation
grated into Elite and requires
displays all their messages
Services module refers
goals for each client and the
no imaging subsystem. Multiple or work items. Messages in
clients to specific programs
steps that need to be taken in images of clients (face, profile, Elite Workflow are directed to
and services developed to
order to achieve each goal. In physical marks) can be recorded pre-defined officers assigned
meet the community service
some cases, a goal is set for a using a standard video or digital to that case. All generor treatment needs. Elite
client in order to demonstrate camera and color monitor.
ated messages will be stored
Programs & Services handles
that he/she is meeting the
directly in the clients record.
Community Financials
client scheduling for assigned conditions of the sentence.
// Syscon EliteCommunity
programs, and tracks client
attendance and performance
Integrated Word Processing Financials is a GAAPagainst user-defined objectives // Elites Integrated Word Pro- compliant comprehensive
cessing seamlessly integrates financial management tool
and measurement criteria.

Booking // Controls the intake

or re-entry of an inmate into the
system. The booking module
maintains a central criminal
history of all inmates, including detailed demographics.


Housing // Assigns inmates to housing based on

agency-defined criteria.
Schedules & Movements
// Maintains detailed
records of all internal and
external scheduled and
unscheduled movements.
Imaging // Record single or
multiple images of offenders
(face, profile, physical marks)
using a standard video or
digital camera. The captured
image is automatically stored
with all other offender data in
one record, making all information accessible at one source.
Programs & Services //
Refers offenders to specific
internal or external programs,
handling offender scheduling
for assigned programs,
and tracking attendance
and performance against
user-defined objectives and
measurement criteria.

Management //
Tracks all items of
inmate property held
by the prison and
facility property issued
to the inmate. Full
history of transactions
is maintained.

The improvements to
information and data
flows will undoubtedly
increase safety, security
and efficiency.

Biometrics // Syscon
is an authorized vendor
of industry standard
> Rob Kellett
single fingerprint
HMPS Leeds
verification (SFV)
technology. Combined
with image capture,
Incidents and Disciplinary
// Records internal disciinterfaces with AFIS, and the
pline management, including
potential for iris scanning,
Elites SFV completes a power- evidence collection, invesful suite of biometric identifiers. tigation, and disposition.
Business Intelligence
// Management reports

developed from the unique

Syscon data warehouse.
Gangs & STG // Versatile
gang management and monitoring module including effective
Keep Separate functions.

Classification & Case

Management // Questionnaire-based classification
and assessment tool, plus
imprisonment status, case note
Court Cases // The Legal
recording, substance abuse
Cases module records the
testing, disciplinary or other
legal orders authorizing inmate segregation status, primary ofcustody, and maintains the
ficer assignment and case plan
custody status of each inmate. program recommendations.


to capture the jail or prison

count at defined periods during
the day; submit counts from
living units as well as internal
locations within the jail.

Visits // Schedules and

manages inmate visitation. An authorized visitor
list is mandatory.

Transportation // Facilitates
the transportation of inmates
between jails or facilities for
events such as court appearances and medical treatments,
Integrated Word Processing helping simplify the schedul// Brings all the power of MS
ing of inmate movements.
Word directly into the hands
of your officers, automatically Offender Issues // Allows
merging stored data with
institutions to manage
grievances at the inmatetemplated forms and letters.
specific level, to track staff
members involved with filed
Release // The Elite OMS
grievances, create grievance
systems include a detailed
records and all subsequent
check list of tools to mangrievance transaction records.
age inmate release on the
assigned or scheduled date.
And more: including
Automated Counts // Counts Workflow, Correspondence
functionality includes the ability Management, Security.

Trust Accounting // Powerful

GAAP-compliant accounting
software developed exclusively
for correctional use. Agencies
have a wide degree of flexibility
in the set up and administration of their trust accounting
systems, including complex
obligation calculation logic.
Multiple sub-accounts can be
created (spending, savings,
gate accounts, etc) to reflect
different ways of managing
funds. The Trust Accounting
engine is the backbone of the
Elite Commissary and Elite
Inmate Payroll modules.

The Syscon Elite Financials modules integrate seamlessly

with the Elite Prisons, Elite Jails, Elite Community, and Elite
Medical applications to create a genuine Throughcare
case management from intake to release.

of funds to cover purchases,

sanctions that deny commissary
access, purchasing limits for
certain items, diet restrictions,
prohibited tobacco sales, etc.

differentials among inmate

workers. The formula for calculating wages is modifiable to
account for different methods
of wage calculation. Modifications include: daily or hourly
Inventory Control // The
wages, wage amount per unit,
Commissary // The Commissary module can manage
Syscon Elite Commissary
frequency of payroll calculation,
both centralized operations
module administers invenstandard number of hours in a
and stand-alone canteens.
tory control, allowing for the
payroll period, pay ranges and
The system performs checks
production of accurate financial special compensation levels
for restrictions and processes statements on demand. The
(regular, overtime, sick, etc.).
inmate purchases in real
module also controls inventory,
time. The Commissary module through a perpetual inventory Security // The system
provides institutions with a
system that continually tracks establishes a clear audit trail
of both dollars and goods
canteen operating system that the precise number of units
through printed documentais fully integrated with the
of each product. Inventory
tion of every transaction
Trust Accounting module. The is valued at average cost.
with on-demand preparation
agency can process inmate
purchases in real-time via direct Inmate Payroll // The Payroll of financial statements.
module calculates wages for
debits to individual inmates
Community Financials //
trust account (or process credit inmate work programs, autoThe Syscon Elite Community
refunds). Commissary manage- matically credits the relevant
Financials module is a fully
trust accounts, and makes
ment personnel can access
comprehensive, GAAP-complirelevant inmate data, such as tax deductions as required.
ant double-entry accounting
The module allows for pay
indigent status, availability

Initial Health Screening //

Allows users to complete online
intake questionnaires and
The Elite Medical modules integrate seamlessly with
record vitals for newly admitted
the Elite Prisons, Elite Jails, Elite Community, and Elite
offenders. The system allows
full flexibility for entering
Financials applications to create a genuine Throughcare
health history, mental health
case management from intake to release.
and physical evaluations, oral
screening and STD testing. The
visual observations, questions and answers are fully
definable by the administraadministered to each offender grams, and follow up with the each offender. Immunizations
tor, and medical alerts can
permanent date/time stamp of requiring boosters are automatat the point of administration
be triggered automatically.
the author. HIPAA-compliant
using a mobile device. The
ically predicted and scheduled.
MAR information is stored as data sets facilitate the standard
Health Summary // The
Syscon Elite Health Summary part of the offenders medical recording of information.
Drug Interaction // Elite puts
patient safety first by integratscreen gives the user an at-a- record and is accessible by all
ing with Medi-Span for drug
glance view of current health
medical personnel as needed. Referrals // A thorough
allergies and drug contraindicaissues including problems and
approval process allows the
tions. Contraindications need
diagnoses, allergies, medicauser to request either an outPhysician Ordering //
tions, orders and chronic care Medications are safely and
side referral or a non-formulary to be checked at the time of
the med order and not hours or
correctly ordered and sent
information. Detail buttons
medication. This allows all
days later. Getting contraindicadirectly to the pharmacy and
allow the user to dig down
relevant information to be at
to the MAR. Cost-effective
into the data, and to set up a
the users fingertips and gives tion alerts at the time of the
medication options based upon easy access to all communica- medication order is the safest
further medical encounter.
way to order medications.
your formulary are displayed
tions concerning the request.
Appointment & Sick Call
to the provider based on drug
Workflow Triggers &
Scheduling // Appointments classification. Lab testing
Dental Encounters &
can be automatically schedMessages // Send, receive
also allows for a selection
Charting // The Dental
Encounters module provides
and automatically trigger
uled for all patient encounters of the most cost-effective
a detailed overview of each
workflow tasks and memos.
and follow up calls. Users are test or panel to assist the
offenders dental health status. Automatically inform a
alerted to scheduling conflicts provider in achieving goals.
Fully-integrated dental charting physician that a lab result is
(court hearings) when they
is also included as well as
ready, or alert medical staff
schedule an appointment and Medical Encounters
// A complete record of
periodontal examinations.
that a returning inmate has a
have the ability to bump apall medical appointments
history of mental health issues.
pointments based on priority.
created, attended, cancelled
Tests and Immunization //
or no-shows is maintained.
A complete record of all tests
Medication AdministraA complete history of each
ordered including results, and
tion Record (MAR) // The
electronic MAR allows the user encounter is stored including
a record of all immunizations
administered is maintained for
to record and view medications SOAPE notes, vitals, dia-

system. This module tracks

all non-incarcerated offender
financial obligations (and those
inmates with external obligations) and is entirely flexible in
its handling of cash receipts
and cash disbursement.
The Community Financials
functionality includes the
recording and tracking of all
court-ordered payments, fines,
cost-of-supervision invoices,
etc. levied against a client
in the probation system.
Reports // The Syscon Elite
Financials system comes
complete with a full range
of standard accounting and
auditing reports. Customized
forms and reports are a snap.