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Notes: The Impact of the Doctrine of Free Will on National Security Those deceived that free will exists

can only seem to protect, as their highest 'duty' and even private prayer, what the free will can at least theoretically accomplish, even if they restrain that within a bracket of "what the free will can accomplish for good". In their outlook, if the free will can't do it, there is no point in defending it or having any security related to it. Anything that is outside what the free willed actions of an individual or a nation can accomplish, is by definition, to all those deceived free will exists, not possible. Because most of reality is outside the lie of human free will, ( even though the deception of free will occupies a very real part of reality ) security professionals deceived free will exists ( the vast majority ) and who follow policy persons deceived free will exists ( the vast majority ) have been reduced to defending nothing in the pretense that mere expenditure of emotional effort is proof of defense being accomplished, while they have been used to ignore the vital things of the soul and spirit in favor of continually feeding the flesh and to define criminal behavior as solely that which violates the doctrine of free will. In addition, the irrelevant, the egregious evil and the sheer wasteful consumerism is protected at all cost as supposedly vital to 'who and what we are' as direct appeals to appeasing the lie of free will itself as a functional god with money implicitly defined as The Measure of Free Will. Each instance of buying and selling is then portrayed as an act of the free will and the more often performed constitutes a supposed functional proof of personal power. The 'right' to buy and sell without end is portrayed as 'the lifeblood' of the nation and no end of security measures, even as tyranny, are forced on those who cannot use what is sold and do not need more than what they need merely to keep in place a 'flow' of goods, buying and re-buying as a vain repetition for no purpose that can only exist within a populace deceived by the lie of free will. At the same time, almost every advertisement for any good or service is a direct appeal to 'freedom' and free will in order to instill and support those deceptions. Such advertisements are for the most part nonsensical: a recent television commercial in the US claims that to buy their television will 'set your viewing experience free' and uses the pictorial metaphor of a flock of birds deceived they are flightless until one runs off a cliff and ..soars. No end of metaphor mixing is tolerated and encouraged. A recent spat of commercials for a check card had consumers in a flower shop dancing for joy because of the speed of their free willed lives as they used the check card only to be egregiously slowed down by someone so old school as to pull out a checkbook. The music stopped, and everyone went limp while the evildoer skulked away supposedly rightly embarrassed. The 'lesson' was plain: speed of transaction is freedom and proof of personal power; the more you buy, the more personal power you demonstrate, the more free will you demonstrate. Yet another ties dancing and fish oil together and directly implies you can dance more --have more freedom-- if you buy their fish oil tablets. 'Freedom' based advertising examples are literally endless as the advertising industry's standard template. The 'right' to make such commercials as indoctrination is protected by the security apparatus no matter what they may think they are doing. What the whole inculcates is a sense of entitlement to buy and sell for its own sake. If anyone is denied, even for an instant that buying and selling, then they are told to perceive of themselves as literal trash because they will have no place within the worship of the doctrine of free will in their 'failure to demonstrate freedom when they had the opportunity'. Law enforcement officials as a unified statement are saying that there can by definition not be an end to the pornography, drug addictions and the drug cartels and gangs. Within the lie of human free will, they all mysteriously 'reach the same conclusion': that everyone has free will and that nothing can be done BECAUSE

everyone has free will. In short, the doctrine of free will is destroying the actual security of the nation while enforcing a tyranny of evil simultaneously by taking up the funds and resources that should have been used for defense to ensure the criminals are well cared for and appeased and the people are made into a national criminal class on the premise that nothing else could happen but what happens as a stab at determinism. (!) New religions are introduced and old evils are tolerated as direct appeasements to the doctrine of human free will. The ensuing confrontations between demon filled pagans and Christians is then either denied for what it really is, or Christians are blamed for intolerance, which is simple code for failing to worship the lie of human free will. The whole law enforcement lie goes: everyone has free will. If Person A wants to think a dolphin created the world, person B wants to think Satan is a great guy and Person C that a guy named Jesus died on a cross two thousand years ago for some good thing, so what? As long as everybody gets to use their free will in whatever way they please --that's the point and is the sole purpose of society, security and law enforcement today in the eyes of those who are in government at any level. That the rate of crime has never been what it is today in the history of the United States and that current law enforcement officials do not see it as their job to stop crime is never explained. Only such generalizations as "people are people" are given as wise counsels. It is plain they see no other reality than what can be squeezed within the doctrine of human free will. And these things are outside the simple explanation that 'in free will', people, to include law enforcement officials and security professionals, 'will do' what is in their financial best interest, even if that includes harming others by neglect or doctrine to keep a job or grow their influence. While the security professionals and law enforcement community is very proud to be so smart as to be deceived they and all men have free will, they never see that it was a doctrine handed to them specifically to destroy them and those they were sworn to protect. Now it has become their only common sense. Even among themselves, they have no real fear of God, and at best, fear only that God might take away their enough of their 'free' will to stop them from doing what they consider an honorable thing and earning a living. Psalm 111:10 The fear of Jehovah is the beginning of wisdom; a good understanding have all they that do his precepts : his praise abideth for ever.