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Investment News January 2010

Financing Your Buyers January 12th, 2010
Last week it was reported in an article from the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors, Inc. that the “focus for 2010 will likely be on financing: getting it done right the first time.” In a survey of real estate practitioners surveyed by Inman News, the majority felt that brokers needed more training on loan programs. If we look to the media, getting the right financing is the message being sent to consumers. Business week points out that it is a great time to get a great deal on a home and a mortgage, but that “borrowers should shop around.” With all the media focus on financing issues, the smart buyers will be looking for a real estate professional who understands all the ins and outs of financing and that can assist them in finding the right mortgage resources to meet their needs. As Investors we may not be working directly with buyers if they come to us through a Realtor. But many times we may be selling our property for sale by owner or using a lease to own strategy and will need to be able to advise our buyers. And even buyers who are working with Realtors, sometimes need a little bit of help. So as it is our lively hood, we need to know what we are doing. To help us get a handle on financing in 2010 we will be holding a discussion on financing from the seller’s point of view. We have a team of panelist to help answer questions and we will not be shy about taking questions and answers from the audience, as we will have more experts in the room than just our panelist. Our start up questions include:
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Are there loans out there right now for home buyers? What are some of the changes in financing that is affecting buyers and sellers right now? RESPA, Appraisals, HUDS, seasoning? What are the most common loan types that home buyers are using right now? What are the top financing programs for buyers? How do these programs affect the seller: time owned, paying closing costs, proving repairs, etc? What are some of the common seller concessions being used right now and how can a seller use them to sell more properties. How to down payment / closing cost assistance programs work in real life? What can the seller do if the buyer just can’t qualify for the loan on their own? What can the seller do to help their lease to own buyers get qualified?
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New Meeting Location Sylvester Powell Jr Community Center
We have been searching for a new location that is centralized to the city. The best location we have been able to find that fits with in the budget is Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center in Mission KS. Located at 6200 Martway north of Shawnee Mission Parkway and South of Johnson Drive just off Lamar, it is a little bit south and west of downtown, just off of I35 or 69 Highway With plenty of FREE parking. They offer many different options for meeting rooms that are state of the art at much lower prices than our recent hotel locations and we are allowed to bring in our own food, drinks, or catering. This will allow us to have meeting sponsors bring in dinner or snacks. They have plenty of free parking for us on the north side of the lot in the 2nd lot from the building. The lot is north of the building and south of Johnson Drive. If you enter on that side of the building, you will be entering right by our meeting room. Restrooms are just across the hall. We hope that by moving considerably north we will be more convenient to our members from the northland and as we are not far I-35 the folks coming from the eastern areas of the metro can have quicker access from I70. We are also hoping to add a few secondary meetings in the coming months in the northland and in eastern Jackson County. If you know of a free or very low cost location with easy highway access in either of these locations, please email the MAREI office at

MAREI members are expected to be civic minded and willing to operate with high standards of honesty and integrity. It is our duty to conduct ourselves with the highest principles of the free enterprise system. We strive for MAREI to be synonymous with competence and fairness. As MAREI members, we hereby bind ourselves to this code of ethics: 1. We shall not discriminate against any person with regard to race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, handicap or familial status as defined by current Kansas, Missouri, or Nebraska law. 2. We shall recognize that real estate is a service related industry. 3. We shall refrain from engaging in any illegal practices, or defrauding any member, customer, or association, with the aim of always conducting business in a professional manner. 4. We shall endeavor to stay informed and updated on matters affecting housing in our communities, and adhere to local, state and federal laws. 5. We are individually responsible for our own due diligence and continuing education. Members are expected to verify any and all assumptions regarding business decisions to prevent falling victim to fraud, misrepresentations and illegal practices. Further, if any allegations of conduct considered detrimental to the purposes and interest of MAREI are received in written and signed communication to the management, we will consider the matter. Should a decision to take further action be made, a furnished copy of said allegation (s) to the accused, who shall be given adequate time to reply. Thereafter, management shall take such further action as it may deem property and in accordance to this code of ethics.

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Home Buyer Assistance
According to the most recent REALTORS® Confidence Index, 39 percent of recent buyers purchased a home with a Federal Housing Administration-insured loan. REALTORS® who took part in the November survey also reported that the number of first-time home buyers continued to climb to 51 percent. So it would pay for us to learn everything we can about FHA. But there is a bevy of programs that can be utilized to help our buyers besides FHA. ACORN is provides homebuyer education and counseling for home buyers, foreclosure intervention. Available in MO & KS. Active Duty or Veteran Construction Loan from the VA that guarantees loans to eligible veterans to build a house in which the veteran will occupy. No down payment loan, that may include the purchase of the land. Nationwide. American Family Funds / Dove Foundation provides down payment and closing cost assistance to those approved for FHA loans. Missouri. City of Lee’s Summit First Time Homebuyer Program provides up to $3,000 for down payment or closing costs. First time buyers cannot have owned a home in past 3 years. Must purchase with in city limits of Lee’s Summit. Community Housing Investment Program (CHIP) makes home ownership in Wyandotte County more affordable by providing up to $19,000 in a forgivable loan. Good Neighbor Next Door provides a 50% discount on HUD homes with as little as $100 down payment. Specifically for firefighters, medical technicians, police officers, and teachers. Nationwide in Revitalization Areas. Home Possible is a low down payment loan with flexible credit terms and reduced insurance terms. Nationwide. Home Buyer Tax Credit that offers a tax credit to first time home buyers and then any homebuyers. Details in MAREI member resources. Independence First Time Home Buyer Program will pay up to 5% of the purchase price of a home towards down payment assistance for closing costs or mortgage buy-down. Limit $5,000. Kansas City Dream Program assists homebuyers with down payment and closing costs in approved Kansas City, Missouri neighborhoods. KHRC First Time Homebuyer Program provides down payment assistance for first time home buyers. Available in Kansas outside of Johnson County and in the city limits of KCK.
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Why are EDUCATED Real Estate Investors More PROFITABLE?
Because in today’s ever changing markets, there is no room for mistakes by the uneducated. PUMP UP your investments and follow the tried and true practices of the successful. Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors (MAREI), has been offering educational opportunities for Real Estate Investors since 2003
      

MAREI Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors (MAREI) is one of the largest real estate investor associations in the mid-west. MAREI members consist of full and parttime investors, beginning investors, real estate brokers and agents, attorneys, contractors, accountants, property managers, renovation specialists, appraisers, bankers - people who want to enjoy the many benefits of real estate investing. MAREI was established in 2003 and promotes networking and educational opportunities to its membership. MAREI services members in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. MISSION STATEMENT To provide education, discussion and networking opportunities to help real estate entrepreneurs & investors reach their financial goals using sound, honest business practices. PO BOX 8685 Prairie Village, KS 66208 Phone: 816-523-4400 Fax: 816-523-4448 INVESTMENT NEWS © 2009 by Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors (MAREI), a Real Estate Trade Association. Published monthly by MAREI and included as benefit for our members. Quotations and reprints are permitted with full credit given to author, plus “The Investment News: Newsletter of Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors.” The information contained herein is believed to be accurate; however, it is not guaranteed or warranted in any manner and is subject to change without notice. Writers’ and speakers’ opinions are not necessarily those of MAREI. You are advised to seek professional advice.

Educational Speakers Low Cost Workshops & Seminars FREE Tele-seminars & Webinars Downloadable E-Books & Articles Live Networking Opportunities Online Networking Opportunities Discounted Training Programs from National Trainers Take a step toward YOUR future, And Financial Freedom. The Time is NOW! Visit Call (816) 523-4400 JOIN TODAY GET INVOLVED

Member National REIA

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10 Tech Predictions for 2010
Investors and many of the team players they work with to buy, sell, and rent properties will be using a lot more technology in the future. 1. We will be going mobile or virtual to lower costs. But what does “virtual” or “mobile” mean. We use free or low cost file sharing programs like Google Docs or so all team member’s can access “office files” from where ever they have an internet connection. Using social media like Facebook and blogging resources like Wordpress investors can market their buying services, properties for sale, properties for rent and any other services they may have. Maybe by the end of the decade we will be doing complete real estate transactions virtually using websites, applications, emails and more to buy and sell completely virtually with out ever having a face to face. 2. We will take advantage of mobile video text-messaging to send virtual tours and slide shows to clients. So the rather than sending people to our web site to see a virtual tour of the property, we will be able to text them a virtual tour right to their phone using tools like Mogreet Mobile Video Marketing. 3. We will be using Facebook’s “fan” feature to design pages for ourselves, neighborhoods, and local events that target fans in hopes of generating new business. We will be creating fan pages to share their buying services, their special “buying programs”, the community at an apartment and more. And we will be using these “fan” pages as well as online groups to grow our circle of influence and to market. 4. The new cell phone from AT & T and future phones with an attachable projector will make it easy for agents to show slideshows, photos, and videos to clients in the field. Imagine you are a wholesale seller at a networking event with 3 houses for sale and being able to use your phone to share the houses. Or if you are networking and want to share a quick presentation on hour your private lender program and using your phone to show a quick power point. 5. There will be more and more applications for our phones that we will all have to have to make our life easier. Google these applications for your phone: TourNarrator, BA II Financial Calculator, RECalc—Real Estate Mortgage Loan Calculator, Mortgage Calculator, iFinance Toolkit Pro, Agent Feedback, My Realty Pro, 6. We will be using more Video Email. According to the site for the online tool ShareThis, 46% of ShareThis users share data via email, but rather than sending a text email we will be sending video’s in our email to share the same information. 7. We will have more web sites that will allow buyers to bid online bidding on our homes for sale. We have seen this a bit with online auctions on homes investors have for sale as well as REO properties. We will be seeing more internet tools coming out that will allow us to do this faster and easier. 8. Investors will be seeing more and more online virtual training. While we will still be going to bootcamps to learn, we are going to see many of our real estate trainers not only offering their intro presentations as webinars and teleseminars, but the bootcamps that they will be selling will be totally virtual as well. You pay your fees, you get your log in and you attend a “class” with other virtual students right on your home computer. 9. We will be using more complete package web based tools to manage our properties, our purchases and our sales.

10. National Database of homes. Currently the National Association of Realtors has acquired the technology to provide nationwide access to public record info, lines, zoning, neighborhoods, school districts, referral opportunities. And it will only be a matter of time until we will have a nationwide MLS system for all properties.

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FHA At a Glance
Types of Properties What is it an FHA Mortgage Loan offered by lenders that is insured by the United States Government. Because they are backed by Government, lenders are more willing to make loans, as losses to default are minimal. Benefits Low Down Payment (3.5%) Lower Credit Scores Reasonable Fees Low Interest Rates Who is Eligible Owner Occupy Property as Principle Residence Must have Valid Social Security Number Two Year Employment History Not Delinquent on any Federal Debt Meet Credit Requirements Bonus Features Homebuyer or the Seller Can Pay Closing Costs Debt-to Income Ratios More Generous Minimum Credit Score Not Required FHA does not Require Credit Score (Although most lenders require 620) Down Payment can be a Gift Seller Can Contribute up to Six Percent or Price to Closing Costs No Prepayment Penalties Citizenship Not Required Bonus FHA Mortgage Adjustable Rate Mortgages Limited Repair Program on Existing Limited Repair on Purchased Homes Energy Efficient Mortgage Note that FHA no longer requires property inspections except in the case of a home being purchased with the rehabilitation 203k loan Primary Home Only Available for non-permanent resident aliens While no score needed, common requirement from lenders is 620 Only need 3.5% down payment Single family to 4 unit homes Or FHA approved condos Borrower pay Mortgage Limits More Information on FHA 1.800.CALLFHA Public Servants: Teachers & Police Home Owners Over 62 for Reverse Mortgage Victims of Disasters Individuals on Tribal or other Restricted Lands Selling Points One to Four Family Unit Homes Condominiums Homes Needing Rehab (203k) Manufactured Homes Special Target Groups

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Service Guide
Advertising Supplement Bi Annual 2 % Rebate & Volume Pricing For MAREI members visit the benefits tab in the member library online. Accurate Title Company, LLC Jackie White Title, Closing, & Escrow Services 7011 W 121st St, Ste 100, Overland Park, KS 66209 Phone: 913-338-0100 Fax 913-338-0107

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Education & Training go to

Owner & Loan Policies Endorsements Ownership & Encumberance Reports Foreclosure Reports Hold Open Title Reports Ownership Information Tax Information

      

Buyer’s Closing Services Seller’s Closing Services Lender’s Closing Service Recording Services Funds Disbursment 1031 Exchange Service Special Requests

will complete all your rehab needs quickly, at a reasonable price.

Who Wants a 30% Response from Motivated Sellers?
If you would like to get 30% of the prospects you mail to responding to your offer, you must hear about the Amazing Yellow Letter - the key to real estate investor marketing success! Pre NOD Leads : 30, 60, 90 days late Marketing Materials Direct Mail Service

We specialize in:  Make - ready  Siding & Windows  Carpentry & Roofing  Plumbing & Electrical  Painting & Flooring  Drywall & Doors  Fences & Decks  Kitchens & Baths  LICENSED AND INSURED

Call Anthony @ 816-606-0266 or Emily @ 816-252-0095

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How can the buyer tap in the tax credit before it expires to help buy the property? What are some of the biggest hurdles home buyers face right now and how can we help them overcome? Do you think it will be possible for buyers to purchase in the future if they had a foreclosure, short sale, deed in lieu or bankruptcy in 2008, 2009, or 20010?

We will discuss as many questions as we can in our 90 minutes. If you have other questions, please email them to and if we can’t get to them we will address them on the message board. Remember the meeting is at the Sylvester Powell Jr Community Center in Mission, KS. We start at 6pm with networking. Presentation starts at 7:15. In case of bad weather, please check the web site at

Ron Yarbrough Mortgage Consultant FirsTrust Mortgage 207 E Main Street Gardner, KS 66030 913.747.3234 Phone 913.254.4034 Fax Jon & Stacy Bichelmeyer JB Homes 15301 W 87th St Pkwy, ,Suite 225 Lenexa, KS 66219 913.915.1158

Advertising Specials
Business Card Ad in This Newsletter Member Price $25 for one month / $50 for 3 - handed out at monthly meeting - posted on our social networking sites - emailed out to 2000 recipients - included on vendor page on the web site - Email or call 816-523-4400 x 222 Vendor Table Member Price $25 for one month Member Price $50 for 3 months See Calendar of Events
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Finance: 6 Hours
Registration Information
PLEASE CHECK THE APPROPRIATE Workshop Finance: Finance: Finance: Finance: Member Owner Occupant $25 / $35 Non-member Investors $25 / $35 Non-member Advanced $25 / $35 Non-member All 3 Workshops $69 Member’s Only Non-Member Add Membership $99

Professional Housing Provider: PHP is a designation program offered by member associations of National Real Estate Investor Association. Member’s attend, received credit hours, and work toward a PHP Certification. See PHP on the MAREI web site for more information. Finance: Owner Occupant 2 Hours Credit Instruction on credit, conventional financing, FHA / VA Financing, and how to utilize financing to market your properties for sale. Will also touch on owner financing, lease option, and other seller financing options for Investors Course is $25 : 8:30 am to 10:30 am

_________________________________________________________ Name _________________________________________________________ Company _________________________________________________________ Address _________________________________________________________ City / State / Zip _________________________________________________________ Email Address _________________________________________________________ Business Telephone Business Fax

Finance: Investors 2 Hours Credit Instruction including conventional financing, hard money loans, non-recourse loans, and other traditional investor loans. Will touch on owner financing, subject to, and other seller financed options for investor buyers. Course is $25 : 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Payment Information
Credit Card _______________________________________________________ Credit Card Account Number $______________________________ Total Amount ___________________ Expiration Date

Finance: Advanced Topics 2 Hours Credit Instruction to include private lending, unsecured lines of credit, self directed IRA. Will touch on syndication, REITS, and SBA Loans. Course is $25 : 2:00 pm

_______________________________________________________ Name as it Appears on Card _______________________________________________________ Billing Address (if different from left) ______________________________________________________ Signature Date Check fax registration to 816-523-4448 Seating is very limited: only 11 per workshop. Questions, please call 816-523-4400 x 222. Tucker One Properties, Inc. 115 E Gregory Blvd

Take all 3 workshops for $69. Non-Members can take workshops for no PHP credit for $35 a workshop. Saturday January 23rd.

Membership Application / Renewal

COMPANY NAME: _________________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS: OFFICE PHONE: ______________________ CITY: ________________________ FAX: _____________________ STATE: __________ ZIP: ______________

EMAIL #2: _________________________________ EMAIL #1: (need a good email address for each member to send your web site passwords) PAYMENT INFORMATION Select type of membership: ( ) Standard / $99 ( ) Business / $499 ( ) Add a 2nd Person $50 Pay as you go: ( ) For one, $19 start up, $10 a month ( ) Add a 2nd Person $5 start up, $5 a month With pay as you go you will be charged the start up fee with your first month and then the monthly fee on the 5th of the month each month thereafter. Please make checks payable to MAREI ( ) MC ( ) Visa ( ) Discover ( ) Am EX Credit Card #: Billing Address: ________________________________________________________________________________ Of Credit Card PROFESSIONAL INTEREST How did you hear about our association? __________________________________________________
Application for MAREI membership shall in no way be considered or deemed to be providing investment or financial advice and all applicants agree to waive any and all claims against this organization. In no event shall the applicant seek to hold the organization, it’s officers, or directors liable; either directly, or as a principle or agent of any other member organization. Applicant releases any and all claims it my presently have or may have in the future. Memberships are not transferable or assignable. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel Membership. If cancelled a Pro-rated refund for unused portion of membership will be returned. MEMBERSHIP IS FOR ONE YEAR FROM THE DATE OF APPLICATION.



Check Payment

Check # _______

Expiration Date: _________

Applicant #1 Signature: ______________________________ Date: ____________ Applicant #2 Signature: ______________________________ Date: ____________
Please mail completed forms & payment to: MAREI (attention membership) PO Box 8685 Prairie Village, KS 66208 Or fax to 816-523-4448 Or Join Online on our secure server at

For Office Use Membership Packet ______ Web Site ______ Quick Books ______ Name Tag ______ 09.09.09

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MHDC First Place Loan provides up to 3% of the mortgage to cover down payment or closing costs or to reduce interest rate. Missouri. NACA is a 15 or 30 year fixed purchase program to assist low to moderate income families in the Greater KC Metro area. Offers 100% financing with no closing costs. Is not credit score driven and provides comprehensive mortgage, credit, and budget counseling. No down payment with no PMI. Includes a $50 monthly fee to the Neighborhood Stabilization Fund for 5 to 10 years that allows the borrower to borrow up to 3 monthly payments a year if they think they will be falling behind. Neighborhood Stabilization Program provides funds for down payment or closing cost assistance for purchasing foreclosed property, HUD or Bank owned properties. For owner occupied only. Research Medical Center Employer Assisted Housing Program is for any full-time employee of Research Medical Center in good standing. The loan may be used for down payment or closing costs. Must live between Gregory and 57th Streets going north and south and between Chestnut to Holmes going east and west. Rural First-Time Homebuyer Program provides a $4,000 forgivable loan for down payment and or closing costs assistance as well as rehabilitation assistance. Rural areas in Kansas. Call Utika Scales at 866-5718155. USDA Loans that provide 100% financing with no private mortgage insurance.

On the Message Board
As we post new blogs, add new items to the web site, or have important information on rules and regulations we will be posting in the general section of the MAREI Message Board. New Items added to the MAREI Library: Economic Outlook for 2010 from Find out what they think is in the cards for us this year. Then share with us what your thoughts are for the next year. Question & Discussion on NOI, cash on cash, and ROI. See if poster is figuring these numbers correctly and leave your comments. Newsletter on last minute tax preparation for the end of 2009 to maximize your tax deductions. Review this newsletter and share with your CPA to make sure you are getting the maximum deductions. In The news topics

        

Sample Marketing Letter’s & Postcards Brochure about Credit From Fannie Mae Brochure about Financing from Fannie Mae Power Point on Financing Non-Citizens Power Point Notes on Crime Prevention in Rentals

Post on old items in the library PDF booklet of Real Estate Forms Property Walk Through form for inspection Real Estate Investor Business Plan Several Robert Allen Books and More

Link to free training CD from Richard Roop Florida Real Estate Investor looking to purchase small multi family properties in KS and her contact information. Power Point Presentation on 1031 Exchanges Home Rental Assistance Program to prevent Homelessness in Kansas City. Will pay up to 18 months of rent for qualified tenants.

     

Realtor Resource Rally in 2010 NAR’s right tools right now Gains in Existing Home Sales Short Sales Cautions FREE trial of Kansas City Business Journal Legislative Report

To access, go to, look for “MAREI Message Board” under the member resources tab. Log in to subscribe and have posts come to your email and to become active on the board.

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Member Benefits
General Meetings: Members attend General Meetings for not additional costs Workshops: Discounted pricing for members on all workshops Professional Housing Provider: Professional designation Library: Log in to access 100’s of articles, ebooks, and documents. Classifieds: Post your properties for sale or Rent, things for sale, job openings Newsletter Archives: All of our newsletters, The Investment News, are archived in our library. General Meeting Archives: General Meetings are recorded back to 2007. Kinko's Discount: Discount card for 20% off regular priced prints. Bandit Signs: 25 Free Bandit Signs, you pay shipping. Vista Print: 30 to 75% coupons off print jobs or 250 business cards FREE. FREE Trial Web Site: Test out a free web site for 10 days. FREE Trial Web Site: Test out a free web site for 10 days. Constant Contact: FREE 60 Day Trial Go to Meeting / Webinar: FREE Trial & $10 off Apartment Moves / Smart Moves: FREE copies for your clients Avis & Budget & Enterprise Rent-A-Car: Car rental discounts CybrCollect: FREE check collection. Dearborn Publishing & Nolo Press: Discounts up to 40% off. Twenty percent discount on regular advertising prices. Advertise your rentals & syndicate for FREE

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Member Benefits
First Advantage Safe Rent: Discounts on tenant screening.

The Home Depot: 2% biannual rebate program and volume discount pricing. Humana One: Offering health insurance for self employed. Office Max: Discounts of up to 65% off retail prices with card or special web site. Sherwin Williams: Discount card for national contractor account. Discounts from 20 to 60%. Solveras Payment Systems: Discounted automatic check transfer services. Trak-1 Technology: Discounts on background checks. Lead Paint Disclosures: Find these in our library to stay in compliance with the EPA. Legislative Updates: Log into access legislative updates in the library from National REIA. Landlord Tenant: Copies of the landlord tenant law for Kansas & Missouri. 8 Day Carnival Cruise: Trade Association cruise annually. National Speakers: For top training and DISCOUNTS and BONUSES on their training materials. Networking: Many opportunities to network with others in the industry. FREE Membership: Refer 10 people who join and receive ten $10 credits to use for your next renewal.

Do you offer a great discounts our members could use? Please contact us for local discounts and if you have a national discount, we can put you in touch with National REIA.

Membership Pricing
  

Standard Membership: $99 for one person Add Additional Person: $50 per person

or $19 for 1st month and $10 a monthly for pay as you go or $5 for 1st month and $5 a month for pay as you go

Business Membership: $499 for up to two people includes ad in newsletter, listing on vendor page, and a benefit listed on this page.

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investment property or REO PROPERTY?
In the Kansas City Area?
Let Realty Resource be your one and only stop for:
HUD Property  REO Property Rehabs Pretty Houses Apartments Small Multi-family For Investors by Investors 816-523-4400
Chris Dawson 816-392-9955 Certified REO Specialist Eric Deeter www.Eric 913-579-3354 Buyer’s Agent

Paul Surles 913-488-7588 CCIM Candiate Do you want to work with Investor buyers and sellers? Be listed here?

Joe Reece 816-523-4400 x 223 CCIM Candiate Call us to ask about Opportunities with Realty Resource & Realty Resource of KC

Do you have listings that:  Need Updates and Repairs?  Are Upside Down on the Financing?  Have Been on the Market for a While?  May be in a Short Sale Situation? JUST WANT AN OFFER TO GET THE BALL ROLLING WITH THE LENDER? SEND US YOUR LISTING SUBMIT ONLINE OR CALL 816-523-4447

Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors Presents:

Financing Your Buyers Panel Q & A

Tuesday January 12, 2009 Sylvester Powell Jr Community Center 6200 Martway, Mission, KS 6:00 pm Vendor Hall 6:00 pm Networking 6:00 pm Registration 6:30 pm Sub-Groups / Q & A 7:15 pm Announcements 7:20 pm Business Card Exchange 7:30 Presentation Members No Charge Guests $25 at door / Pre-register Online $15

New Location
Sylvester Powell Jr Community Center 6200 Martway Mission, Kansas Shawnee Mission Parkway to Lamar North to Martway, East to property Johnson Drive to Lamar South to Martway, East to Property Park in 2nd lot from Building on the North Side, meeting room just Inside the north entrance doors

January 9th: Lee’s Summit Investor Breakfast January 12th: General Meeting, Financing Buyers January 23rd: Financing Workshops (PHP) January 20th: Northland Investor Lunch: tentative January 27th: Northland Evening Meeting: to be determined February 9th: General Meeting February 13th: Lee’s Summit Investor Breakfast February 17th: Northland Investor Lunch: tentative February 20th: PHP Workshops—be be announced February 24th: Tentative Evening Networking Please see the Calendar of Events at for complete details online. Look for “Kansas City Real Estate Investors” on Facebook, Linked In, and Meetup to receive event updates in your inbox.

Invite a Friend to Attend
Do you have friends, family, and business associates who would benefit by becoming a member either through the networking, the education, or one of the many discounts we have to offer. Invite them to their very first meeting as your guest for FREE. Give them this coupon from the newsletter (or maybe the whole newsletter). They bring the coupon to the door and fill out a guest registration form and enter their first meeting for free. If they have attended before, they can preregister online for $15, or cost at the door will be $25. Guest Name: _____________________________________ Referred By: _____________________________________ You receive $10 MAREI Credits to be used for membership & events.