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Haven't you cleaned the bathroom yet?


Stop complaining! You've already asked me that three times today. Why is it
so important?

I've already told you. My parents are coming to stay this weekend.

Well, don't worry! They haven't come yet, have they? Anyway, it's not my turn
to clean the bathroom. I've already done it this month.

That's not true. You've been living here for nearly a year and I haven't seen you
do any cleaning yet.


Have you seen the state of this kitchen? Someone has been washing clothes in
the sink and they're still there!


Yes, I know. I usually use the bath, but it is too dirty at the moment.

Why didn't you clean it? You have been living here for two months now, and
I've never seen you do any housework.

What do you mean? I've washed the dishes at least three times and I always
make my bed.

Rubbish! You're always making a mess and not cleaning up afterwards.

What about you? You're always drinking my milk!

Don't be ridiculous! Where are you going?

Out! I'm seeing my girlfriend this evening.

What about the kitchen?


You haven't said a word all morning. What are you thinking about?
Why are you feeling your pockets? Have you lost anything?
Thing at home are the same as usual.
I must apologise to Mary for the delay.
Could you do me a favour? If you're going out, could you get me some milk?
There was no juice left because Jack had drunk it all.
I lent Fiona some money only after she had promised to give it back the next day.

When I saw Julie, I realised that I had met her before.

Where have you been? I have been waiting for you for hours.
Don't make too much noise! The baby is sleeping.

I'm ever so sorry, Jim, but Ive burnt your dinner. Maria phoned and I forgot about
the food.

That's okay. I've already eaten.

I bought a new dress yesterday, but when I arrived home, I found a hole in the seam.

What did you do? Have you taken it back to the shop?

No, I haven't been into town yet. I'll do it this afternoon.

Your hair has grown a lot since I last saw you.

Yes, I wanted to get it cut yesterday but I was too busy.

I've lost my glasses. Have you seen them anywhere?

No. Where did you put them?

I put them on the table a minute ago, but they're not there now.

Where are you calling from?

Is there anything wrong?

How's your job, Mike?

I have just started a new one. I left the old one because they didn't pay me enough

Did you see Barabas on TV last night?

No, I've seen it so many times already that I didn't want to watch it again.

Nothing can compare with a nice hot bath after a hard day's work.
Can I change this black pen for a blue one, please?
John gets on my nerves. He never stops talking in class.

I think you should get rid of those old jeans. They're full of holes.
I'm afraid Ill be late.
Look at the dark clouds in the sky! It's going to rain.
Will you be going to the supermarket? Can you buy me some tea?
Mum Anna! Will you stop making so much noise? I will never finish this work if you don't.
Anna But Mum, what shall I do? If I don't practise, I won't pass my violin exam tomorrow.

And I'll be in trouble at work if I don't finish this. Then I won't get promoted.

Shall I go upstairs then?

Thanks, Anna. That will help.

Are you seeing Julie tonight?

No, I will have left by the time she gets here.

I'll have worked here for ten years by the end of this month.
Look out! That dog is going to bite you.
I think Ill make some tea. Do you want some?
Will you be going into town today?

What time will you have finished painting your room?

I will have finished by 7 o'clock, I hope.

Don't pull the cat's tail. It will scratch you.


I've lost my keys!

I'll help you look for them.

Watch out! You're going to knock the vase over.

Oh, I didn't see it.


This ice-cream is delicious!

Don't eat any more. You will be sick.

I'll have finished painting your room by the time you get home.
This film won't probably have finished until midnight.
Don't worry! You'll have forgotten all about it by this time next year.
Hopefully, he'll have cooked dinner for us by the time we get home.
Could you hold on, please? Mrs Jones's line is engaged at the moment.
Sam was so disappointed with his birthday present that he burst into tears.
Can you explain this to me, please?
You can watch TV, get yourself a juice or do whatever you like. Just make yourself at home.
You can make room for the new sofa by moving that table.
Can I borrow some money from you until tomorrow.
I've been looking for your glasses but I haven't been able to find them yet.
If you don't tell me what your problem is, I won't be able to help you.
I'll do the shopping if you like.
Shall I help you with your luggage?
Would you like some more tea?

I've got a splitting headache.

Why don't you go and lie down?

Yes, I think, I will. Could you bring me some aspirin?

Yes, of course I will. Shall I call the doctor?

No. I'll wait and see how I feel later.

Would you like a glass of water?

Yes, please. Could you also telephone the office to say I'm ill?

Yes. Could you tell me where to find the number?

How about looking in the address book by the phone?

Shall I say you'll be in the office this afternoon?

Yes, you could day Ill be in about 2 I should be all right by then.

You needn't take a jacket. It's rather warm.

He didn't need/have to buy any milk. There was a lot in the fridge.

Hello, Mum. Are you still awake? You needn't have waited up for me.

Mum Do you know what time it is? It's after midnight and you have to go to school in the

I'm sorry, but I missed the last bus.

Well, you ought to have phoned me then. You can't come in at any time you want. I
was worried.

Oh Mum, you needn't worry about me. Anyway, you have to walk miles to find a
telephone that works.

Then next time you must be sure to catch the bus. You mustn't walk in the dark alone.

Yes, Mum. I'm going to bed now I need to get some sleep. And by the way, I don't
have to go to school in the morning tomorrow's Saturday.

Have you heard about what happened at school yesterday?

Have you heard from Phyllis lately? She hasn't written to me for ages.
You'd better not give away this secret to anyone, or Ill be very angry with you.
I don't think there's enough coffee to go round. Does anyone want tea?
I don't know much of Peter, but he seems to be a nice person.
Perhaps I could sit there too if you would move over a little.
If you meet Darren, give him my regards.
I'll tell you all about my holiday when I get home.
Do you know when he'll leave?
If anyone calls, tell them Im busy.
By the time we got to the party, nearly everyone had left.
He didn't get home until 12 o'clock.


Can I help you?


Yes, I'd like some books on World War I. Could you show me where to look?

Yes, of course. What exactly would you like?

Well, I'm doing a project at school.

Come with me. I can show you where the books are.

Could you help me choose some too?

Well, I can for a few minutes, but I'll have to get back to the desk soon.

I will need to take some home with me, too. Will that be alright?

Yes, of course, but you'll need to bring them back by next week.

Who told you I was married?

Would you mind telling me what you're doing?
Where are your trousers?
Could you tell me where the scissors are?
Tonight, there is athletics on TV.
Your pyjamas are on the bed.
My luggage is too heavy to carry.
I don't know what Laura is so upset about.
When she was ill she stayed at home for two weeks.
I called her Mary instead of Martha by mistake.

Have you been to the bank yet?


No, I've already told you, I'm still waiting for that cheque from my accountant.

Hasn't he sent you it yet? Why don't you phone him?

I've already phoned him. He says he hasn't finished working out my tax yet.

I'm very sorry. All the tickets for the Friday concert are sold.

Oh no! I really wanted to see that!

Didn't you know? Tom and Barbara are going to get married!

Really? Tom and Barbara? I don't believe it!

What's the matter?

It's nearly eight o'clock. I don't know why John hasn't phoned. I hope he's OK.


Hello, could you turn the music down, please? It's one o'clock and I'm trying to sleep.

Oh, sorry. Is that better?

Yes, thanks. Perhaps I can get some sleep now. Good night.

I'm sorry, is it OK if I leave early today? I'm going to take my cat to see the vet.

You're going to take your cat to the vet? What's the matter with her then?

Him. I don't know. That's why I'm going to take him to the vet's.

Oh, I see. Sure, go ahead. Thanks for telling me.

David, do you have your mobile phone with you?

Um yes. Why?

Can I borrow it, please? I need to make a quick call to my mother.

OK, here you are.

Do you mind if I change seats?

Yes, all right. What's the problem?

I can't see because of the sun.

OK, then. Why don't you sit there, next to Andrea.

When's the exam?

Next week.

Yeah, I know, but what day? Is it Wednesday or Thursday?

No, it's Tuesday.

Hello, I'm staying in England for a year. I'd like to open a bank account here. What
documents do I need, please?

Right, well, we need to see your passport


and a letter from your employer or your place of study, if you're a student.

OK. What else?

Nothing else. That's all.

Oh, right. I see. Oh, and one other thing: how long do I have to wait before I ...

The weekend goes so quickly.

I know. I can't believe that it's Monday tomorrow.

Excuse me! Do you have the right time?

Yes, it's twenty-five to nine.


Do you have any tickets left for the 5th of June?

Let's see Yes, we do. How many would you like?

Two please.

OK, that's 48, please.


Hi it's me. I'm in your street but I can't remember the number of your house. Is it

No, it's 170.

What a gorgeous coat! Was it expensive?

Yes, it cost a fortune. But the materials beautiful, dont you think?

Wow! Where did you get it?

I saw it in the window of that new shop in the High Street, you know, its called

Yes, I know it. They have some really nice stuff.

Mandy, where's the sugar?

In the cupboard, on the right.

I can't see it. It isn't there.

Yes, it is. Look for it.

I can't find it. It's definitely not there.

I know it's there. It's on the second shelf.

I can't hear you.

Turn the radio off then. It's on the second shelf.

Well, I'm sorry, but it isn't there.

The sugar!


Excuse me. We're trying to get to the carnival. Is this the right bus stop?

Yes, but you don't need the bus. It's very close.

Oh! Can we walk?

Yes, it takes about ten minutes from here. Just go straight on. You'll hear the music!

OK. Thank you very much.

Excuse me, can you help me? I'm looking for the Plaza Hotel. Is this the right way?

Um Plaza Hotel. Yes, keep going, past the cinema and take the first left.


Then keep going for about fifteen minutes until you reach the end of the road. And
you'll see the sign for the hotel. You can't miss it.

OK. Can you show me on the map?


Oh hello. Could you help me? There's a problem with the air conditioning.

Oh yes?

I've just tried to switch it on, but it doesn't work.

Is it completely dead?

Completely. Absolutely nothing.

OK, we'll look into it right away. I'll send someone up. It'll be about five minutes.


You're welcome. And sorry about this.


Have you heard? Hannah's had twins!

Has she? What did she have?

2 girls.

Wow, fantastic! Did everything go OK?

Yes, they're all well.

Oh, good.


Hi. How was your weekend?


Terrible. I was really ill on Saturday.


Oh, dear. What was wrong?

I had a really bad cold.

What a shame. Are you OK now?

Yes, much better, thanks. And how was your weekend?

Oh, very quiet. I stayed at home.

Oh, right. What did you do?

Not much. I slept a lot, did the washing and watched TV, you know, the usual.
But I went to the cinema yesterday afternoon.

What did you see?

Night and Day.

Oh yes. What was it like?

It was good. I really liked it.

I want to see that. It sounds good.


In the kitchen
Ben Now, have we got everything we need?
Sam Well, lets see. There are some onions and potatoes, but there arent any mushrooms
and, of course, there isnt any minced beef.
Ben Are there any carrots?
Sam A few. But we dont need many, so thats OK.
Ben How much milk is there?
Sam Only a little. And there isnt any butter, and we havent got much cheese.
Ben Well, we dont need much cheese. Is there anything else?
Sam No, not for Shepherds Pie. Weve got some salt and pepper, and theres a lot of flour.
Would you like me to help with the shopping?
Ben Yes, please.
Tom We havent got any eggs so we need to buy some.
Tina No, no. There are some in the fridge, but theres no cheese.
Tom OK, cheese. Now, weve got some fruit in the sitting room but we havent got enough
for the weekend so we need to buy some more. What else?
Tina We want to have some salad for lunch, I think.
Tom Yes, of course. So we need some lettuce. Oh, and some tomatoes because there are
none in the kitchen.
Tina We must buy a bottle of oil as well.
Tom OK, and I want to buy a newspaper because theres a football match on TV this
afternoon but I dont know what time is starts.
Tina But there are no football matches today because the weather is so bad. We can go and
see a film instead.
Tom Oh, all right. Anyway, are there any more things to put on the list?
Tina No, I think thats everything. I hope youve got some money because I havent got
Tom OK. Put a coat on and get a shopping bag and were ready.

Do we need anything else?

Lets have a look. Weve got some apples, but there arent any grapes. And there isnt
any coffee, but weve got some tea.
Is there any orange juice left, or did somebody finish it?
Theres a little, but there isnt much, so we need some more.
And vegetables? Have we got many vegetables?
Well, I can see a few carrots, but there arent many onions.
Oh, and dont forget we need a lot of crisps. My nephews are coming tomorrow!
Right, then. I think thats everything. Lets go! By the way, how much money have
you got?