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Sandy KH’s Peek at the Week

January 11-15 2010
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Day 2 - PE
IB Planner: Agents of Change FINAL DRAFT DUE Art Enrichment

Day 3 – Music
2:00 – 3:00pm PRESENTATIONS

Day 1 – Media
2:00 – 3:00pm PRESENTATIONS

Day 2 – PE
2:00 – 2:40pm PRESENTATIONS

Day 3 – Music
MIS AMIGOS Hippie Day Spelling Test F.A.D. 

Spanish Start Book Clubs
Parent Board Mtg. 6:30pm

Reflections First Grade Buddies

Spanish District Board Meeting


A new clue poem will be read during morning announcements each school day from January 5 until January 11. Students will have a chance to reveal one of the letters in the new name as our game progresses. Each clue poem will be posted on our school website for families to guess our new school name along with the students!

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1/11 – Final draft due 1/11 – Art Enrichment 2:00-3:00pm 1/12 – Parent Board Meeting 6:30pm 1/14 – Information Night 6:00pm 1/15 – Mis Amigos 1/18 – NO SCHOOL 1/20 – DARE starts! 1/22 – Field trip to Sunrise Park (band/choir) 1/28 – Field trip to Bell Museum 1/29 – NO SCHOOL

INFORMATION NIGHT There will be a new family information night held at our school on Thursday, January 14 at 6:00pm.

We have set up a website for all the 5th grade classes this year. Please check it out!

In math this week, we reviewed rounding with decimals and continued exploring different types of graphs. We will be wrapping up this unit next week and take the unit test on Wednesday. Please continue to check out links on our class web site for more practice with decimals and place value. In our current IB planner, students are focusing their inquiry on Agents of Change. The central idea of this planner is that individuals have made contributions through language and the arts. Students continued their research and note-taking this week. Students worked hard to complete their rough drafts of their reports. I appreciate all of the help parents/guardians provided at home. The final draft is due on Monday, January 11. Speeches will start on Tuesday afternoon. In literacy, students completed their biography book clubs and are reading novels in class. We will focus on our Genre Pizza and experience reading in all of the genres. Students are recording the titles on a pizza and we will celebrate in the Spring when our pizzas are complete with a special pizza party in our classroom. We are continuing to work on demonstrating the IB learner profiles and attitudes. Students showed cooperation as they worked together in math. Students were also reflective as we put some work samples into our portfolios.


Please make sure your child has appropriate clothing for winter – coat, hat, and mittens are a must! Don’t forget boots and snow pants when needed. Many students have Patrol Duty outside and need to be prepared for any and all types of weather.

We are engaged, respectful, responsible, safe, and compassionate. We used the data we collected in our school to help us point out the areas that need attention and improvements. We are taking different areas in our school; bathroom, hallway, playground, lunchroom and on the bus to focus on the above bolded words. As fifth graders we understand that our leadership means a lot to the younger students in our school. We take pride in the positive behaviors we show everyday in our school. Talk with your fifth grader about how they impact the rest of the school with their knowledge of the above words wherever they are. The fifth grade team now has Smartboards in each room. Students are utilizing them in many different ways; putting their projects on USB drives and giving their speeches using the Smartboards. The Smartboards are interactive and assist students in all subjects. NEW IB PLANNER CONTACT INFORMATION:

Sandy KH Room 113 (651) 407-7600 x1608

We will be starting a new IB Planner next week. The planner is called You Are What You Eat. The central idea of this planner is the choices we make nutritionally affect our bodies and our physical and mental health. We are going on a field trip to the Bell Museum, Jan. 28 focused on this planner. Look for the permission slip!