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Ed 4693 Section 004 13853 Student Teaching Ed4696 Section 004 13865 Student Teaching 6 credit hours Instructor

and University Supervisor – Mariann Pirkle, M.Ed.

I. Student Teaching and Portfolio Requirements A. Text: Wong, Harry & Wong, Rosemary (1998) THE FIRST FEW DAYS OF SCHOOL: HOW TO BE AN EFFECTIVE TEACHER, Mountain View: Harry K. Wong Publications B. Observations – Have current lesson plan out for me to view 1. One meeting will be with you and your supervising teacher to go over expectations a.. Homework assignment: schedule this meeting with me after your first day in the classroom b. Observation “windows” will be given to you to assist in scheduling 2. Three Informal Classroom Observations a. First, second and fourth observation b. Observations will last about 20-30 minutes, followed by a conference with Mrs. Pirkle 3. Two formal evaluations a. Third and fifth observation b. Will last 30-45 minutes followed by conference with Mrs. Pirkle C. Daily written reflections (journal) – Have out for me to view at each visit along with your attendance log a. What I learned today b. Questions I have c. Where to go to find answers in my building d. Memorable moments 1. Observed professionalism or problem solving 2. Touching or funny moments 3. “Aha” moments D. Class Schedule due to Mrs. Pirkle at her first visit

E. Summaries of growth (5 proficiencies – see formal evaluation form) F. At least three school function/activity documentation a. School Board meeting

b. ARD meeting c. Field trip d. Open House e. Meet the Teacher Night f. Parent-teacher conference g. PTA/PTO meeting h. Other – selected by you G. Technology paragraph describing growth in use in the classroom H. Interdisciplinary teaching documentation-lesson plan or a paragraph I. Taking responsibility and initiative – paragraph or list examples J. Multicultural teaching description K. Professionalism documentation – paragraph describing observed instances of professionalism L. Professional Resume M. Attendance log – signed by supervising teacher

II. Administrative portion of student teaching A. It is your responsibility to contact me regarding times for your observations B. Elementary School: During the course of the five observations, a minimum of one lesson must be from each of the following instructional areas: Math, Reading/LA, and Science/Social Studies/Health C. Middle School: Observations in different periods of subject taught III. At the last formal observation, I will be giving you a letter of recommendation. Feel free to use me as a recommendation at any time after completion of Student Teaching.