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FALL, 2005

BIOCHEMISTRY I - BIOL/CHEM 3361-001 LECTURE MWF 11:00-11:50 CN 1.102

Check out the Garrett and Grisham Website for help with Difficult Concepts, e.g., Acid/Base Theory: Companion Website

Instructor Donovan Haines Dean Sherry

Room No.
BE2.518 BE3.516

Telephone E-Mail No.
UTD-4542 UTD-2907

Office Hours
M 9:30am-10:30am To Be Announced

Workshop (BIOL3161, Sect 001, 004, or 007) is required for both BIOL and CHEM students.
Text: Biochemistry, 3rd edition, by Garrett and Grisham (ISBN 0-534-49033-6), published by Brooks/Cole. Jemiolo & Theg's 3rd edition Student Solutions Manual to accompany Biochemistry by Garrett and Grisham (ISBN 0-534-49035-2), Published by Brooks/Cole, will be used in the Workshops, BIO 3161. Grading: Four Exams × 20% each = 80% of grade Workshop Problem Sets = 20% of grade. There will be six problem sets. The lowest problem set grade received during the semester will be dropped.* Challenges to Exam questions: The exam questions are multiple choice and are carefully checked by the teaching faculty prior to the examination. Grading of computer bubble sheets are by automated scanner. Therefore, the exam will always be properly graded and scored. On rare occasion a question may appear where the answer is ambiguous (example, more than one correct answer or no answer is correct). If you have a strong argument that such a question has appeared, then you may write a written challenge to the question. Such a written and signed challenge must be submitted to Dr. Haines or Dr. Sherry within 48 hours of the return of your exam. The challenge must be based on your quoting sections of the faculty members lecture notes (on the web site) or the textbook (Garrett and Grisham). What the faculty member says in class on a subject, or in their class notes, will take priority over the textbook when considering a challenge. All challenges will be answered by the faculty in writing. For those challenges which we agree with grades will be modified appropriately. Do not waste your time or ours with challenges that are clearly without merit. This challenge system was created to give you fair grades and to catch the rare ambiguous questions.


FALL, 2005

BIOCHEMISTRY I - BIOL/CHEM 3361-001 LECTURE MWF 11:00-11:50 CN 1.102

*Grades- At the end of the semester your scores on the four exams and the problem sets will be averaged. As a result you will have a final numerical grade between 0 to 100. Your final letter grade will be no worse than that based on the following scale: A- to A+ 86-100 B- to B+ 75-85 C- to C+ 65-74 D- to D+ 55-64 F Below 55 If your final mean numerical score is fractional it will be rounded off in the following manner: 0.50 - 0.99 will be rounded up to the next highest whole number. In other words 85.50 would be rounded to 86 and the student would receive an A grade, but 85.49 would be rounded to 85 and the student would receive a B grade. You will receive the same letter grade in both BIOL/CHEM 3361 and BIOL 3161 Do not miss the exams as make-up exams will only be given in the case of a documented emergency Academic Dishonesty Policy: Students are required to abide by UT-Dallas policies concerning academic integrity (for details, see Failure to comply with these terms will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action Students with Disabilities: If you have a disability that requires accommodation, you must notify the instructor and file a request through Disability Services (SU 1.610, x2098) on or before the first day of class. By doing so, you can be assured of full cooperation in making appropriate arrangements.


FALL, 2005
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BIOCHEMISTRY I - BIOL/CHEM 3361-001 LECTURE MWF 11:00-11:50 CN 1.102
Workshop (Tues. is same subject as Mon.) No Workshop No Workshop pH, Buffers, and Thermodynamics pH, Buffers, and Thermodynamics Open questions Open questions (None Monday) Open questions (TA Office hours only) Protein Structure Protein Structure Enzyme Kinetics Enzyme Kinetics Enzyme Mechanism Enzyme Mechanism (TA Office hours only) (TA Office hours only) Metabolism Metabolism Carbohydrates Carbohydrates Glycolysis/TCA Glycolysis/TCA (TA Office hours only) (TA Office hours only) Gluconeogenesis and Glycogen Gluconeogenesis and Glycogen Electron Transport Electron Transport None – Thanksgiving holiday Exam Review & Questions

Topic Intro Buffers Buffers Thermodynamics Thermodynamics Amino Acids Amino Acids NO CLASS – HOLIDAY Protein - Primary Structure Protein - Primary Structure EXAM 1 Protein - 2,3,4 Protein - 2,3,4 Enzyme Kinetics Guest Lecture - Protein Structure Enzyme Kinetics Enzyme Mechanisms Enzyme Mechanisms Enzyme Regulation Enzyme Regulation Enzyme Regulation EXAM 2 Intro to Metabolism Vitamins & Coenzymes Vitamins & Coenzymes Carbohydrates Carbohydrates Glycolysis Glycolysis Glycolysis TCA Cycle TCA Cycle TCA Cycle Regulation EXAM 3 Gluconeogenesis Gluconeogenesis Glycogen Metabolism Guest Lecture - Metabolism in vivo Electron Transport Chain Electron Transport Chain Oxidative Phosphorylation Oxidative Phosphorylation NO CLASS - HOLIDAY Metabolism Review (& Course Review) EXAM 4 (Mon. Dec. 5th, 11:00am)

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