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Syllabus Fall 2005 The Nature of Intellectual Inquiry BIS 3320 Instructor: Dr.

Arlene Sachs Phone: 972-883-2323 or 972-404-9522 Office Hours: By Appointment Email: Course Description This course is concerned with the systematic study of science and the academic experience. Science is a part of the search for knowledge and each approach to science contributes to the totality of knowledge. This course will assist students in understanding the pervasive influence of science in our culture and will aid in selecting courses and areas of study. This class is designed to: increase the student’s breadth of intellectual inquiry (the process and purpose of knowing). assist the student in understanding the importance of clear communication, documentation, and the use of detailed information to support arguments. assist the student in understanding the intellectual structure of universities in general, UTD in particular.

Requirements This course requires the student to debate, report and analyze, question, and resolve important aspects of intellectual inquiry. Science is thoroughly examined as a method of intellectual inquiry and alternatives may be presented. The faculty of the School of General Studies view writing as a necessary skill that is central to the pedagogy of learning. Accordingly, a minimum of two 8-page writing assignments is required. The two papers will be critiqued and returned for revision and resubmission. There are also exercises in class. Student Responsibilities Students are required to attend class. Active participation in class is an integral part of the learning process and is considered a basic expectation of the course. “Active participation” means more than just showing up and occupying a seat in the classroom. It means arriving to class ON TIME and being prepared to participate in class discussions and/or exercises. (Missing class can have a significant adverse effect on your grade.) Proper citation of sources is an ABSOLUTE expectation. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!!!

Required Texts Diana Hacker. The Bedford Handbook (seventh edition). Jostenn Gaarder. Sophie’s World (1991). Paul Kurtz, Editor. Science and Religion: Are They Compatible. Additional reading will be distributed in class Course Assignments 1. 2. APA Assignment: Objective assignment to be completed by each student to assist in learning the specifics of the American Psychological Format. Research Position Papers: Each student is required to submit two 8 page-writing assignments as a basic requirement of this course. (Specific instructions outlined on blue page of course packet.) Tests: In order to participate fully, it is imperative that you keep up with the reading assignments. In an effort to encourage this, you can expect to have two tests. There are NO make-up tests. Exercises: Assignments will be given throughout the semester. Participation: Refer to “student responsibilities.” A percentage of your grade will be based upon your attendance, your preparedness, and your willingness to contribute to class discussions. Woody Allen once said, “85% of life is just showing up.” There’s some truth to that, but in this class, it’s the other 15% of what you’ve got to offer beyond merely “showing up” which will most impact your grade.

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Grading APA Assignment Research Position Papers Rough Drafts Final Paper Tests In Class Assignments Total Possible Points 5 points 10 points each 25 points each 10 points each 5 points total 100 points Guidelines for the First Paper The first paper must state your position concerning the following topic: Advances in science in the past 100 years have significantly changed the world. Discuss one advance in science that you believe has significantly changed the world. Part One of your paper should include, in your own words, an introduction to your topic discussing how your topic has changed the world and why you think it is important to society. Conclude this section with your thesis ( 1 page, typed APA style, double -spaced, about 250 words).

Part Two of your paper should include a discussion of two scientists who have greatly influenced the advances in science. A brief description of the scientist’s work and theory should be included in this section (3 pages). Part Three of your paper will be a presentation of the current research that is influencing the changes in the world. This part of your paper will include a minimum of 4 journal references from scholarly publications. These references should support your thesis and the scientists’ theory that you presented in part two (4 pages). You must include a conclusion section in the paper. Part Four of your paper will be a reference page using APA format to list all of your resources. The second paper will be discussed later in the semester.