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Systems Development Project (BA 4326-521) Summer 05

Course Information Instructor: Office: Phone: Office Hours: Classroom: Time: E- mail: Course website: Lou Thompson SOM 3.813 972-883-2558 Thursday 4:00 – 5:45 pm or by appointment SOM 2.717 Thursday from 6:00-10:00 pm

Class Resources: 1. Systems Analysis and Design Methods, by Jeffrey L. Whitten, Lonnie D. Bentley and Kevin C. Dittman, McGraw-Hill, Irwin, 2004. 2. Class notes and Handouts 3. Visible Analyst Workbench Software (Available in the UTD PC Lab) Course Objectives: BA 4326 Systems Development Project (3 semester hours) Students will be required to perform analysis, design, and implementation of a real- life project within an organization. Students will be organized into teams and will be required to use the concepts taught in the earlier classes on systems development. Prerequisite: BA 4322. The focus of BA 4326 is on the implementation of computer systems. Major topics for this course include: 1. System Design 2. Project Management 3. Database Design 4. Input, Output, and User Interface Design 5. Systems Construction and Implementation 6. Systems Operations and Support 7. System Testing 8. System Requirements Management & Tracking


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Course contents and Preparation: This course will consist of lectures, reading, presentations, examinations and a group project.

Evaluation: You are required to meet any deadlines for the assignments and exams and also any schedules for class activities or tasks the course requires. The project is a group activity and you will receive a group score. Students will be evaluated on the basis of: 1. Exam 1 25% 2. Exam 2 25% 3. Project • Project Scope and Plan (Report #1) 15% • Prototype (Report #2) 15% • Implemented System (Report #3) 15% (Presentations grades are included in the corresponding report.) 4. Class Participation 5% Total 100%

Scholastic Honesty: The university has policies and procedures regarding scholastic dishonesty. Detailed information is available at: All students are expected to maintain a high level of responsibility with respect to academic honesty. Students who violate university rules on scholastic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary penalties, including the possibility of failure in the course and/or dismissal from the university. Since such dishonesty harms the individual, all students and the integrity of the university, policies on scholastic dishonesty will be strictly enforced. Visible Analyst
Visible Analyst is an important part of the modeling and design process. It is a graphical planning and analysis, modeling and design tool by which students can use to build complex technology independent applications and databases. It allows data, processes, and objects to be modeled in multiple notations, including structural analysis and design and OO/UML for use in software engineering. It is widely used for modeling and design in universities and colleges. It can generate model information in multiple forms, including COBOL, C, Visual Basic, SQL, and XML.


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The grading will be based on the grading scale below. Adjustments are made only if necessary. 98 – 100 A+ 92 – 97 A 90 – 91 A87 – 89 B+ 82 – 86 B 80 – 81 B77 – 79 C+ 72 – 76 C 70 – 71 C67 – 69 D+ 62 – 66 D 60 – 61 DBelow 60 F Group specifications and dividing up the work Each group will consist of five to six members with one group leader. The leader is responsible for fair allocation of tasks as well as its completion. Team members should note that the project itself is a learning activity and that one individual should not perform the same task over and over again (for example, one person does the writing of all reports.) It is often impractical to have all members of the group put in equal amount of effort in all parts of the project. However, I do require that all of you put in approximately equal effort for the project, when taken as a whole. At the end of the each deliverable (3 of them), you will get to evaluate your group members’ performance and adjustments will be made if necessary. Any dissension, arguments about equity etc. are to be settled within the group. If I am brought in to arbitrate, the group as a whole will be penalized with extra penalties imposed on the group leader. However, if a group member shows a significant unwillingness to work for he group project, I should be informed immediately!. Bottom line, any group member that does not perform their share of the group’s project individual grade will be at least one letter grade lower!


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Schedule: BA4326-521 Summer 05
SESSION DATE 1 5/19 TOPIC/LECTURE Class Introduction Project Management READING

Chapter 4 Chapter 3 Chapter 6 Project Scope and Plan document due Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Demonstration Chapters 3,4&6 Chapter 16 Chapter 17

Project Groups Setup
2 5/26 Information Systems Development Requirement Discovery Presentations # 1 Scope Database Design Output Design & Prototyping Look at some actual prototypes Midterm Exam Input Design & Prototyping User Interface Design Presentation #2 Prototype System Construction & Implementation System Testing System Operations & Support System Testing Presentation # 3 System Demonstration Final Exam Chapter 19 Handout Chapter 20 Handout Final Documentation Chapters 14,15,16,17,19, &20

3 4

6/2 6/9

5 6 7 8 9 10 11

6/16 6/23 6/30 7/7 7/14 7/21 7/28


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