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Love Systems Insider

Date: June 2009

Love Systems for Older Professionals
Sometimes people ask whether Love Systems works as well outside of clubs or for older men. To answer that we'll take a look at Love Systems and its methodology and discuss the appropriate use of "routines" or memorized stories. We at Love Systems don't subscribe to the "guru" ideal. It is a big mistake to copy blindly what works for one man, no matter how charismatic or famous (or on TV) he may be. Many people who follow a guru but who have never been to a bootcamp try their best to copy him, thinking that they will get the same results. It doesn't happen like that. At bootcamps we do teach a few "generic" routines, but it's so that every student can understand WHAT a good routine sounds like, WHAT TO EXPECT from a girl when a routine works (and when it doesn't), and, most importantly, HOW to make an infinite number of routines that express your own unique personality and goals. We spend a lot of time at bootcamps teaching each student how to express his own unique personality, not how to copy a guru. So, if you are 50 years old and a senior partner at a law firm, following the path of a flamboyant guru moving to California to follow his dream of becoming a rock star would make you look silly. It wouldn't work. But – here's the thing – none of the rest of us use any one "guru's" routines either! Every Love Systems instructor was once a student (so anything they can do, you can do, with a bit of coaching). And we all have our unique stories that genuinely reflect both our personalities and the type of women in whom we are interested. Braddock is great with outgoing college students. The Don projects a unique mix of confidence and a challenge that gets slightly older "alpha females" interested. Braddock doesn't use The Don's material and vice versa. However, we all use Love Systems. The complete reference manual to Love Systems is of course Magic Bullets. Based on the revolutionary Emotional Progression Model, Love Systems forms the foundation of everything we do. Because it works. (It works, in case you are interested, because it draws on peoples' evolutionary-programmed responses to specific social situations... it's unique to humanity and human evolution, but not unique to any particular culture or age group.)

World-famous experts in psychology, evolutionary behavior, and human sexuality have examined Love Systems (see our Media section). They all admitted that most people do follow pre-set rules of social interactions as we've identified, and that skillful men can use these to succeed with women. Bringing this all home, if you have an intense, professional career, you are clearly not going to wear a feather boa, paint your nails black, use eyeliner, and follow around a guru talking about partying with rock stars. You might look more like one of older instructors, who would wear a fashionable suit, trendy accessories, and at least one object that is calculated to draw women's attention. Or sometimes just a discreet neck chain or an overly large, but not gaudy, watch. But fashion is only one small part of it. Now that you've got a woman's attention, you need to go somewhere with it. You need your routines and an identity. For most men, the older they get, the more they are defined by their jobs. It takes a lot more effort to keep up with hobbies and old friends. Guys – this makes you BORING. Unless your job is a record label owner or something, it will only take you so far in conversation. So, challenge yourself to take up hobbies, preferably ones that will allow you to meet and/or intrigue the type of women in whom you are interested. Quick quiz: does your ideal woman date "Joe the Accounts Payable manager?" Or does she date "Joe the mountain climber" or "Joe the amateur archaeologist" or "Joe the travel writer?" It doesn't have to be your day job. It can be a hobby, but if you make it part of your identity, you can use it. You also need to be more adventurous. Meeting women in clubs is easy, because there are millions of clubs and millions of women in them. If you're not going out to clubs, you need to be very disciplined about taking advantage of opportunities. Always look and feel your best, because you never know. 9 times out of 10, there won't be an attractive woman in the elevator or at the newsstand where you get your morning paper. But if you look like you just rolled out of bed (and are not in "meeting women" mode), the 1 time out of 10 that she is there will be wasted. And, of course, when she is there, you have to talk to her. In a club, you can easily do 15 approaches in a night. 3 nights out a week will give you about 500 approaches in 2 months. That's enough to start developing some decent social intuition and see reoccurring patterns (which is when the game becomes A LOT easier, since you're not dealing with a totally new conversation every time). If you only do 1 approach per day, instead of 2 months, you'll need a year and a half. And that's just to get up to a decent starting point, when you can start absorbing and really using these advanced tactics.

So, the moral of the story is, if you're not going to get your practice done in clubs, make sure you have a plan to practice elsewhere. In the airport lounge. At a coffee shop. In a restaurant. At a party. At a book store. In the park. Wherever. You'll notice that "in your living room" was not on this list. You likely won't meet that many women there. So get dressed, get out of your house, and meet women. There is no substitute for practice. Over and over and over. That's how we got good. Savoy