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BA4323-002 Business Data Communications

Spring 2006 School of Management University of Texas at Dallas Class Time: 9:30-10:45am, TR Classroom: SOM2.722 Instructor: Bin Mai Office: SOM3.419 Phone: (972)883-4304 Office Hours: 11:00am-12:00pm TR, or by appointment Email: Use WebCT for all course-related communication
Required Text Fitzgerald, J. and A. Dennis, Business Data Communications and Networking, 8th Edition, John Wiley & Sons Inc., NJ: Hoboken 2005. ISBN: 0-471-34807-4 Supplemental Materials • Accompanied website of the textbook ( this is a very valuable source to help your study • Other lecture slides and handouts either posted on WebCT or distributed by the instructor in class: their contents will be in your exams Course Description This course covers concepts and technologies related to the management of data communications networks from a business decision making perspective. The goal is to combine the fundamental concepts of data communications and networking with practical applications. Telecommunication technologies, network architectures, and state-of-art innovations will be introduced. Their business implications will be discussed. Starting from here, you will be well prepared to speak professional telecommunication languages, garnish telecommunication skills, and make informed business decisions related to telecommunication technologies. Course Objectives • Learn the basic concepts and theories of data communications. • Learn the basis data communication technologies, hardware, software, protocols, and applications. • Learn the various network implementation and management issues. • Learn the business perspective of the data communication technology. Grading In-class Quizzes Participation Exam 1 Exam 2 Exam 3 Total 2%*9=18% 8% 25% 25% 25% 100% The following scale indicates the minimum course percentage required for each letter grade, which may be curved: A 93%, B+ 87%, C+ 77%, D+ 67%, F < 60% A- 90% B 83%, B- 80% C 73%, C- 70% D 63%, D- 60%


Course Format The course is a combination of lecture, discussion, demo, and case study. A tour of the SOM network is also scheduled during the semester. In-class Quizzes There are 9 in-class quizzes scheduled. The format of the exercise is problem-solving questions, short-answer questions, or multiple-choice question. It is close-notes, close-book, and individual work. No credit will be given for absence. Participations Your credits from participation include both class participation and WebCT online discussion participation. In class you are expected to attend class on time, follow the classroom etiquette, and actively participate in class discussion. Besides class participation, you are also expected to actively participate in online discussion through WebCT. Everyone, including me, will post data communication-related messages on the discussion forum in WebCT. Every week, you are expected to post at least one message onto the online discussion group. A message could be sharing a web site, an article, or a piece of news on any products, technologies, and recent developments in the fields of data communication. The quality of the posts is judged by: 1) the content of the message must be related to the materials covered in the class; 2) do NOT just copy and paste the material you find from the Internet. Use your own words to explain the content and context of the material; and 3) keep a “business flavor” in your message, i.e., you are encouraged to discuss the business implication of technology, not merely the technical details. You are also welcome to ask network related questions. You are highly encouraged to answer questions posted by other folks. Exams All exams will be in-class, close-book and close-notes. No scantrons are needed. If you know you are going to miss an exam, you must contact me seven (7) days before the date of the exam to be missed and we will arrange for an early makeup exam. There will be no late makeup exams available. Without a makeup exam, if you miss any one of Exam 1 or Exam 2, Exam 3 will become comprehensive, and will count for both Exam 3 and the missed exam. Without makeup exams, if you miss both Exam 1 and 2, Exam 3 will become comprehensive, and will count for Exam 3 and one of the missed exams; you will receive no credit for the other missed exam. If you miss Exam 3, there is nothing I can do. Classroom Etiquette Students are expected to assist in maintaining a classroom environment which is conducive to learning. In order to assure that all students have an opportunity to gain from time spent in class, unless otherwise approved by me, students are prohibited from using cell phones or pagers, eating in class, making offensive remarks, reading newspapers, sleeping or any other form of distraction. Inappropriate behavior in the classroom shall result in, minimally, a request to leave class. Disabling Conditions Individuals who have any disability, either permanent or temporary, that might affect their ability to perform in this class are encouraged to inform the instructor at the start of the semester. Instruction, evaluation, and materials will be adapted as required to provide for equitable participation. Academic Integrity


You are required to adhere to the highest level of academic integrity and honesty as specified in the policies of The Office of Judicial Affairs ( Bottom line: don’t cheat! And I’ll trust you unless and until you give me a reason not to.

Tentative Class Schedule
Wk 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Date 1/10 1/12 1/17 1/19 1/24 1/26 1/31 2/2 2/7 2/9 2/14 2/16 2/21 2/23 2/28 3/2 3/7 3/9 3/14 3/16 3/21 3/23 3/28 3/30 4/4 4/6 4/11 4/13 4/18 4/20 4/25 Topic Welcome / Ch 1 Ch 1 Quiz 1 / Ch 2 Ch 2 Quiz 2 / Ch 3 Ch 3 Quiz 3 / Ch 4 Ch 4 Quiz 4 / Ch 5 Ch 5 / Review for Exam 1 Exam 1 (Ch 1 – 5) Ch 6 Ch 6 Quiz 5 / Ch 7 Ch 7 Quiz 6 / Ch 8 Spring break (yeah!) Still Spring break… Ch 8 Quiz 7 / Ch 9 Ch 9 / Review for Exam 2 Exam 2 (Ch 6 – 9) Tour of SOM network Ch 10 Ch 11 Ch 11 Quiz 8 / Ch 12 Ch 12 Quiz 9 / Ch 13 Ch 13 / Review for Exam 3 Exam 3 (Ch 10 – 13 or Comprehensive)

Additional Comments I reserve the right to make necessary modifications to the class schedule, contents, or any other policies specified above. Whenever the modifications are necessitated, I’ll post the updates on WebCT. It is your responsibility to check WebCT frequently and keep up-to-date.