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University of Texas at Dallas: School of Management - BA Summer 2005 email: plewin@utdallas.

edu Call Course Number BA 4309 521 10112

Instructor: Peter Lewin Office: SM 3.223 End Room Credit 3

Web page: Title REGULATION OF BUSINESS Days T Start 6:00 p.m.

10:00 p.m. SOM1.217

Click here for course outline below. A multitude of regulations affect our lives. - We examine government regulation of different types and at different levels. The regulatory environment is a strange mix of decreasing regulation (deregulation) and increasing regulation (for example, as governments and legal structures evolve mechanisms for dealing with new technological environments, like cable TV or cellular phones). The framework of analysis will be basic economic theory. We will use ideas from organizational behavior, strategic management and related fields as well. Attendance in class is very strongly encouraged. The tests will reflect class material as well as the texts. The following texts will serve as a guide to our class discussions and are required. • • • • The Economics of Public Issues by Roger Leroy Miller et. al., Fourteenth edition, Addison Wesley, 2005. ISBN # 0-321-30349-0 Antitrust, The Case for Repeal by Dominick T. Armentano, Second Edition, The Ludwig von Mises Institute, 1999. ISBN # 0-945466-25-0 Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman, Paperback - 2nd edition (February 1963) University of Chicago Press; ISBN: # 0-226-264-01-7 Give Me a Break by John Stossel, Harper Collins or Perennial Currents, 2004/5. ISBN:# 0060529156

Student Evaluation: There will be three tests, multiple choice, two midterms (25% each) and a cumulative final (50%). Here are some links 1. to articles relevant to our discussion of monopoly and anti-trust. • Editorial from the Wall Street Journal, January 24, 2001 – on California and its problems. • Notes on monopoly (mine). • Barriers to entry by D. T. Armenatano • Dismal Science Fictions: Network Effect, Microsoft, and Antitrust Speculation by Stan Liebowitz and Steve Margolis. 2. to other stuff. • Armen Alchian on Property Rights • Hernando de Soto on Capitalism and Poverty • Read John Stossel on his book “Give me a Break” • Listen to John Stossel on his book “Give me a Break” • The Pursuit of Happiness in Romania -- A Five Part Mini-Documentary • The Milton and rose Friedman foundation on educational choice • Cato conference on educational choice (2003) • To Drill or Not to Drill: Let the Environmentalists Decide • The Coming Doctor Shortage!!

John Goodman on Health Care

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The table below outlines the reading assignments for each class according to the following key M. is Miller, A. is Armentano, F. is Friedman S. is Stossel The numbers refer to the chapters. Course Outline BA 4309 - Regulation of Business

Week Date
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 5/17/2005 5/24/2005 5/31/2005 6/7/2005 6/14/2005 6/21/2005 6/28/2005 7/5/2005 7/12/2005 7/19/2005 7/26/2005

Topic Basic concepts, trade offs, theories of regulation Crime and prohibition, price fixing Miscellaneous topics - abortion, slavery, water rights, smuggling, agricultural policy TEST 1 Anti-trust Anti-trust, Free Trade Public Education - a state monopoly TEST 2 Health Care, Medicare and Social Security The Environment FINAL TEST

F. Preface; M 1-4; S. Introduction, 1 - 7,11,12, 13, 15 M. 5, 6, 11, 13, 22, S. 8, 14 M. 7 - 10, 20 TEST 1 A. 1 - 7, F. 8; M. 15 - 19 M 29 - 32 F. 6, 7 Video, Elder TEST 2 M. 12, 23; F. 9 - 12 M 14, 21, 24-28, S. 10 FINAL TEST