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1023 Tuesday 16:00-18:45 BA 4305-501 Spring 2005 - SOM Building Room 1.1023 Tuesday 19:00-21:45 Professor Michael D. Oliff 972-883-4118 Office 1.707 Hours: Tuesday 12-16:00, or by appointment Graduate Assistant – TBA Writing Tutor – Gillian Towers [] The Social and Political Environment of Business is a capstone course in business at UTD. Its purpose is to integrate the learning acquired in operations, marketing, organizational behavior, MIS, finance and accounting and utilize these foundations to study the strategic management of the firm as well as the responsibilities of the general manager. Individual and group assignments will be graded on both written and oral presentation skills. This is an intense course that requires substantial time commitment each week (4-8 hours outside of class). The university has mandated as part of this course a requirement of at least 15 double spaced pages of writing per individual student that will be evaluated not only for content but also for grammar, punctuation and writing style. A writing tutor will assess each written assignment, provide detailed feedback and determine whether revisions are required. Because of this dual feedback, please submit 2 copies in writing. The tutor will grade your work on a scale of 1-10. Any assignments receiving grades of 5 or below must be rewritten and will be assessed again. Be aware that you must complete all 5 written assignments with an assessment of 6 or more to pass the course. Required Reading – YOU SHOULD COME TO THE FIRST CLASS WITH YOUR TEXT AND COURSE PACK, HAVING READ THE FIRST WEEK ASSIGNMENTS You will be required to read 50-100 pages of material per week from: Strategic Management, Pearce & Robinson, McGraw Hill, 9th Edition 4305 Course Pack - Additional Cases, readings, etc. (Available in Bookstore) Grading Policy (50%) 3 Exams will be given. These are cumulative in nature and contribute 15%, 15% and 20% each to the final course grade (10%) Individual written assignments. Each student is required to independently prepare 5 Case write-ups of 3 pages each (double spaced). These are due the beginning of class on the day the case is discussed, one hard copy in class and a soft copy emailed to the writing tutor. (20%) Individual Class Participation: Students are expected to attend class and participate in class/case discussions. (20%) Small Group/Team Assignments. Each team will develop and present (in writing and orally) an original business case or strategy study that illustrates and applies course concepts. Members will be evaluated by each other as well as the Professor.

-2COURSE SCHEDULE/ASSIGNMENTS Date 1. Jan 11 2. Jan 18 TOPIC Dominance or Death Strategic Management, Mission Statement Belbin Team Roles Creating Customer Value Grand Strategies External Analysis Customer Activity Cycles Internal Analysis Global Environment, Strategic Intent EXAM 1 Global Environment Strategic Intent Single Product Firms Strategic Intent Multi-Business Firms Implementation Strategy Formulation & Implementation Competency Mapping Chapter 4, Nokia–The Creation of New Markets, UTD, 2004, MD Oliff Chapter 7 Wal-Mart – Strategy for the 21st , UTD, 2004, MD Oliff Chapters 8 Chapter 9 Bahlsen GmbH: Converting Strategy into Action, UTD, 2004 Bahlsen GmbH: Building a Distinctive Competency in the Demand Chain, UTD, 2004 CHAPTER/CASE/READING Creating Value with Customers, MD Oliff Chapter 1, Chapter 2 Bahlsen GmbH: Transforming the Enterprise, UTD, 2004, MD Oliff Chapter 6, Belbin Materials Chapters 3 Tin Soldiers... excerpts SKF (A), SKF (B), IMD, 1993, SVandermerve Chapter 5 Navigating the Enterprise, MD Oliff Nokia Mobile Phones, IMD, 1992, MD Oliff

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Implementation Employee Value and Stretch Cultures Strategic Control Key Performance Indicators Leadership and Transformation Group Presentations Group Presentations

Chapter 10, CMB Packaging, IMD, 1993, MD Oliff Chapter 11, Bahlsen GmbH: Developing Key Performance Indicators, UTD, 2004 Purpose, Focus & Discipline, MD Oliff



Class Guidelines. Be on time for class. Turn cell phones off, respect each other by listening actively. Meetings before and after class are encouraged and I will make appointments at other times based on your needs. It is easiest to contact me outside of class by email ( ) Small Group/Team Guidelines. Teams will be formed (self-selected) during the second class meeting, based on Belbin results. Class Participation. You need to come to class prepared to discuss assigned readings. Voluntary contributions are the norm, but please do not be offended when I call on you individually. A seating chart and desk placards will be used to acquaint class mates. Scholastic Dishonesty. Students who violate the UTD rules on Scholastic Dishonesty will be subject to disciplinary penalties, including the possibility of course failure and/or dismissal.