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University of Texas at Dallas School of Management

PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING BA 3365.002 Spring 2005 W 7:00PM-9:45PM, SM 2.107 Instructor: Professor Qin Zhang Office: SM 3.706 Phone: 972-883-6525 E-mail: Office hours: Wednesday 3:00 – 4:00PM Teaching Assistant: Seungwon Jeon ( Course Objectives This course teaches you the fundamental concepts involved in marketing products and services to consumers. This is done in two steps: first, you are taught how to understand the marketing environment (MARKET ANALYSIS), and then you are taught how to implement successful marketing strategies in such an environment (MARKETING STRATEGY).

Textbook Kerin, Berkowitz, Hartley and Rudelius, Marketing (7th ed.), Irwin McGraw-Hill, 2002

Class Format Throughout the course of the semester you will be exposed to a variety of informative marketing videos, articles and business cases. Most class gatherings will be comprised of instruction on the relevant material for the day and class discussion regarding an in-class video or assigned topic. All assigned readings should be read by the day they appear on the syllabus, as this is the day the material will be covered in class. We will use the course page on WebCT

( as the major communication medium for the class. You can send/receive course-related emails, download lecture notes, check your grades, and participate in course-related discussions on this site. Power Point lecture notes for each class will be available for downloading before the class (by 4pm on Tuesdays and Sundays). I recommend you bring the print-out of the notes when you attend the class. Help on WebCT access can be found on the web


site:, or from UTD IT help desk (Tel: 972883-2911, Email:

Grading Homework (2) Quizzes (2) Midterm Exam Final Exam Group Project Proposal Presentation Final Report Peer Evaluation 5% 10% 10% 5% 10% 10% 25% 25%

Homework: There will be two individual homework sets during the semester. They will be available for downloading on WebCT after the class on the day specified, and should be turned in before the beginning of the next class. Please note that all homework should be typed.

Quizzes: There will be two quizzes during the semester. Each will be given at the end of a class. The date will not be announced until the class when the quiz will be given.

Exams: Midterm and final exams will consist of multiple choices and essay questions. Specifics of the exams will be discussed in further detail later in the semester.

Group Project: Each group should consist of 5-6 students. The group project has two objectives. First, it will help you to gain hands-on experience in applying what you learn in class to a realistic marketing situation. Second, it will give you experience working as part of a team. Briefly, the project will consist of identifying an unfulfilled market need and designing a new product to address and fulfill that need. Your group will then be responsible for developing a marketing plan for the


introduction of the new product. One class lecture will be devoted to introduce and discuss the project in more detail. Proposal: The proposal should include a thorough analysis of 1) the marketing environment of the industry of interest and 2) the current situation of your company to identify the problems and opportunities. You also should give the problem statement of your project in the proposal and briefly introduce the new product that you will focus on. Project Presentation: Each group will also be required to give a formal presentation (approx. 15 minutes). After each presentation the class will ask questions or make comments, and then give an evaluation. Final Reports: Upon completion of this project your group will be required to submit an executive report (approximately 5-6 pages plus tables and figures) summarizing the problem you have identified and the marketing plan your group has developed to address and solve this problem. Peer Evaluation: To ensure that each group member performs responsibly, 5% of the total grade will be based on a peer evaluation conducted at the end of the semester. Bonus Points: Students are encouraged to not only attend the class sessions but also actively participate in the discussions in class. Based on my judgment, up to 5 bonus points can be given to students with outstanding performance in class participation.

Scholastic Dishonesty: Any student who commits an act of scholastic dishonesty is subject to discipline. Scholastic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating, plagiarizing, colluding, submitting for credit any work or materials that are attributable in part or fully to another party, taking an exam for another person, and engaging in or attempting to engage in any act designed to give unfair advantage to a student. The University of Texas at Dallas has several procedures to deal with students who commit acts of scholastic dishonesty. Refer to for further information on this topic.


______________________________________________________________________________________ Date Jan 12 Topic Course Overview Introduction to Marketing Jan 19 Strategic Planning Marketing Environment **Group sign-up sheets due ** Jan 26 Consumer Behavior Discussion of Group Projects **Homework I due ** Feb 2 Marketing Research Segmentation and Targeting Feb 9 Positioning Product Strategy Feb 16 New Product Development Midterm Review Feb 23 Mar 2 In-Class Midterm Exam Pricing **Group Project Proposal Due** Mar 16 Mar 23 Channel Strategy Promotion Strategy **Homework II due ** Mar 30 Final Exam Review Meeting w/ Individual Groups for Project Apr 6 Apr 13 Apr 20 Apr 27 Meeting w/ Individual Groups for Project In Class Final Exam Group Presentation Group Presentation **Final reports due for groups presenting on Apr. 20** May 2 Final reports due for groups presenting on Apr. 27 Chapter 15 Chapter 19 Chapter 13, 14 Chapter 10 Chapter 9, 11 Chapter 8, 9 Chapter 5 Chapter 1 Chapter 2, 3 Reading