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VeriSTAR Hull 5.

8 Rev 1 Release Notes

July 16, 2014

VeriSTAR Hull 5.8 Rev 1 Release Notes

It is necessary to uninstall the previous version before installing the new one.

Software requirements
This version of VeriSTAR Hull needs the following software to be installed on your
FEMAP V9.3.1
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

Functions and limitations

Applied rules
This version complies with the following set of rules:
Set of Rules

Effective Date

Global Strength
(Yielding &
Buckling criteria)

CSR for Double Hull Oil Tankers

CSR for Bulk Carrier
BV Rules for Steel Ships (1)
BV Rules for Offshore Units (1)

July 2012
July 2012
July 2014
April 2014
January 2014

Local Fine

(1) Ships or units with Type B independent tank are not managed.

Known bugs

When FEMAP selection list is active and contains elements, the VH5 commands
that should display the FEMAP selection box are simply taking the content of the
selection list. In such a case, previously selected elements will be lost. When this
happens, Undo command will revert to previous selection.
A bug in FEMAP makes the BV ratio color scale become partly or completely red.
The workaround solution is described in the VH5 Help: use the FEMAP view
option (F6) to modify the Contour/Criteria Levels option to another setting then
back to the same setting.

Tips and advice

Windows 7
With Windows 7, it is necessary to modify the rights of FEMAP 9.31. To do that, please
follow this procedure:
Right click on FEMAP.exe -> Tab Compatibility -> Active the option "Execute
with administrator right" (last option in the window),



VeriSTAR Hull 5.8 Rev 1 Release Notes

July 16, 2014

Log off,
Log on,
Launch FEMAP and close the application,
Launch VeriSTAR Hull.

Backup files
VeriSTAR Hull includes a user preference about creating a backup file before saving the
model. This option allows to recover a previous state of the model in case a problem occurs
while the model is saved, thus corrupting the last file.
It is highly advisable to activate this backup file option (File -> Preferences) in order to
protect your data from any problem occurring while saving the model.

FEMAP Network licenses

Some users reported a problem using the network licenses. This problem started using
FEMAP 9.2, and is due to an insufficient timeout delay in the network license system.
If you encounter such a problem, the solution is to define a sufficient timeout delay using an
environment variable on your computer. The variable is named FLEXLM_TIMEOUT and we
suggest to give it the value 5000000 (corresponding to a 5 second timeout). If you need help
in order to define this environment variable, please contact your local IT support.

Large models management advice

For VeriSTAR Hull - only for 32 bits operating system:
By default, the memory available for each application is 2 GB on Windows 32 Bits. For large
models, it is not sufficient and "Out of Memory" exception may be occurred.
To fix this problem, it is possible to modify this default value in the file: boot.ini according
the following procedure:
1. Right-click My Computer and select Properties. The System Properties dialog box will
2. Click the Advanced tab.
3. In the Startup and Recovery area, click Settings. The Startup and Recovery dialog box
will appear.
4. In the System startup area, click Edit. This will open the Windows boot.ini file in
5. In the [Operating Systems] section, add the following switches to the end of the
startup line that includes the /fastdetect switch: /3GB
6. Save the changes and close Notepad.
7. Click OK two times to close the open dialog boxes, and then restart the computer for
the change to take effect..
Run FEMAP alone and go into the menu File / Preferences / Database.
Starting with Femap version 9.3.1, simplified memory settings are used. The database
memory limit i.e. the maximum size of Femap database that can be handled in memory is
directly set using a slider.
The default setting is 20% of the available memory. Although it is not recommended in
Femap user guide, this can be slightly increased in order to preserve performance on bigger


VeriSTAR Hull 5.8 Rev 1 Release Notes

July 16, 2014

Then click Ok to save preferences. The next time you will run VeriSTAR Hull these new
parameters will be active.
Note that, as soon as the database size exceeds the database memory limit the performance is
reduced and almost constant versus memory. Database size is available using List / Model
For more detailed information please refer to the FEMAP User Guide 3.4.2.
To fully use this amount of memory you have to set some specific values in the nastran
configuration file. This file is located in the FEMAP install folder:
For RAM of 2 GB the lines are:
nastran system(151)=1
If the CPU is divided, add the command: nastran parallel = n (n: number of CPU) in the
nastran configuration file to use all CPU.
For large model, add the command: SYSTEM(206)=9


VeriSTAR Hull 5.8 Rev 1 Release Notes

July 16, 2014

Release 5.8 Rev 1

Ship Modeling / Property interface
Full update of the property interface to manage:
 T/L stiffener shape rolled or built-up and bulb profile:

H shape, circular tube, rectangular tube:

Gap property for ships or units with independent tanks:

Due to this new feature, the corrosion and buckling processes are also updated.

VeriSTAR Hull 5.8 Rev 1 Release Notes

July 16, 2014

BV Rules for Steel Ships

Amendments July 2014 - Added a testing condition for container ship

In global and local loading conditions, added a specific loading pattern: Testing
(available only for container ship).

In the calculation model definition, added a specific assessment area: Testing.

Update of the load process to take into account the testing pressure.

Update of the post-processing to take into account the specific partial safety factors
for the testing condition (R=M =1.02).


VeriSTAR Hull 5.8 Rev 1 Release Notes

July 16, 2014

Using solid mass in 3 holds model analysis

Generalisation of the solid mass approach:

Solid Mass interface to define specific mass:

In the General and Local Loading Conditions interface, tab to select the active
solid mass for the selected loading condition:

In Ship Modeling, interface to define the support nodes of solid mass:

Update of the load and balancing processes to take into account the forces on the
support nodes due to the rule acceleration of the solid mass.

Taking into account forces induced by the solid mass in the top down:

Automatic detection of the solid mass support nodes during the lock of the top

New interface to re-define, if necessary, the solid mass support nodes based on
the top down mesh.

Update of the top down load process to take into account theses forces.


VeriSTAR Hull 5.8 Rev 1 Release Notes

July 16, 2014

BV Rules for Steel Ships and BV Offshore Rules

In the solid and concentrated mass interfaces, new tool to find automatically the
association between the RBE3 elements of the FEM model and the solid/
concentrated mass defined in the VeriSTAR Hull database.

Bugs fixed in version 5.8 Rev 1

The following bug or problem has been solved:

In the import tool, VeriSTAR Hull crashed if mass elements were defined in the
neutral file.