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BA 3352 Production Management Syllabus – Spring 2006 Instructor: Gene Deluke, email- Use WebCT, Office - SOM 2.

613 Office Hours: Monday 9:00 am - 11:00 am, or by appointment Office phone: 972-883-5953 Hari Duddi, Office Hours: by appointment Phone: 817-703-7475 Production/operations management involves the integration of numerous activities and processes to produce products and services in a highly competitive global environment. Many companies have experienced a decline in market share as a result of their inability to compete on the basis of product design, cost or quality. Most now agree that world class performance in operations, i.e., in product design, manufacturing, engineering, and distribution, is essential for competitive success and long term survival. This course considers operations from a managerial perspective. We consider key performance measures of operations (productivity, flexibility, quality, and response time) as well as important concepts for improving the performance of operations along these dimensions. At the end of the course, students will have a fair understanding of the role production/operations management plays in business processes. Emphasis is given both to familiarization of various production processes and service systems, and to quantitative analysis of problems arising in the management of operations. STAT 3360, MATH 1326, MATH 2333 Operations Management by William J. Stevenson, 8th Edition Irwin/McGraw Hill, 2005 Each homework assignment must be submitted in class on the day it is due. NO LATE HOMEWORK WILL BE ACCEPTED! You may discuss homework problems with others, but you must write it up by yourself with full understanding of what you write. Identical assignments will be in violation of university regulations and will receive no credit. LOWEST HOMEWORK GRADE WILL BE DROPPED All three exams will be in-class. NO MAKE-UP EXAMS WILL BE SCHEDULED. See Tentative Lecture Timeline or Calendar on WebCT for Exam dates. >90 A, 80-90 B, 70-80 C, 60-70 D, <60 F 20% homework, 25% Exam 1, 25% Exam 2, 25% Exam 3, 5% Assurance of Learning Quiz

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BA 3352 Production Management Syllabus Addendum from UTD Judicial Affairs Each student in this course is expected to exercise independent scholarly thought, expression and aptitude. This addendum to the course syllabus is provided to assist you in developing and maintaining academic integrity while seeking scholastic success. General Comments: – All assignments & exams require individual, independent work. Any exceptions will be clearly identified. – Be sure your name is on your paper. – Complete and turn in all assignments & exams on time. – Retain confirmation of document delivery if submitted electronically.


Be prepared… – To leave all personal belonging at the front of the room or other designated location (this includes cell phones, turned off of course, and beverage containers) – To remove your cap or hat – To remove the batteries from any electronic device (e.g. calculator) – To change seating – To sign out when exiting the testing room – To be escorted for lavatory use All episodes of suspected scholastic dishonesty will be reported according to University policy. Students who violate University rules on scholastic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary penalties, including the possibility of failure in the course and/or dismissal from the University. Since such dishonesty harms the individual, all students and the University, policies on scholastic dishonesty will be strictly enforced. Penalties that may be assessed for scholastic dishonesty may be reviewed in Subchapter D. Penalties at For help with test anxiety or time management, the following resources are available: your academic advisor, the Learning Resource Center (MC2.402), the Counseling Center (SU1.608), the New Student Programs Office (SU1.610), and your instructor University guidelines recommend that you study 2-3 hours per week for every credit hour in which you are enrolled. For example, University expectations suggest that you spend 4-9 hours outside of class every week on BA 3352 homework and studying!