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The University of Texas at Dallas Callier Center for Communication Disorders

Teaching Assistant:
Jennifer Wright email:

Diagnostic Audiology AuD 6311

Course Objectives:

Audiological management of exceptional populations including: infants, deaf-blind, and mentally retarded children; understanding the relevant etiological, medical, and genetic considerations of this population. Hands-on diagnostic equipment! R. Roeser, PhD -- Office @ Callier B211; email: (Phone: 214.905.3001) Course Requirements: Office Hours by Appointment The mid term and final examinations will count for 90% of the final grade and will be graded using the following scale: 92-100% =A Text: 82-92% = B <82% = C Diagnositic Audiology. (2000). Ross Roeser, Michael Valente, and Holly Hosford-Dunn. Thieme: New York Each student will make a 15 minute PowerPoint presentation to the class on Various Assigned Readings Evidence Based Practice for a topic assigned during the first two weeks of the ———————————————————————— semester (see class schedule attached). This will count for 5% of the grade and will Course Calendar: be graded on a scale of 1 to 5 as follows: 4 or 5 = A Jan 10 UNIT 1: Diagnosis in audiology/Crosscheck 2 or 3 = B principle/ UNIT 2: Advanced Diagnostic Decision 1=C Analysis With assistance and supervision from the Lab Instructor each student will complete labs assignments (some of which will be completed during the lab hour; others will be completed outside the lab). Completion of labs and lab attendance will account for 5% of the grade. Jan 17 UNIT 3: Cerumen management, Dr. Roeser Jan 24 UNIT 4: (Extended high frequency audiometry) Guest Lecturer Jan 31 UNIT 5: Traditional Dx tests (Auditory Fatigue, Recruitment/DLI), Dr. Roeser Feb 7 UNIT 6: Pseudohypoacusis/ UNIT 7: auditory neuropathy, Dr. Roeser

J.L. Clark, PhD -- Office @ Callier A230 email: (Phone: 214.905.3031) Office Hours by Appointment

Feb 14 Mid Term Examination Feb 21 UNIT 12:Tinnitus Feb 28 UNIT 8: Introduction to Electrophysiology Mar 7 SPRING BREAK Mar 14 UNIT 8: Advanced Electrophysiology Mar 21 UNIT 9: Speech audiometry in Dx audiology – Dr. J. Jerger Mar 28 UNIT 10: Advanced middle ear measures Apr 4 (AAA Week) UNIT 11: Otoacoustic emissions Apr 11 Power Point Presentations/Miscellaneous and Catch-up Pending ASHA Standards
In terms of pending ASHA standards for the Certification of Clinical Competence in Audiology, this course provides information relevant to all or part of the following: Standard IV-B: B 9; B 11;B.12 Standard IV-D D 4;D 5;D 6;D 7;D 8;; D12


Lab Schedule -- Lab Instructor: Mrs. Howell
January 13 Cerumen Management-Dr. Wilson January 20 Cerumen Management-Dr. Wilson January 27 Trad Dx Tests/Extended High Freq Audio-Dr. Roeser February 3 Pseudohypoacusis February 10 Tinnitus & Electrocochleography February 17 ABR February 24 ABR March 3 ABR March 8 No Lab-Spring Break March 18 ABR March 24 TBA March 31 Otoacoustic Emissions April 7 AAA- Minneapolis/Otoacoustic Emissions April 14 No Lab-Good Friday

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